Sunday, June 22, 2008

God Options

M: I can’t understand this idea that I fear God. I rarely even think about God, so how is it that I fear God?

J: You have always "wondered" about your origin and the world reflects this seeking by the options provided. Not one moment of awareness is empty of Truth, although that which you choose to "fill" awareness, becomes truth instead. The thoughts you think about God, are considered in a million different ways, and through these ways you seek for God in your "world" and the world, in turn, offers you a million different options.

Yet, no matter what option you choose, God is not available IN your world, but only IN you.

Nevertheless, although you have wondered, you have NOT achieved certainty. In fact, what you have decided to believe has resulted in the fear that comes with doubt.

How could you not fear what you believe is not only Source of life, but source of death? In fact, because of this belief, obviously, you not only fear death, but life itself. Life and death seem to converge in doubt, since the ultimate question is HOW could what creates, also destroy.

This doubt, based on an absurd belief that God destroys, is why you have yet to LIVE. Although you continue to believe that your body is proof of "life," the mind withers under such proof. The mind that experiences fear cannot realize a Life that accentuates every moment as the only moment.

Imagine an experience of having "all the time in the world," with no end to what you CAN experience, and you will understand eternity. However, you may find this incomprehensible simply because you have defined your mind by the limits of time and thus, each thought you construct is limited by that definition.

M: But the atheist believes that death is simply a part of evolution. We die and are returned to the earth to provide in some way for new life.

J: This idea is no less fearful, to the mind that believes in death. The "gods" you construct to ease your fear of death, have simply compounded your suffering, because each "option" you choose maintains that 'death' be real. No matter what option you choose through which to define your experience, the options the world provide always include death.

Not to believe in God, leaves you as bereft of joy, as your belief in a "god" that decrees death. Either option results in a "life" of suffering. The only certainty you believe you can ever rely on is that one day you will die. Yet, I teach that this is NOT certain and, as the most uncertain of all your possibilities, simply cannot BE true. Your Being contradicts death, but only if you believe that God gave it to you for all eternity. Why would God grant you Being, if not for LIFE? Of course, God defines Life differently than you and it has always been my role to teach you God's definition so that you can be free of the suffering inherent in your's.

M: But I can never have certainty?

J: Not as long as your eyes inform you that your belief in death is certain. When belief is changed to reflect Truth, your eyes will see it everywhere, but this is a product of mind only. What is eternal cannot die, except in your mind. I teach that your Being is Truth, that death is a fantasy and eternity is the Life you can rely on as certain, but only because of our Being together. Outside of that, is chaos and your magical desire to make sense of what is pure absurdity.

M: Ok, so if my soul does not die my body certainly will.

J: You have no body nor have you a soul. However, you have countless theories, such as these, which you enlist to ease your fear of death. Yet, you still SEE death and your life reflects that delusion as you prepare for what is absolutely certain in your mind. There are no parts to your Being, only complete wholeness, yet you fail to prepare for that.

Fear demands the body be idolized based on a belief in “living,” only to become the ashes of death contingent on the "soul" continuing. These levels of the "afterlife" have not eased your suffering and only serve to confuse you. Only what is real should be considered and none of your "parts" have ever been real, except in your mind.

M: But I experience the body as real. Should I discount that experience?

J: I only ask that you see it for what it is, since for too long you have believed that it is, what it is NOT.

Only through understanding what it IS and therefore, what you ARE, can you consistently contact "experiences" of joy, as opposed to your normalizing suffering through belief in change. I do not teach you to discount what you believe as true, I only ask that you see the truth YOU have given it and, through that, it can trouble you no more.

There is NO denying that your thoughts have been very troubling to you, but I assure you God is completely untroubled, simply because God does NOT think like YOU. Maybe YOU should think like God.

Clarity is the purpose of vision, while sight will always show you images of what you believe is true and continue to trouble you through an absence of peace. Peace is all you have ever wanted and because you want it, you shall have everlasting peace. All you need do is accept yourself as worthy of my offer. God does not allow for Peace to be disturbed and thereby, maintains Heaven, even though your ideas of God are ideas of hell. You cannot alter Truth in any way, so why live as though you HAVE?

M: So what is the body?

J: Merely an "idea" of YOU, that refuses the offer of infinite peace. Nevertheless, you may wish to consider yourself "dreaming" of the desire for Peace, since every dream you have must reflect an absence of peace.

M: How do I awake from this dream or change this 'idea' of myself?

J: An idea that is NOT real need NOT be changed, simply seen for what it IS.

You are awake and have always been so. But if you continue to refuse the "idea" of waking, you will NOT "experience" the peace that awakening extends, and you will continue to dream of a reality that is NOT.

