Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Relax....The Choice has Already Been Made.

M: This yo-yo effect is killing me. In and out, back and forth, belief and disbelief, ego and holy spirit. I really get tired of the never ending struggle of this process that seems to have no end.

C: Struggle is a choice you require. It has NO basis in the larger picture, which the ego cannot fathom and if you ally with an ego, you choose misunderstanding and thus, confusion.

Nevertheless, for the sake of brevity, your next question is "how can I possibly be free of the ego, when my entire existence is predicated on ego concerns?"

This question negates Cause and Effect, because it assumes you were thrust into a world dominated by ego concerns, as opposed to seeking for what you were looking for when you came. You will always find what you seek, in a world of your making.

M: I get that intellectually, but the experience eludes me.

C: Then "intellectually" you do NOT believe it. Intellect is a thinking device you invented to hide from Truth. There is only mind and what you choose to experience through mind, and all your attempts to skirt this issue by creating levels of mind merely delay understanding. There are NO orders of difficulty. There are NO levels of understanding. There are NO degrees of knowing.

There are NO orders, levels or degrees of Truth.

However, these are learning stages you demand and, hence, conform to and so this hierarchy of knowledge, which you will "learn" is absurd, is your requirement and a condition that I work through to provide what you request based on your level of receiving. It can NEVER be other than what you require because that is the nature of Free Will.

M: So part of me wants more, while another part fears more?

C: Hence, the perception and manifestation of your  dualistic "world." The "in and out, back and forth, belief and disbelief, ego and holy spirit" of what you perceive, based simply on what you choose to reveal to yourself, that you then label a "struggle." If you seek to attain two opposing goals, you will ultimately achieve neither, but you will remain in conflict. You cannot straddle two realities and experience peace. You cannot ask for Truth, while perceiving illusions as "real." There can be NO compromise.

M: So I have to pick a side?

C:  So it would seem to a mind conflicted. But the choice has already been made. How could it NOT? If you could only settle softly into that choice, the shadows would retreat in defeat and the demons would cower in fear. To know, no matter the chaos that plagues the mind, that IT IS ALREADY DONE. would lead you to fields of absolute peace and joy.

The battle ended the moment it began. You raised NOT your sword, but swiftly dropped it into the fires from which it was forged.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Trail to Truth

M: I feel that even with all your help, I keep failing to get to this truth you speak of.

C: No one can fail who seeks to reach the Truth. You can delay remembering what you KNOW, but it could never be forgotten.

An illusory "self" can only travel aimlessly in circles because it has no idea who or what it is and, hence, no idea which way leads home. You recognize that your life has been a series of repeat performances, seemingly different in proportion, but always providing the same sense of disappointment and despair.

Be thankful that it is not up to a confused and chaotic "self," that believes it is bound by the needs of a "body," to find the way HOME. How could it be when the goals of the body hold the self hostage and every plan you made for happiness must be sabotaged by other bodies and the one you call your own.

God's plan for you is CERTAIN. How could it be otherwise?

M: So when do I get to know God's plan?

C: When you no longer seek the ego's guidance, you will see that YOU have never deviated from the CERTAINTY of God's plan. Could illusions supersede the WILL of your Creator? Could the will of a terrified and confused "self" take precedence over the WILL of your Source?

M: So I've been following God's plan all along?

C: How could it be otherwise? You have allowed Truth to recede to the background, while you give your attention to a dream.

While you believe the world directs your journey, you have never left the Trail to Truth. How could your petty plans for brief episodes of pleasure, that you translate into "happiness," impede God's plan for your infinite joy? This makes no sense, but you believe it does and continue on a trail of tears. You have been going nowhere. Step back and let Him lead the way.

M: So God planned for me to have a major illness?

C: God plans ONLY for your Awakening, because it has already occurred, and what you have planned for your "self" has NOT happened and, thus, could NOT interfere with what is certain.

You often find yourself wondering, as you observe the deep unfolding complexity of the dream, "how could something that seems so real, right down to the minutest detail, NOT be my reality?"

Illusions are as strong as the Truth in the mind that looks to them AS truth and your mind is very powerful indeed. Yet, because you have surrendered your mind to the ego, the mind believes in weakness and death.

The dream merely attests to the power of your mind, because if you could KNOW, for the briefest an instant, Reality as God Created, you would be absolutely astonished at what YOU have Created with your Father. My brother we have Created universes so vastly beautiful that even your most profound conception of what Heaven might be can only pale in comparison to the Truth of your Home.

Together, we will laugh at the idea that you could have ever chosen a dream above God's Reality. If you could dream up a "reality" so rich and vivid as to hold your attention, imagine the Real World you will waken to when dreaming is done.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Remembering to Laugh...

M: How do I get this peace and joy that relies on nothing in the world? I can't just generate peace and joy out of thin air.

C: Empty your mind of what the ego desires and the Peace of God will rush in to fill that emptiness. The ego wants you miserable, because suffering attests to it's "world" being real and, hence, to ITS own reality of death.

Each moment you dwell in the peace and joy of God, an experience that relies on nothing but YOUR choice to have it, you prove the opposite of what the ego teaches.

M: Well,  I've chosen it, but haven't got it yet.

