Monday, February 4, 2008

Be Vigilant for Truth

Stop protecting yourself from the world you believe is real, since it is ONLY your belief that makes it "real" and it is this belief that YOU experience. What you learn is what you teach yourself. If your experience is fear, teach yourself differently and be vigilant for only that.

M: I thought that I “need do nothing” but, you then tell me that I must be vigilant against fear. My being “vigilant” means my doing something and thus requires action, albeit mental action, but action nonetheless.

J: Vigilance for truth is not vigilance at all, since truth requires no vigil and thus, no protection whatsoever. Yet, you are very vigilant for what YOU believe is true. Therefore, if what YOU believe requires protection in any way, how can it be truth? It is therefore helpful if you choose to be vigilant against fear so that you can learn the truth that demands nothing.

The very act of complicating what I teach demonstrates your current vigilance in protecting your beliefs. But, make no mistake, what is believed cannot be truth simply because belief denies certainty. In certainty, vigilance evaporates, since it is not needed.

For you, DOING has always required acts of the body. Truth does not require anything of the body, and only correction as applied to the mind. I am teaching you to use what is at your disposal since you made it.

Contrary to your current thinking, you invented “vigilance” out of the fear of what might NOT be true, as opposed to what is true. This protection of what is NOT true has provided a false sense of security. It has taken much time for you to realize that what you do believe has actually made you very insecure.

However, Truth knows NO FEAR and is completely secure. Only your beliefs require protection. I am simply teaching that there is no longer any need to be vigilant for what is NOT true.

Hence, your “vigilance” is now available for a new purpose. Now you must be vigilant against fear so that you can learn God's Truth and not your own, since God’s Truth is your own. God does not BELIEVE, God KNOWS, and that knowledge is certain and available to you always.

You have many such tools at your disposal and we can use them all as needed in order to alleviate the NEEDS which come from beliefs of insecurity. Eventually you will realize that no tools or techniques can suffice for the Truth that informs that nothing is needed and therefore, nothing NEED be done.

M: But first, I have to KNOW God’s truth in order to be vigilant for it.

J: I teach only God’s truth. Thus if you learn what I teach you will KNOW the Truth that was made for you, since there is no other. However, if you continue to be vigilant for what you BELIEVE, you will continue to learn only what you repeatedly feel compelled to teach yourself.

One thing is certain, you are the only student who need learn the truth.

M: How can I be the only one who needs to learn in a world of billions?

J: Only one mind need wake to my call, if not yours then whose? Do not confuse this with your fear of some obscure “messianic” calling based on a distorted historical interpretation of "salvation." Believe me when I say that you need not save anyone, since you are the only one needing salvation.

M: That seems like some sort of metaphor or platitude. If I save myself, what happens to everyone else?

J: It is interesting how you have so radically distorted your function. You may wait for another, while others wait for you. You have made the world a place to search for your savior, yet your savior thinks your thoughts, smiles your smile and looks to YOU for the truth. Why do you not see him? What could you fear? I have asked that you “step up and be counted,” only you continue to recede into anonymity.

It is important that we correct a significant misinterpretation of my words. I cannot save you, for YOU are the savior and I simply wait for YOU.

You must wonder why an omnipotent God would allow for my crucifixion. The answer is that God does not crucify and could never have allowed it. However, you do and you have. This must end and that it will, is certain.

In misinterpreting YOUR function, you continue to ask me, “if you are my savior, then when will I be saved and why has it taken so long.” The answer is simple. You will be saved the exact moment YOU CHOOSE and not a moment before.

However, the important point is that I will not save you. I only guide you to your function as savior, as that is the function you have allotted me. You are the savior and the world waits on YOU.

M: Sorry, but that is gibberish to me and it seems we were down this road before.

J: And we will go down this road many more times until you accept your function. Why else would we speak? There is no other function you require of me and I assure you I will fulfill my function.

The problem you struggle with is historical in nature and based on symbols. There was only one “cross” and you need not bear that burden nor make that journey again.

Now you must understand that I did not make that journey alone.

The truth is that sacrifice in any way was never required by God and is still a choice that YOU make. When you deliver Truth unto yourself, you will understand that we make the journey together and we always have. We have never been apart.

I never walked alone, you were with me every step of the way. The problem is that I have ended that leg of the journey, while you have doggedly persisted in suffering for you know not what. Lay down your burden in the realization that it was never yours to bear. No one need carry that burden any longer.

Only together, as ONE, will we finally complete our journey and that is certain. Together we will surrender the cross and not one of us will be left behind.

You are confused by your symbols. But, you need not worry, since I will help you to reinterpret the symbols. This is only because everything is symbolic in your world and serves no other purpose. Obviously, misinterpreted symbols MUST easily erode into “gibberish.” Until you accept your function, “gibberish” will be what you hear because it will be the language YOU speak.

M: So, are you saved?

J: Of course, as are you. There are no others. One Mind embraces ALL in perfect security. Your mind struggles to understand and your understanding is directly correlated with your readiness to learn. What you are NOT ready for, you will NOT hear of, only because the mind simply cannot listen to what it believes makes no sense. This is based on the world's teaching. You are still deeply fixated on nonsense, but that will change.

Notice you reaction to your anger last night. This was an experience that only you could provide. You experienced a lesson in healing which could only be taught through suffering and this is what you gave TO yourself. This has been your pattern for so very long and I understand that you are very weary of learning in this way.

Nevertheless, you do recognize that this teaching episode was somehow different from previous lessons. Although you suffered, you did allow my teaching to enter into your confusion, if only briefly. Thus, in your apology the next day, you understood that when you withhold a "blessing" from another you sacrifice yourself.

More importantly, in relation to your senseless suffering, you recognized that this NEED NOT BE. This is the first step in laying down the "old rugged cross."

In recognizing this burden, freedom can be known. This is because you see it for what it is; nothing at all. This instantly liberates, even when recognition has been denied for so very long. The crucifixion was YOU and the nails of suffering have penetrated your mind deeper then any flesh could withstand. Yet, make no mistake; you have decreed your own crucifixion because there is NO OTHER. However, you may take heart, since your Resurrection has been decreed by God and that is certain, because there IS no other.

Yes, you ARE very tired... but allow the truth to relieve you of your burden as only the truth can.

In the Unified Wholeness of the Resurrection, ALL are saved, because ALL have arisen through the memory that suffering is impossible to what God has Created. Although you have misinterpreted history, the symbols of this "rebirth" are there for ALL to see. But only when YOU are willing to look WITHIN.


  1. Wow, two years later and I kinda of hear what is being said. Weird.

  2. Well, here I am 37 months later and finally hearing what is being said,,,, through the fog of my "mind".... :-)