Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Greater Works Than These Will YOU Do

The world is a product of your imagining. Imagine it beyond your control and so it must be. Imagine it beyond need of control and walk with God as a carpet of peace and joy unfolds under your feet. God controls nothing, simply because nothing is beyond God's control. Accept that you are with God and you accept control of the universe.

M: Sometimes it often feels as if the anger and resentment at parts of reality seems almost uncontrollable. In fact, it seems as though listening to any guidance is impossible.

J: As you can clearly see, what I teach is thought control since control of your thinking is necessary in order that suffering be seen for what it is. Yet, this is preliminary to a time when control will be unnecessary because when you see suffering for what it is, you will desire to control nothing, since suffering has never been worthy of Vision.

However, what is far more difficult for you to understand is that I am asking that you allow my interceding with your habituated patterns of thinking so that you can think with me.

This is the only form of control that will prove to be effective in reducing fear, since fear is ultimately the only aspect of your thinking that seems beyond your ability to control. Inability to control fear results in chaos and the experience of chaos is suffering.

M: I’m not sure I understand this concept of thinking with you. What exactly does that mean?

J: Very simply that you no longer rely on yourself and what the “self” has learned is true. There is another teacher within and I ask that you rely on that learning aid.

M: Unfortunately, I seem to lack your confidence in my abilities.

J: Which is why you must learn to accept my unwavering confidence in YOU. Your abilities are powerful beyond your comprehension, but only WHEN accepted. I have taught that "he who believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do."

However, your current unwavering acceptance of your inadequacy and weakness demands you believe in "lack" and, make no mistake, the power of your mind is as absolute as God's in determining the existence of reality. If you desire to believe in delusion, then delusion MUST be "reality." Now it appears you are beginning to see that there might be another "reality" worthy of Vision, but beyond sight.

M: But the reality that I experience, which you teach I “provide” to myself, often seems so completely beyond my control.

J: Why would you SEE that which you have no control of?

M: That is my question and you seem unable to answer it.

J: I have answered, although you may refuse to accept the answer I give. My answer is that you have NOT provided anything to yourself that you cannot control. The paradox is that in completely understanding this fact, there is nothing you would desire to control and in that lies absolute freedom.

M: Then how do I control that which, as you teach, I cause?

J: Simply know that you are the cause of your effects.

M: But how can that be possible. Things in reality most certainly have an effect and that is what I experience which often causes intense resentment regarding conditions for which I have no control.

J: Yet, how can this be, for if YOU are the cause, then the effect is of YOU as well. If you dissociate yourself from cause, you can only suffer the effect.

You are interested in this topic today in relation to the things you must do that you have evaluated as not desired. You resent what you judge as having been thrust upon you without your consent. However, you do recognize how you had manufactured your resentment and that this self-imposed “mood” was based on irrational assumptions that were not representative of the Truth as I teach it.

But more importantly, not only have you manufactured your resentment, but the objects of your resentment are yours as well. In fact, the objects of your resentment are you.

You understood this, yet you resist accepting this explanation, as you often do with the answers I provide. Therefore, you felt victimized by your own unreasonable demands originating in your own mind.

You demand that an external reality be condemned as the cause of what is merely the fearful effects of your own thinking.

However, the most important point that you continue to deny is that YOU DO THIS TO YOURSELF and in that realization is the Peace of Heaven.

M: This makes no sense. Why would I do this to myself?

J: Because you believe you have no choice, which is completely in contradiction to what I teach, but serves to accentuate your inferior status as below God. As such, you choose weakness, not God. I ask that you choose God and in that choice, strength beyond imagining is yours.

M: But reality continues to show me that my choices are often invalidated by conditions beyond my control.

J: Why would you require the invalidation of your choices?

M: Exactly! Why?

J: You require the world validate your belief in weakness and inadequacy, which must be the case if you believe you are IN a world beyond your control.

If you believe you are impotent to produce change, the world will attest to this projection and therefore, it will be your experience. Once again, I ask why you would choose this for yourself?

