Thursday, May 22, 2008

God's Will Excludes Nothing and Controls Nothing

M: You keep saying that everything must be included. What does that mean?

J: God’s wholeness includes all and what God creates is whole and all-inclusive. Therefore, your "world" must also be whole and all-inclusive, but not as you now perceive it.

M: So why don’t I feel included in that “wholeness”?

J: When you wish to “feel included,” you WILL, because you ARE. Your WILL to be included is the deciding factor and always has been.

M: So all I need do is feel it and it will be true for me?

J: It is true for you whether you “feel it” or not. Therefore, it would benefit you to “feel” included and thus experience God's Truth.

M: But how can you prove to me that I’m included?

J: What proof would you accept?

M: Some kind of sign. Something that would compel me to feel included; that there would be no choice.

J: There have been signs, unmistakable in their clarity, yet, you mistook them for what you thought they were, instead of what they were in Truth.

To compel is to exclude. A controlled WILL cannot know Truth and must suffer through that ignorance. You feel controlled by a world outside your mind, making that world beyond all but the most rudimentary choices in the desire for control. Because your “world” is not aligned with your will, you feel compelled to conform against your will and thus, experience the oppression of a controlled will. You cannot be compelled to align with God's Truth as that would exclude you from it. However, you can desire a return to your natural state and, in fact, you do.

To align your WILL with the Truth is to experience absolutely no stress whatsoever and all your “doing” is done with a joyful ease and lightness, because nothing NEED be done. When “doing” becomes unnecessary, BEING is extended and doing becomes very fruitful. To extend your Being is to experience love because this is the natural state of an aligned WILL and the only way Love can be experienced. Thus, Love is guaranteed no matter what you DO and, subsequently, you WILL only do that which allows for Love.

M: There are certain actions and things I must do. I have little control over this fact.

J: You have made that a fact of mind, but this could never be a fact of WILL. Your will is always in correspondence with Truth and that is “inalienable” and cannot be severed. Your will must always be aligned with God's Truth. However, an egoically controlled mind can mistake Truth for something else, causing you to become confused and experience the stress of misalignment. This is why you feel so deeply constrained by what you do, since you believe that what you do matters.

It does not.

However, this mistake can be easily rectified. Your world is a vague and obscure mistake derived solely from your unwillingness to align with God's Truth and instead align with what you believe is “true.” This must be false, because belief has nothing to do with Truth. WILL to be free and you are free. This does not involve the body at all.

Mistakes can be corrected so that your will is realigned with Truth, but first, you must know that a mistake has been made. You are coming ever closer to this realization. Yet, there is still resistance because it inevitably means the end of every purpose you have decided necessary for yourself. Recognizing that this need not be, is a fearful thought. Nevertheless, we must address this fear if we are to take the next step. In fact, we must abolish it completely.

There is no end to you, although there must be an end to what you think you ARE and this will mark the beginning of truth and the end of all mistakes.

Even now, you are beginning to inhale from the gentle breeze of Truth, because this is the closest you have yet come to understanding.

There will come a time when your learning will coalesce and come together in an understanding that is free from the suffocating ignorance of a mistaken ego and a confused self.

Trust that this is certain and breathe deeply.

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  1. why don't i wish to feel included?
    can will be synonymous with desire?
    this post leaves me with a lot of questions that feel hard to articulate.
    the last part is uplifting and comforting.