Monday, April 7, 2008

Reality is Your Choice

M: If the world can be different simply through my seeing it differently, why is it that you have not made the world change?

J: I have and I only ask that you see it as I do.

M: You’re saying that the world is at peace?

J: You clearly see conflict and therefore, IN your mind, there can be NO peace, but I tell you, peace is most certainly there when you desire to SEE it. Until such time, your belief in conflict will direct your sight.

M: I don’t see peace because peace is not present to see. The world is full of conflict and war. How could I see peace instead of war?

J: How could you NOT see peace, if peace is ALL you desire? The problem is that peace is not ALL that you desire, therefore, it is not ALL that you see.

Christ Vision, as opposed to the body’s "seeing," is all-encompassing and leaves out nothing. Belief in what the eye’s teach must discriminate and looks for what you choose to perceive based solely on what you have learned MUST be seen. The fact that you SEE conflict speaks to what you have learned TO SEE.

Essentially, I am teaching you to SEE differently and I have no doubt that you will.

M: I understand that my violent thoughts help create a violent world. However, because it is a violent world I must allow for some type of protection from that violence.

J: You believe in war and therefore, you MUST see it, and yet, it is true that you do believe in peace and you see that as well. I ask you to see only peace because there is nothing else WORTH seeing. If all you see is peace, what need for protection? How could you be harmed?

When you LEARN what I teach, you will LEARN that there is nothing else. Therefore, there will no longer be a need for "protection." Nevertheless, until you believe in peace and nothing else, conflict will be seen and you will believe in the need for protection.

However, you can SEE differently and it does not involve the body, but does entail belief, since the world you perceive must first be BELIEVED. Obviously, when you learn that this is true, you will alter your thinking to establish reality in accordance WITH that Truth.

M: Why didn’t you do this when you had the chance?

J: As I say, it is done. However, you do not see completion and are compulsively fixated on the incomplete and, therefore, for YOU, it has yet to be done. Nevertheless, this is your misinterpretation and no longer mine.

I simply wait for your participation in the certainty that together we will see it done. This is because for you, there is no other way it can be completed and, make no mistake, it will be completed because WE are complete.

M: Your saying that you could not make world peace happen without me? I thought your mind corresponds with God?

J: My mind corresponds with Truth and I can teach you to correspond as well. I cannot “make world peace” since it is the Truth and merely waits for you to establish it as Truth. The fact that you established other then this, speaks to your repetitive misinterpretation of the facts. All is as it should be because all is complete. Your delusion of incompletion cannot in anyway reverse this Truth. However, it can result in your failure to KNOW the Truth and suffer accordingly.

M: How can I deny what the world demonstrates? When I watch the news, I cannot fail to see the death and destruction in the world. How can I possibly see peace instead of war?

J: You will see what you believe only BECAUSE it is believed. As I say, denial of your capacity to believe in what is True cannot in any way alter what is True. Change in belief will ultimately make all the difference between seeing what you believe must be seen and seeing the Truth, which is beyond the body’s sight.

M: Maybe I should just walk around with my eyes closed.

J: You are certainly welcome to test any hypothesis you choose. I will simply await the obvious conclusion. However, there is merit to this option, although I recognize your sarcasm as simply another veiled rendition of fear.

You could interact with the world through closed eyes, yet if your belief is unaltered, it is doubtful that you would be free of what the mind sees, and the suffering you associate with such "sight," since YOU have taught the mind what CAN be seen. You will simply maintain your doubt and fear through what you hear and touch. It really makes no difference what part of the body you rely on to PERCEIVE delusion, since delusion must be believed before it can be perceived.

M: So what exactly is this concept of “seeking within” that you speak of, since it seems to elude me.

J: Or, rather, could it be that in your fear, you avoid IT? Nevertheless, your question, although asked previously, is important because it reveals your readiness to learn. Your readiness to learn is all I require in order to teach.

However, this concept is the most difficult part of your learning and, essentially, when it is fully grasped, teaching will no longer be needed. Notice that I state that it must be FULLY grasped for my function as teacher to cease.

Therefore, it should be apparent to you now that our dialogue is currently “within,” yet not FULLY.

M: You are saying that my seeking within occurs only when I speak with you?

J: Essentially, this is true and speaks to your “seeking” within. This is preliminary to “dwelling" within which entails your FULL unceasing correspondence with Truth.

You may recall historical representations of my “seeking” and my interactions with the world demonstrative of that portion of my learning. To “dwell” within is to no longer RELY on interactions with an outside world to establish Perfect Peace and, although interactions may continue, it is no longer fragmented by fear only because there is NO reliance on fear. Be certain that, if you rely on the world you perceive to teach you of Truth, you rely on fear.

I ceased to RELY on the world to inform ME of the Truth and, hence, the Truth was made available to ME. When you have ceased your reliance on a "world" external to your mind, you will experience the Truth that is absolute and not conditioned on relative limits, but completely free of all limitations. This is the peace and joy that is bound by, and contingent on, absolutely nothing but your Being what you ARE as Created.

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