M: So I just need to believe that I have the capacity to alter conditions and conditions will magically change?

J: Magic was invented to glorify the body over the mind. What I teach is miraculous and glorifies your Source as YOU. Your “capacity” is truly miraculous when you accept rather then deny.

The world is the “condition” of your choice to believe in a world and idolize the parts as separate from the whole. What else could be manifest from a mind that believes it must have choices. Yet, your choices fail to alleviate your suffering and the world demonstrates this as "true" and if the world is your teacher, the lessons taught will never change.

Nevertheless, you continue to complain and lament the cruelty of life, even though you would have it no other way, since this is the way you have chosen because this is what you have learned.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

God's Will Excludes Nothing and Controls Nothing

M: You keep saying that everything must be included. What does that mean?

J: God’s wholeness includes all and what God creates is whole and all-inclusive. Therefore, your "world" must also be whole and all-inclusive, but not as you now perceive it.

M: So why don’t I feel included in that “wholeness”?

J: When you wish to “feel included,” you WILL, because you ARE. Your WILL to be included is the deciding factor and always has been.

M: So all I need do is feel it and it will be true for me?

J: It is true for you whether you “feel it” or not. Therefore, it would benefit you to “feel” included and thus experience God's Truth.

M: But how can you prove to me that I’m included?

J: What proof would you accept?

M: Some kind of sign. Something that would compel me to feel included; that there would be no choice.

J: There have been signs, unmistakable in their clarity, yet, you mistook them for what you thought they were, instead of what they were in Truth.

To compel is to exclude. A controlled WILL cannot know Truth and must suffer through that ignorance. You feel controlled by a world outside your mind, making that world beyond all but the most rudimentary choices in the desire for control. Because your “world” is not aligned with your will, you feel compelled to conform against your will and thus, experience the oppression of a controlled will. You cannot be compelled to align with God's Truth as that would exclude you from it. However, you can desire a return to your natural state and, in fact, you do.

To align your WILL with the Truth is to experience absolutely no stress whatsoever and all your “doing” is done with a joyful ease and lightness, because nothing NEED be done. When “doing” becomes unnecessary, BEING is extended and doing becomes very fruitful. To extend your Being is to experience love because this is the natural state of an aligned WILL and the only way Love can be experienced. Thus, Love is guaranteed no matter what you DO and, subsequently, you WILL only do that which allows for Love.

M: There are certain actions and things I must do. I have little control over this fact.

J: You have made that a fact of mind, but this could never be a fact of WILL. Your will is always in correspondence with Truth and that is “inalienable” and cannot be severed. Your will must always be aligned with God's Truth. However, an egoically controlled mind can mistake Truth for something else, causing you to become confused and experience the stress of misalignment. This is why you feel so deeply constrained by what you do, since you believe that what you do matters.

It does not.

However, this mistake can be easily rectified. Your world is a vague and obscure mistake derived solely from your unwillingness to align with God's Truth and instead align with what you believe is “true.” This must be false, because belief has nothing to do with Truth. WILL to be free and you are free. This does not involve the body at all.

Mistakes can be corrected so that your will is realigned with Truth, but first, you must know that a mistake has been made. You are coming ever closer to this realization. Yet, there is still resistance because it inevitably means the end of every purpose you have decided necessary for yourself. Recognizing that this need not be, is a fearful thought. Nevertheless, we must address this fear if we are to take the next step. In fact, we must abolish it completely.

There is no end to you, although there must be an end to what you think you ARE and this will mark the beginning of truth and the end of all mistakes.

Even now, you are beginning to inhale from the gentle breeze of Truth, because this is the closest you have yet come to understanding.

There will come a time when your learning will coalesce and come together in an understanding that is free from the suffocating ignorance of a mistaken ego and a confused self.

Trust that this is certain and breathe deeply.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Experience the Truth

Experience is the fuel that drives you and teaches what direction you will take. I teach that your experiences are based on belief and should be discarded because fear is the origin of every thought in your mind. Wipe the slate clean and believe what I teach, since what I teach is beyond belief and that has always been the "place" you desire to BE.

