Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Greater Works Than These Will YOU Do

The world is a product of your imagining. Imagine it beyond your control and so it must be. Imagine it beyond need of control and walk with God as a carpet of peace and joy unfolds under your feet. God controls nothing, simply because nothing is beyond God's control. Accept that you are with God and you accept control of the universe.

M: Sometimes it often feels as if the anger and resentment at parts of reality seems almost uncontrollable. In fact, it seems as though listening to any guidance is impossible.

J: As you can clearly see, what I teach is thought control since control of your thinking is necessary in order that suffering be seen for what it is. Yet, this is preliminary to a time when control will be unnecessary because when you see suffering for what it is, you will desire to control nothing, since suffering has never been worthy of Vision.

However, what is far more difficult for you to understand is that I am asking that you allow my interceding with your habituated patterns of thinking so that you can think with me.

This is the only form of control that will prove to be effective in reducing fear, since fear is ultimately the only aspect of your thinking that seems beyond your ability to control. Inability to control fear results in chaos and the experience of chaos is suffering.

M: I’m not sure I understand this concept of thinking with you. What exactly does that mean?

J: Very simply that you no longer rely on yourself and what the “self” has learned is true. There is another teacher within and I ask that you rely on that learning aid.

M: Unfortunately, I seem to lack your confidence in my abilities.

J: Which is why you must learn to accept my unwavering confidence in YOU. Your abilities are powerful beyond your comprehension, but only WHEN accepted. I have taught that "he who believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do."

However, your current unwavering acceptance of your inadequacy and weakness demands you believe in "lack" and, make no mistake, the power of your mind is as absolute as God's in determining the existence of reality. If you desire to believe in delusion, then delusion MUST be "reality." Now it appears you are beginning to see that there might be another "reality" worthy of Vision, but beyond sight.

M: But the reality that I experience, which you teach I “provide” to myself, often seems so completely beyond my control.

J: Why would you SEE that which you have no control of?

M: That is my question and you seem unable to answer it.

J: I have answered, although you may refuse to accept the answer I give. My answer is that you have NOT provided anything to yourself that you cannot control. The paradox is that in completely understanding this fact, there is nothing you would desire to control and in that lies absolute freedom.

M: Then how do I control that which, as you teach, I cause?

J: Simply know that you are the cause of your effects.

M: But how can that be possible. Things in reality most certainly have an effect and that is what I experience which often causes intense resentment regarding conditions for which I have no control.

J: Yet, how can this be, for if YOU are the cause, then the effect is of YOU as well. If you dissociate yourself from cause, you can only suffer the effect.

You are interested in this topic today in relation to the things you must do that you have evaluated as not desired. You resent what you judge as having been thrust upon you without your consent. However, you do recognize how you had manufactured your resentment and that this self-imposed “mood” was based on irrational assumptions that were not representative of the Truth as I teach it.

But more importantly, not only have you manufactured your resentment, but the objects of your resentment are yours as well. In fact, the objects of your resentment are you.

You understood this, yet you resist accepting this explanation, as you often do with the answers I provide. Therefore, you felt victimized by your own unreasonable demands originating in your own mind.

You demand that an external reality be condemned as the cause of what is merely the fearful effects of your own thinking.

However, the most important point that you continue to deny is that YOU DO THIS TO YOURSELF and in that realization is the Peace of Heaven.

M: This makes no sense. Why would I do this to myself?

J: Because you believe you have no choice, which is completely in contradiction to what I teach, but serves to accentuate your inferior status as below God. As such, you choose weakness, not God. I ask that you choose God and in that choice, strength beyond imagining is yours.

M: But reality continues to show me that my choices are often invalidated by conditions beyond my control.

J: Why would you require the invalidation of your choices?

M: Exactly! Why?

J: You require the world validate your belief in weakness and inadequacy, which must be the case if you believe you are IN a world beyond your control.

If you believe you are impotent to produce change, the world will attest to this projection and therefore, it will be your experience. Once again, I ask why you would choose this for yourself?

M: So I just need to believe that I have the capacity to alter conditions and conditions will magically change?

J: Magic was invented to glorify the body over the mind. What I teach is miraculous and glorifies your Source as YOU. Your “capacity” is truly miraculous when you accept rather then deny.

The world is the “condition” of your choice to believe in a world and idolize the parts as separate from the whole. What else could be manifest from a mind that believes it must have choices. Yet, your choices fail to alleviate your suffering and the world demonstrates this as "true" and if the world is your teacher, the lessons taught will never change.

Nevertheless, you continue to complain and lament the cruelty of life, even though you would have it no other way, since this is the way you have chosen because this is what you have learned.

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