M: How can I be dreaming, but awake at the same time?

J: You are NOT in time.

M: But time is real for me.

J: You believe your experience is real, but I ask, what is "real" to a mind asleep in time and therefore, unaware of eternity? Time is your "idea" NOT God's.

M: But, everyone lives based on time.

J: And "everyone" is an experience that YOU require. You live in a private world of “experience," and if you look closely you will realize that there is nothing but experience and you can prove it only to yourself, because you have insured that it be exclusively your own. You believe no one shares what you experience because, in the privacy of your mind, you have seen to it that no one can.

Yet, you do desire sharing your experience as only one bereft of Love could. You feel so utterly alone, that even words that signify nothing seem like the sharing of the universe to you. But "words" must always limit the experience of sharing. God does not share words because Truth cannot be known to the mind that shares "words" of love, but knows it NOT.

But God does share Truth through the Love that Created you REAL, beyond all doubt and beyond any of your "ideas" of what is “real." When you share the love that does NOT require words, you will know your Being as shared by God.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Guilt by Association

You are guilty because they are and because your mind indicts them, so must their minds indict you. Guilt can only reject and all rejection is simply another form of vengeance. Why would you be so astounded at the world's many rejections of you, when it is you that asks for it and seeks it out, only because you believe it MUST be there. Complete acceptance from the world can only be experienced by the mind that accepts everything the world provides in the knowledge that YOU are that provider.

M: What is the Holy Trinity and is there a difference between God, the Son and the Holy Spirit?

J: There is only “difference” to the mind that requires judgment. In that requirement, differences are perceived and this is because perception was invented to facilitate judgment. There is only God and you are the whole of that eternity and your judgment of parts has NOT determined that fact, nor has it diminished it.

The Holy Spirit is what I extend to you by nature of our joining. But, of course, this can only BE what you are and what you extend to me. We are OF God and through that, we ARE God and all that is available to Infinite Being must also be your gift, once you accept. Indeed, it makes no difference whether you accept or not, since your judgment is inapplicable in relation to what eternity extends. I have accepted and wait for you, knowing that I HAVE nothing that you do NOT.

M: How do I "extend" to you?

J: I am IN your mind and nowhere else am I, nor have I ever been. You are IN your mind and nowhere else. However, we have much more waiting for us than your mind can currently understand. But you will understand and to understand the truth, you must share it.

M: So you were not crucified?

J: To your mind there WAS crucifixion, but only because your mind requires sacrifice. To the mind that believes it CAN be crucified, Truth must be crucified. This is apparent since clearly there is no Truth in your world only relative belief in truth, all based on the experience of sacrifice and most of your life reflects this belief in some way. In sickness you sacrifice health. In war, you sacrifice peace and when you love, you are vigilant in expecting that sacrifice be shared equally, otherwise you reject and seek vengeance. You cannot both love and hate, yet you conduct your life as if this were an indisputable fact!

I am your symbol of Truth and, because you are deluded, Truth must be sacrificed. Through your fixations, YOU have sacrificed Truth. I sacrificed nothing in the fixation that Truth cannot be crucified.

M: So if you were not crucified, how could you have been resurrected?

J: Resurrection is now and always. Yet, you remain fixated on crucifixion simply because you believe you are only a part of wholeness and thus, reject the whole that resurrection symbolizes. Within you is the realization that my resurrection is only symbolic of yours.

Our resurrection is REAL and waiting for acknowledgment, but we must go together, for if even one is left behind, death must be real, since death symbolizes your subordinating the whole for your worship of parts. Death allows that some be sacrificed, while others "live."

Fixation on my resurrection chains you to a deluded past. To remember me, is NOT to know me, but in knowing me, all symbols will be replaced with Truth. This was my message and this is why you have asked me here.

M: How can I be resurrected when I was never crucified?

J: Crucifixion is NOT an event in time, but simply the belief in “time.” You have nailed yourself to this “cross” as long as you continue to rely on the past to shape your expectations of a future. This is because your expectations commit you to that future, thereby denying NOW. Heaven is NOW and you will never find it if you only expect it can be found in a "future."

M: It is impossible to surrender my reliance on time. I would cease to exist if there were no past or future from which to reference my world and myself.

J: You do believe that you “exist” and it is because of this that you reference yourself by suffering through "time." This is because time is defined by suffering and suffering is your MOST profound defining quality. In fact, you determine the quality of your “life” by how much you suffer or, inversely, have somehow escaped suffering. This is how you “exist” and it is punctuated by your belief in sacrifice.