M: Yesterday I experienced a deep sense of dissatisfaction. I could not specifically place what thoughts resulted in this mood, yet it was palpable and consistent throughout the day and completely oppressed my ability to seek guidance.

J: You might wish to see this as symbolic of great hope.

M: But how can that be, since clearly I felt impaired by it. In fact, isn't this simply a form of fear?

J: Fear is NOT a fact, but is simply an assumption you impose upon your perceptions, thereby shaping HOW you see. Your moods have always oppressed you and this is indicative of the beliefs that you allow to determine your experiences.

You are the architect of your moods simply because your "experiences" are nothing but a "construction" of your mind.

The difference is that now you are beginning to recognize your incessant need to seek outside your mind to locate a cause and to seek there for relief. Clearly, you are beginning to recognize that you do this to yourself and relief can be found only within you.

M: That’s all well and good, but it doesn't help relieve me of these types of experiences.

J: It is a logical fact that you will not perceive what you do not believe. Therefore, what you perceive will be interpreted based on belief of what CAN be experienced and this is entirely your choice.

You do not perceive from a vacuum, but interpret your perceptions based on belief and these interpretations become the experiences that continue to determine what you teach and therefore, what you learn.

Obviously, if belief is framed by fear then your interpretations will be equally impaired. Sight will be distorted and fear must be experienced. Therefore, experience will be based on distortion and will be unhelpful in seeking peace from suffering based on fear. Why continue to learn by teaching this message?

Relief from your experience can only be attained through change in belief. A change in belief will inform your interpretations, subsequently altering your experience by transforming your assumptions about what can be experienced. You do want to experience joy, however, if you closely examine the framework of your perceptions you will discern how you obstruct what you desire.

In order to experience perfect peace, belief must be radically altered so that peace is interpreted everywhere you look. This can only be a joyful experience.

Presently, you can only expect such radical vision to replace your distorted sight. Nevertheless, you will provide this new interpretation through a change in belief, which will be facilitated through my guidance.

M: So what's taking you so long to guide me there?

J: Time is under your control, since what I teach has no need of time. I only ask for a small degree of willingness to guide you to a vision beyond anything your mind can presently conceptualize simply because you have so limited your vision.

You are entitled to a vision so complete and total in its beauty that you will marvel at how you could have waited so long to believe me. But only if you are willing to accept your entitlement.

M: I believe that I am willing, but obviously not willing enough.

J: Do you not believe you are being guided?

M: Yes, to a certain degree.

J: Then it is to that “degree” that you have been willing.

M: So to increase the pace I must be more willing?

J: This must be true, since you have set the pace.

M: I want to be more willing, but I am impaired by doubt.

J: And it is this “doubt’ that you experienced yesterday as impairment and continue to experience, by "degrees," even today. Doubt is oppressive and leads to dissatisfaction with your assumptions, yet you struggle to hold onto what you believe because you feel you have no “choice.” Yet, this too is an assumption that has no relation to Truth.

Your willingness will gradually dissolve doubt, but you have also limited that by “degrees.”

When you are ready to accept the Truth, the Truth will be known in whole, since the Truth cannot be known partially by "degrees."

Degrees of truth is a relative term that has no relation to Truth whatsoever. Nevertheless, in a world where relative truths are idolized, the mind conforms to “truths” that must be relative to each and every separate mind . But if there is only One Mind, how can this be?

M: You are saying that I cannot know truth unless I know it all at once?

J: How could the Whole Truth be known partially? However, contrary to your demand for time, knowing Truth need only be known “once” and from that, "degrees" are abolished for all eternity.

M: So I am destined to suffer until I know Truth, not by degrees, but in total completion?

J: Suffering is a choice that has no bearing on Truth because you suffer by degrees, Truth does NOT. However, suffering is also related to your belief in destiny and destiny attests to your belief in death since death is the only reason you suffer through "life." Destiny is not a belief of the infinite and only finite beliefs require that you suffer.

