Thursday, March 6, 2008

Choosing Teachers

M: You seem to say that I lack nothing, but clearly that is not my experience.

J: What could you lack?

M: I lack happiness of any permanence or depth.

J: How do you "measure" this experience of lack, since in a world of "degrees" you do tend to rely on measuring your "reality" in determining truth?

M: The point is that I do not experience it. In fact, since I have been involved in these "talks," I sense it less only because you teach that what I attached to in the past is fleeting and insubstantial. Those things that I once believed brought happiness are illusory and only bring moments of pleasure with no lasting presence in my life. I am beginning to see this more clearly and it is not a pleasant experience.

J: You state that your knowledge of lack is from experience. How would you define that “experience”?

M: I would define the experience of lacking happiness by its intermittent absence.

J: I teach that you lack nothing and, if what I teach is true, how could happiness be absent at any "time"?

In disbelief you reject what I teach and therefore, you will experience absence. Yet, you cannot experience a “void” and so you must fill the emptiness with what you believe to be true, which, as you are beginning to realize, is contrary to what I teach. However, this brings you full circle since what you believe is cause for happiness has never sustained you and is the reason you have asked for my teaching.

If you call on me but continue to maintain and adhere to your own beliefs as to what you “need,” then you acquire no value from what you have called on me to provide. This makes no sense, although history attests to your repetitive attachment to nonsense.

M: I agree it makes no sense and I see how my continued reliance on myself fails me consistently. Yet, I don’t understand how I can have complete reliance on you and still function in the world, or in what you teach is “delusion.”

J: There will come a time when you will facilitate a comprehensive exchange of your beliefs for what I teach. Until such time, you will continue to pick and choose according to what your “ego” can accommodate and thus "intermittent absence" is what you will experience. This has been the pattern of your “life” for, as I have previously stated, I have been with you always. Choosing comfort above truth only results in continued discomfort since you clearly sense that your choices have not sustained you. Essentially, your discomfort is related to your skewed interpretation that, in some way, I ask for "sacrifice."

Nevertheless, recently you have become cognizant of a “me” as separate from that which is “you.” This has resulted in much confusion as you attempt to differentiate between what “I” teach, which emphasizes your happiness, as opposed to what “you” have taught yourself, which you actually believe is your only hope of happiness - but have yet to experience. The fact that your happiness is elusive and impermanent is a reflection of a poor teacher. Thus, in sacrificing your learning for what I teach you can only gain, not lack. This negates your concept of "sacrifice."

You must have faith that I cannot fail you and this opposes your belief that you have failed yourself and you do believe that on many levels you have failed yourself. This is referred to in psychology as “transference.” You seem to mistake “me” and my belief that you are complete and joyous, for “you” and your belief that you are incomplete and suffer. Making this misinterpretation results in your having as little faith in me, as you have always had in your “self.”

Make no mistake, anytime you experience joy, not conditioned on any person, situation or event external to you, you have chosen me as your teacher.

The only effective method of breaking through the stalemate of transference is to identify it, thereby minimizing its power to obstruct communication. This allows faith to grow in our exchange and in that faith, your learning is facilitated. For a time I must be separate from you, otherwise you would refuse to learn the truth simply because you would attribute the curriculum to your “self.”

Our separation was blatantly apparent in your worship of me as a body. You are now ready for a more “psychological” presentation of my teaching. However, separation continues to be necessary even though unification is the result.

Understand that for now you MUST differentiate between a “me” and a “you” and thereby gain in faith through the correct choice. Only through this tiny adjustment in perspective, will we eventually join as One, in which time is the only absence you will experience.

Have faith that your exchanging the unreliability of your “self,” for the complete reliance on me, will lead you through the darkness of your present confusion.

M: But how do I know if I am relying on you and not myself since I have had problems in this differentiating.

J: This statement appears to contradict what is occurring in this very moment.

M: Yes, but the writing of this requires greater attention to you, then what is required in everyday functioning. Plus, we can’t forget that I write these talks with the goal of posting for all to see.

J: Essentially you are stating that you have decided that there are moments in time when our communication is easier to facilitate then at other times. But notice that the key word is “decided.” There is not one moment in time that I am not with you. The decision as to when you will listen and, thereby allow our interaction, is yours only because you have demanded that this choice be available to you.

This simply attests to the fact that you believe that there are times when I can be helpful to you and times when I cannot. This is indicative of your belief that there are times when Truth is valid and times when it is not. This makes no sense since Truth must be True in all situations and at all times. It only makes sense in your "reality" where truth is relative to each situation and each time. Therefore, your reality is not TRUE. If your reality is false, what could you lose in learning that there is a different “reality” and thus a different way of SEEING? This is what I teach.

However, if what I teach is false, then you are no better off then before. You can then console yourself, as is your common practice, that something else must exist "outside" to give you joy and simply resume your search in a world where what you seek will never be found.

But if what I teach is true then you are saved from the false forever.

The choice is yours and always will be. You can choose between hell or heaven and the fact that you now perceive a little of both, attests to your vacillation. I ask that you simply choose differently and I teach you how.

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