C: Little brother, you receive what you are ready to accept and this has limited our discussions. Make no mistake, if you chose it, fully expecting to receive, you would have it. What you have chosen is demonstrated by the inconsistency of your moods, attitudes and behaviors.

Unless you are in DIRECT communication with me, you are listening to the ego and you will know this simply by how you FEEL. Be certain that whenever you are depressed or despondent you have accepted the ego's counsel as truth. Any moment you experience worry, dissatisfaction, boredom or fear, recognize that you have allied with a lie and turn to me for the Truth. Anger, rage, dissatisfaction, annoyance, all symbolize that you have accepted wrong advice and need seek out the ONE who knows.

M: Seems like alot of work.

C: Because you have no comparison, you have yet to realize the amount of "work" necessary to maintain the ego. But rest assured, it IS exhausting you. If you could be free of its laws, rules, customs, traditions, norms, morals, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, fears, even for a moment, you would experience the Peace that passeth all understanding.

M: So how do I get rid of it?

C: The ego does not exist, but you made it and you believe in what you make "real." However, you are learning to extricate yourself from allegiance with it by dissociating from what it teaches. As your dissociation continues, your association to what I teach increases. Hence, simply dissociating or distancing yourself from the ego is your greatest weapon against lies. Patience with this process is crucial, because your frustration merely signifies you are listening to the ego and not Truth.

Simply LAUGH at what it tells you...

M: I get frustrated with this process, because it seems to have no fruitful results.

C: The "results" are within you always, if you would look ONLY there. Yet, you look everywhere but there and see ONLY suffering. You see it because it is what you expect to find. I ask that you expect otherwise. Forgive the "world" through the laughter that realizes this CANNOT BE.

Forgive the world for your suffering because you do this unto yourself by BELIEVING that you are what you could NEVER be. The world did NOT create your "self," you did, the moment you forgot to LAUGH at the belief that YOU could separate and be different from the absolute and infinite joy and peace that gave you LIFE. Be joyful my brother and LAUGH with me once again...

Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Great Regression

M: If this is, as you say, not my home, how can I not be constantly dissatisfied with what it provides?

C: When you fully realize that nothing here has ever eased your hopelessness and despair. How much longer will you search for a cure where none exists?

In desperation you move from one diversionary distraction to the next, each time hoping that the brief flutter of "happiness" will last longer than the transient episodes of the past, only to be disappointed, time and time again. You move from one illusion to the next with the ego informing that there is something better up ahead, just go there and do this, take up this goal, follow this path, learn this skill, complete that task, enjoy this body, obtain this object, engage this thought, adhere to that belief, follow that teacher, etc, etc, etc, ad nauseam. The ego's directions have always been clear: seek, but do NOT find and allow suffering and dissatisfaction to be your guide.

Be wholly certain of this, your disatisfaction is the deciding factor in WHAT you give yourself and shapes and molds the dream to those specifications. It is now time for you to SEE DIFFERENTLY.

M: So I should be satisfied with this living hell that is not my home?

C: Be satisfied in knowing that there is a way home and let illusions be what they will be, because it is your disatisfaction that gives them reality. They cannot affect you when you are CERTAIN of the destination.

There are NO guideposts outside your mind. The "world" cannot save you, but neither can it hurt you. It can do nothing at all and this will be your experience when you are no longer disatisfied with it.

M: I'm sensing the ego will not go quietly.

C: The ego is a mad idea that you are NOT as Created, but instead are a "body" destined to grow weak and feeble, suffer and die. Yet, is this ONLY an idea in YOUR mind and it can be dissolved in the blink of an eye. YOUR mind is more powerful than the universe, because it is from YOUR mind that the universe unfolded. You are NOT a "body," but a mind that Creates like God.

M: The universe seems to control me.

C: It has no such power, but what you give it. You tell yourself that because the world gives you NOT what you want, you must be lonely and afraid and, hence, the world reflects loneliness and fear.

Seek the Peace of God, that requires NO "world" be real. Look IN before you look OUT and give the world God's Truth, not the ego's lies.

M: But what about the needs of the body?

C: Believe you are a body and be mastered by its dictates. Believe you are ONLY a mind and the body MUST conform to the power of that BELIEF, and it is truly powerful indeed. Of all the endlessly cascading problems the ego demands you resolve, this is the ONLY problem that requires resolution, but that the ego seeks to veil through the needs of the body.

At this stage of your learning, there are many needs of the body that cannot be ignored, because to do so would only shock your mind and delay progress. It would be foolish to pretend that what you now believe "real" is NOT and this would only result in confusion.

Take comfort and rest in the FACT that you are exactly where you need be in God's plan for your Awakening.

M: It seems to be taking a long time for this to happen.

C: "Time" is a belief you invented and exists nowhere else but in your thoughts. It was required by the ego to show how you are a victim of time through the illusion of "evolving."

Yet, when you look to the reality you invented, through your alliance with the ego, you clearly note a Great Regression taking place in the "world," and this contradicts your theories of "evolution." The ego is undeniably losing its grip on your mind as you witness to the insanity it shows you and loudly proclaims your "truth."

Hence, time is being used appropriately to demonstrate that the ego is insane and YOU are NOT, simply because you are witness to hell and no longer wish to "see" it. The Great Regression of the ego makes you master of all you see, because you see it to be FREE.