You may continue to believe that your are only a part of God, but make no mistake that within every part MUST exist the complete and total power of the whole. Believe this and be free of your finite belief in death.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Accept NO Substitutions

The fearless mind can accept only peace and will not substitute delusions for Truth. Your "spectrum of fear" has many levels and degrees, but only one experience and that is absence. Whenever you are absent of deep and abiding peace, know that you have accepted fear and seek to change your mind by thinking with me.

M: I can’t seem to incorporate this into my life.

J: Nothing need be incorporated, just believed as True. Only delusions need be integrated, simply because obsessing on parts obstructs understanding the whole. If you do NOT believe this then it is understandable that you are deluded into making something a part of you, that you have never been without.

M: Then how come I don’t know it as me?

J: There is nothing to “know.”

M: Is this a riddle?

J: Paradox is your invention and it exists only in your mind. Dissolving paradox is your choice as well and all that you need do is make the choice to SEE it differently.

M: It seems clear that you know God. But I do not have such a personal relationship.

J: There is only one very simple criterion to such knowledge and without it, such knowledge is inaccessible. The only criterion is that you MUST want it.

M: That’s it? I just need to want it? I think I have demonstrated that I want this knowledge. What more am I expected to do?

J: This may seem rather elementary to you, but if you look closely you will understand that of all the things you do want, Truth is usually not desired. When you want this knowledge, you will have it and it will be as if it were never lost to you. However, since you seem to experience being without it, you must ask yourself if you are certain that you want it?

Demonstrations are unnecessary to Truth, however, you have found it very important to demonstrate your need for sacrifice. Notice how you struggle to rely on sacrifice even though I teach that it is unnecessary and was never needed, since I proved it is unnecessary.

Everyday you look outside your mind and speculate on what might provide you "happiness" and everyday you find what requires sacrifice and varying degrees of suffering. There is beauty and goodness to SEE, but never for long, since permanence is not a category of your thinking and therefore, it is not a factor of your "world." But, no matter what you believe you see, it is always an absence that you experience. Make no mistake you are absent of nothing, but you need seek WITHIN to learn that Truth.

Therefore, in answer to your question, what you are expected to do is simply remember your completion and believe it as fact. At present, this is believed as an expectation, since I teach that you could never be anything but complete. Your amnesia is a state of mind that does not affect the Truth in any way. The Truth is that you could NOT forget your Being even for one single solitary moment.

M: You seem to be constantly taking me in circles. I am absent of nothing but forgot that I am absent of nothing, although you state I have never forgotten.

J: You have asked of me what is expected of you. I answer that nothing is expected of you, but that which you expect from yourself. You have not forgotten simply because to forget is to be absent of memory and, as I state, you are absent of nothing. Therefore, as I teach now, and have taught throughout "time," what is of you by nature of your Being, can never be lost to you.

If you substitute your "expectations" for Truth, then you have convinced yourself that remembering Truth has no value and what has no value you easily forget. In the exact split second that you choose to remember, that memory will extend beyond time. But know this, to forget is your choice as well and from this choice alone, "time" emerged and became "real" for you.

M: So although I am not absent of the memory of Truth, I choose to absent myself from it. In other words, I do know what I seek, but am afraid to be aware of what I know, which you are saying, is what I seek. This doesn't make sense!

J: To "make sense" of the world demands the body teach you what it could never understand. I can teach you Truth, since, unlike you, I do NOT fear nonsense.

M: There is absolutely no way to be without fear.

J: BE with perfect peace.

M: You speak of it as if I could magically conjure it up from nothing and, abracadabra! The world is at peace. All I need do is think peaceful thoughts and the world will magically conform to my thinking. This is just so completely opposite of what I experience.

J: Nevertheless, this is exactly what I teach!

"World peace" IS your highest thinking and to demand it NOW, particularly while you think so little of yourself, has only served to further confuse you since you are so utterly fixated on "time" and have no understanding of NOW. However, rest assured there will come a "time" when you will think of yourself completely without fear and peace will fill your mind as an "experience" never before known.

