Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Experience the Truth

Experience is the fuel that drives you and teaches what direction you will take. I teach that your experiences are based on belief and should be discarded because fear is the origin of every thought in your mind. Wipe the slate clean and believe what I teach, since what I teach is beyond belief and that has always been the "place" you desire to BE.

M: Yesterday I experienced a deep sense of dissatisfaction. I could not specifically place what thoughts resulted in this mood, yet it was palpable and consistent throughout the day and completely oppressed my ability to seek guidance.

J: You might wish to see this as symbolic of great hope.

M: But how can that be, since clearly I felt impaired by it. In fact, isn't this simply a form of fear?

J: Fear is NOT a fact, but is simply an assumption you impose upon your perceptions, thereby shaping HOW you see. Your moods have always oppressed you and this is indicative of the beliefs that you allow to determine your experiences.

You are the architect of your moods simply because your "experiences" are nothing but a "construction" of your mind.

The difference is that now you are beginning to recognize your incessant need to seek outside your mind to locate a cause and to seek there for relief. Clearly, you are beginning to recognize that you do this to yourself and relief can be found only within you.

M: That’s all well and good, but it doesn't help relieve me of these types of experiences.

J: It is a logical fact that you will not perceive what you do not believe. Therefore, what you perceive will be interpreted based on belief of what CAN be experienced and this is entirely your choice.

You do not perceive from a vacuum, but interpret your perceptions based on belief and these interpretations become the experiences that continue to determine what you teach and therefore, what you learn.

Obviously, if belief is framed by fear then your interpretations will be equally impaired. Sight will be distorted and fear must be experienced. Therefore, experience will be based on distortion and will be unhelpful in seeking peace from suffering based on fear. Why continue to learn by teaching this message?

Relief from your experience can only be attained through change in belief. A change in belief will inform your interpretations, subsequently altering your experience by transforming your assumptions about what can be experienced. You do want to experience joy, however, if you closely examine the framework of your perceptions you will discern how you obstruct what you desire.

In order to experience perfect peace, belief must be radically altered so that peace is interpreted everywhere you look. This can only be a joyful experience.

Presently, you can only expect such radical vision to replace your distorted sight. Nevertheless, you will provide this new interpretation through a change in belief, which will be facilitated through my guidance.

M: So what's taking you so long to guide me there?

J: Time is under your control, since what I teach has no need of time. I only ask for a small degree of willingness to guide you to a vision beyond anything your mind can presently conceptualize simply because you have so limited your vision.

You are entitled to a vision so complete and total in its beauty that you will marvel at how you could have waited so long to believe me. But only if you are willing to accept your entitlement.

M: I believe that I am willing, but obviously not willing enough.

J: Do you not believe you are being guided?

M: Yes, to a certain degree.

J: Then it is to that “degree” that you have been willing.

M: So to increase the pace I must be more willing?

J: This must be true, since you have set the pace.

M: I want to be more willing, but I am impaired by doubt.

J: And it is this “doubt’ that you experienced yesterday as impairment and continue to experience, by "degrees," even today. Doubt is oppressive and leads to dissatisfaction with your assumptions, yet you struggle to hold onto what you believe because you feel you have no “choice.” Yet, this too is an assumption that has no relation to Truth.

Your willingness will gradually dissolve doubt, but you have also limited that by “degrees.”

When you are ready to accept the Truth, the Truth will be known in whole, since the Truth cannot be known partially by "degrees."

Degrees of truth is a relative term that has no relation to Truth whatsoever. Nevertheless, in a world where relative truths are idolized, the mind conforms to “truths” that must be relative to each and every separate mind . But if there is only One Mind, how can this be?

M: You are saying that I cannot know truth unless I know it all at once?

J: How could the Whole Truth be known partially? However, contrary to your demand for time, knowing Truth need only be known “once” and from that, "degrees" are abolished for all eternity.

M: So I am destined to suffer until I know Truth, not by degrees, but in total completion?

J: Suffering is a choice that has no bearing on Truth because you suffer by degrees, Truth does NOT. However, suffering is also related to your belief in destiny and destiny attests to your belief in death since death is the only reason you suffer through "life." Destiny is not a belief of the infinite and only finite beliefs require that you suffer.

You may continue to believe that your are only a part of God, but make no mistake that within every part MUST exist the complete and total power of the whole. Believe this and be free of your finite belief in death.

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  1. "Fear is NOT a fact, but is simply an assumption you impose upon your perceptions"
    I assume that there are things to fear in the external world? Or that there is fear in the external world?

    "You are the architect of your moods simply because your "experiences" are nothing but a "construction" of your mind."
    But you can’t see this until you’re hurtling down the rabbit hole?

    "Therefore, what you perceive will be interpreted based on belief of what CAN be experienced and this is entirely your choice."
    Then won’t belief in perfect peace still only create a deluded reality based on belief?

    i guess it seems like there's a lot you're (i'm) just not gonna grasp until you're going down the rabbit hole, including how exactly to go down the rabbit hole, so you just gotta try to push back against the fear and keep experimenting until you find out.