Sunday, April 13, 2008

No Need for Questions

You see "clues" to Truth all around, yet fail to recognize that every experience is a clue YOU have provided to attain certainty of what and who YOU are. When you know your purpose you will interpret the clues correctly, until then you will believe in the delusion of a "reality" as outside your control.

M: I feel conflicted over the idea that I should see God in everything. This conflicts with your teaching that the world is a product of my thought and does not exist separate from me.

J: This should be perfectly apparent to you and the fact that it is NOT simply attests to your incorrect assumptions as to what you ARE. But of course, all you have are assumptions, since you are certain of nothing. What you do SEE is an assumed world made possible only because you see it through a conflicted mind. When you are certain, assumptions will no longer be needed only because all conflict will dissolve through certainty.

M: If I simply believe the world is a product of my thought, then I can change the world just by thinking differently?

J: Essentially, that, is what I teach. The problem is that you lack faith in the teaching since this is what I have always taught and yet, still you fail to believe. Clearly, this idea is beyond intellectual logic and is, to your mind, pure fantasy. However, look at your world and fantasy is ALL that you see and the fact that there is a “you” to SEE it is staggering to the imagination. Nevertheless, you do IMAGINE it only because you do BELIEVE it and so, you do SEE it.

M: How can I gain in faith?

J: You have been gaining in faith, yet you resist recognition of those gains in the belief that what I teach is consistently beyond your ability to understand. You should understand that everything I teach is already in your mind, for how else would it be accessed? I guide you to nothing but what is already known.

This resistance has been a pattern for you and, unfortunately, you have made yourself very weary of ever learning the truth. However, you have made note of changes in your mood. Your "moods" are merely a measure of the thinking that you choose to experience throughout the body as opposed to merely in the mind.

You would greatly benefit in correcting this misinterpretation since mind is all there IS. Projecting mind into the body has only served to confuse you of the purpose of your mind and that is to correspond with me so that you can partake of the peace and joy of Heaven. Make no mistake, Heaven is the certainty that you seek and, of that, there can be no doubt.

M: I should ignore my feelings?

J: To ignore the functions you idolize as crucial to understanding your “existence” would only serve to intensify your feelings of sacrifice. In fact, I do not teach a need to ignore or abnegate any function you have accorded significance, I only ask that you transform the purpose so that our mutual goal can be achieved. I merely teach you methods of re-interpreting the functions you have chosen with little to no understanding as to why you have made such choices.

There is nothing that need be discarded, since all is useful when used for the correct purpose. Your feelings can be as useful as your thoughts, IF the purpose is based on learning the truth. If the purpose fails to fulfill this criteria, then the only other purpose is suffering and you HAVE “felt” suffering.

M: I just find it hard to see God in a world in which constant suffering is the theme.

J: Nothing is constant in your world and this is why suffering IS thematic. Essentially, I will take you back to your "beginning" before the world defined your experience and perception served merely to inform you of what you had made real; back before belief was given the status of truth, and made available to be seen as truth, but is never true and therefore, never certain. It is only through change in belief that Truth is known. I have certainty and I can see what you do not allow yourself to see, since I am not a victim of your beliefs. I understand and can teach you what you must know so that you are not longer victim of your uncertainty.

M: The circle of life is related to nature and the constant reconstitution of nature in maintaining balance. Life ends and is reformed into life again as nature evolves. Is nature not a part of God’s creation?

J: Nature is what you have made yourself, yet in fear of yourself, you have allowed yourself to destroy nature and to believe that nature destroys you. This is not 'evolution" and is more akin to a “circle of death,” but you have made many compromises in order to provide credence to what is NOT real.

You so deeply wish to believe in what you have made and this makes sense since the power of Creation is vested in YOU. You have the power to Create and when you accept this power, you will Create. Until then, you will simply remain deluded and you will worship delusion as truth. You may pray to God, but make no mistake, your actions attest to what you believe is true, in contradiction to your words.

Heaven is unquestionable Truth, yet you believe in compromises to insure your truth is unquestioned and this allows it to persist and this persistence is your experience and is what you continue to question. This is the "circle of delusion." Your questioning will continue as long as you continue to believe that what you make is REAL. Reality is of God and, contrary to present belief, you are aware of that Reality.

How could what God Creates be destroyed in anyway? You find this question intolerable, although it is ever with you, and therefore, your only answer is that destruction must be of God. Even so, in your intolerance of the question you still cannot deny the absurdity of the answer since it is clearly absurd that Perfection would create, only to destroy. Thus, you have allowed destruction to attain divine proportions and now worship the very process of death as your reward for a “life” that has no other purpose but eventual destruction. This is truly insane!

I teach that there is a way back to sanity.

M: So I created nature?

J: As I have stated, you have resisted your God given capacity to Create, however, it is true that you "made" a self, yet the "self" fails to sustain you, since it does NOT participate in Creation, but originated in your questioning of God. This is because it was made specifically to deny Creation and serves no other purpose, so why rely on it at all? Obviously, it has not served well in that capacity. If it had, then we would not be talking since you would be certain with no need for questions. All else merely supports this one delusion and this is because it does require a great deal of support to be believed in AT ALL.

It does seem that there are parts of your “universe” that you have accorded profound significance and it would also seem that there are parts of your world that tend to point to God, and this seems to be your identification with “nature.” But, if the world is a product of your mind, how could this be? Why would you associate parts for your mind to God, while splitting off other parts for some other purpose? And what would that other purpose seem to be? You live in a seeming reality where nothing is certain, but everything seems to be REAL, but still must be questioned. This is the cause of your exhaustion.

As I have taught previously, you have no other purpose but to learn what I teach simply because to learn what I teach is to KNOW yourself and to identify with that knowledge completely because it is the only certainty you will ever KNOW.

But YOU have left “clues” to your certainty and every experience brings you that much closer to Truth. I merely help you interpret the clues for their intended purpose and not some other delusional purpose that you have made up with little understanding as to why you made it.

Vision will aid you in interpreting nature as YOU, since it is a clue YOU have left to yourself. But nature represents a means to knowledge and NOT knowledge and you must not misinterpret symbols for Truth. This is because the knowledge of Truth does not require clues or symbols of any kind, Truth never seems to be REAL, it is always certain because it is the Truth of God and YOU.


  1. "Thus, you have allowed destruction to attain divine proportions and now worship the very process of death as your reward for a “life” that has no other purpose but eventual destruction. This is truly insane!"

    do we really worship death as a reward of life? it seems more like an unfortunate fact of life that just has to be accepted.
    also it seems like the purpose of life is not eventual destruction, but providing care for your family, spreading love, trying to make the world a better place...

    also, how does one interpret clues for their intended purpose? how should i interpret my experience to try to correspond with truth/awaken to truth?

  2. Not sure how to answer your questions, but will put them out there for a future post.