You should still continue to look for world peace and the more you believe you will find it, the more it will be SEEN. Currently, however, you believe you must be fearful and thus, you have accepted fear rather then peace, and this is what you find. Therefore, since fear occupies your mind, it would be beneficial to understand why.

M: So why do I fear?

J: Because you do not think with ME.

I informed you previously that fear permeates your mind so deeply that you are never entirely without it. Because of this, you actually have come to rate the quality of your life by the varying degrees of fear you experience from moment to moment. There is never complete joy, but only fluctuating levels of fear. In fact, your "happiest" moments are when you are less fearful, rather than more "happy." It is important that you understand that your "pursuit of happiness" is nothing more then seeking to reduce fear.

Of course, this way of life is absurd and has never been effective in ending your suffering, yet you choose to live by such insane contrasts. To truly learn and experience what I teach, your mind must be fearless, otherwise, you will only distort the message through the self-protection that fear requires.

Recall how even today you struggled hopelessly with your abstract fears. Although you frequently fail to adequately identify the sources of your fear, you do define the struggle as one of LESS “happiness,” rather than MORE fear and you ask, "why am I NOT happy" rather than "why do I fear."

Be certain that with any minimized experience of "happiness," there is always a maximized acceptance of fear in your mind. Do not seek out what can make you happy, but what it is that demands you fear. When you learn what that is, extinguish it through my guidance and allow peace be restored WITHIN.

You must learn to more accurately define yourself by what you have ACCEPTED rather then by what you DENY. When you deny Joy, then clearly you have accepted fear instead. You may feel this distinction is superficial, but I assure you it will result in greater clarity and understanding. This is because fear clouds your mind and makes Truth increasingly more inaccessible. Essentially, it is the end of fear that will bring you "happiness," rather then your current futile attempts to "pursue" it.

Do NOT negate peace through an acceptance of fear on any level. Your mind must accept either peace or fear. If you accept fear, you will experience that acceptance by degrees and often you will be unclear as to what degree and to what purpose you have hinged your acceptance. Fear is always abstract and based on uncertainty. Peace is concrete and based on the certainty of what is REAL.

I can inform you of what is REAL, since your life is testament to your consistent uncertainty as to what is REAL. From this uncertainty and incompletion, "reality" unfolded within you and, in fear, you made parts of your mind external to your own thinking and you call that your "world."

M: All this seems to make sense, but I need more concrete approaches to reduce fear and experience greater peace.

J: Know without doubt that any moment you are NOT experiencing joy it is because conflict has been erroneously accepted as a substitute to peace. Conflict is indicative that you have decided what you NEED in order to experience “happiness.”

Know also that in determining that you KNOW what you need you have denied the peace I provide. In these moments you have allowed your “self” to be your counsel and advise you in the choices you believe must be made. If you rely on that which does NOT know who or what you are, you will NOT learn what you need. I know who and what you are and therefore, I will teach you what you need.

M: I’m not experiencing joy in this very moment right now. But then, I’m not necessarily experiencing happiness, joy or peace either.

J: This evaluation is incorrect and that can only mean that you are learning from a poor teacher. If you do not experience peace then it is fear that you choose to learn.

Even the slightest anxiety, the mildest annoyance or agitation, can withhold from you an entire universe of Truth and an experience of indescribable joy.

M: So what would you advise I think in this very moment?

J: That there is nothing you need in this or any other moment. However, you have yet to fully accept this advice and thus you remain deeply obsessed with substituting "happiness" for peace. This only results in unnecessary suffering in your stubborn refusal to understand that YOU DO THIS TO YOURSELF.

In any moment that you do not experience peace, recognize that you are choosing fear. Fear is always experienced as a mood that is based on your projection of past learning into an expected future. You believe that if you could only correct the "sins" of the past, you would experience a future more to your liking. I teach that there are no sins of the past simply because you are forgiven and this is inherent in your Being.

NOW is the only Truth and when you accept fear, you replace peace with conflict and NOW is lost to you. From this point forward, allow no substitutions and accept ONLY peace.