You need not concern yourself with “surrender,” because to the mind that suffers, surrender is sacrifice and to be free of time you expect a grand sacrifice occur. Death fulfills this expectation.

I am not bound by time and therefore, I am outside of your beliefs and my thoughts need not conform to such limits. Nor need your thoughts conform to limits if you would only step outside with me.

M: So how do I step “outside” time?

J: Simply by banishing guilt from your mind in the realization that you are innocent. Your symbols have always failed you and your belief that the Son of God was sacrificed to atone for "sin" has been ineffective in correcting what you believe you have done, and continue "doing" to the world, yourself and to God.

You require that my crucifixion symbolize sacrifice against my will, when really it was my will that I come down from the cross to smile upon your beauty and bid you follow me to where guilt can trouble you no more. Make no mistake, my will was not thwarted by your symbols in any way and I smile upon your beauty even now. Nevertheless, If my will had been obstructed in any way, I could not teach you Truth, simply because Truth would be a lie.

It is time to lovingly embrace the the crucifixion for what it truly symbolizes and see yourself free of guilt and the need to sacrifice for what was NOT done and could never happen. This is because if you choose to embrace the cross without fear, sacrifice cannot be real and suffering is no more.

My mind was, and is always, free of guilt and could NOT be nailed to sacrifice. I was free to embrace eternity so that I could extend it to you. This gift is yours, and though you fail to look upon it, it is certain that you will and that certainty is extended to every mind that suffers

Nothing more is needed but that you accept your gift. Yet in your demand that I sacrifice my will, you sacrifice your own. You do not will for death, but for the everlasting joy of a life eternally free of suffering and guilt. You can do nothing wrong and thus, you are guilty of nothing. Step down from your cross and take my hand so that we may rise together. Otherwise, the wages of sin must continue to be death and you will continue to believe that "life" be experienced as a "suffering unto death."

M: So you’re saying I just need to let go of guilt for everything that I did wrong? I understand that my guilt from the past impedes my happiness. But you seem to be referring to a deeper guilt and I’m not sure I can understand that guilt.

J: As long as you believe you are guilty, you will demand vengeance and the world will provide what you require. This is because, if the world is God’s Creation and you are guilty of separating from God, then the world demands you be crucified. But, the world is NOT of God, and because of that you hold it in contempt. The world is guilty simply because it witnesses to your guilt, demanding your judgment, and every face you look upon you pronounce guilty by association WITH YOU.

When you look out, you see in and what you see you hate and what you hate MUST be guilty and eligible for attack. Judgment upon your world can be none other than an attack upon yourself.

I teach that you have no cross to bear and you need no longer attack the innocent only because YOU are innocent. YOU have no guilt, nor could you ever.

You need not “let go of guilt” for everything you did “wrong” because you can do NO wrong. Your belief in “wrong” only delays your happiness, because wrong establishes a “right” and eternity considers neither point of view.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

God the Destroyer

Every thought you imagine defines death simply because your belief in death defines "time" and all thinking must, therefore, conform to those restraints. To be free of time is to live and living is only possible in the absence of death. Exorcise death from your mind and experience a sacred freedom that no longer binds you to time, but allows you to dwell in perfect timelessness in which the past and the future converge into ONE.

M: I seem to have some problems with the word “holy” or holiness, which is frequently used by Christians.

J: This is because you cannot differentiate between the sacred and the profane and therefore, you have indicted yourself as guilty. If there is a past then you must be guilty of choosing the profane and you believe that the future must follow. To be "holy" is to dwell within a sacred NOW that does NOT fear past or future.

You believe that your “holiness” is not something that exists within you, but something that must be “awakened” to and this is why you refer to the holy as “enlightened.” Because of this, it is never NOW and never YOU.

Your world reflects such a hierarchy of distinctions that make no difference to Truth. Nevertheless, they do make a difference to you and therefore, you suffer through those differences rather than embracing all of IT.

Religion once served a purpose in your mind, yet now that you no longer find use for the dogma, you reject the origin. You are the origin of everything. All words are babble until you choose differently, then words are no longer necessary. Words can form sentences that may point to Truth, but Truth must be experienced by all minds in order to BE True. I teach you to communicate the Truth, since that is the only way you can know it.

M: So what is the difference between the sacred and profane?

J: There are no such distinctions. However, fear must judge distinctions since that is its purpose. Therefore, the fearful refuse to partake of "holiness," yet this is a choice only the fearful can make, since it is a choice to avoid the Truth. Through fear you must make distinctions that have no basis in Heaven and if Heaven is within, then distinctions have no basis in YOU. Until you recognize that fear has no basis, you must differentiate between the sacred and profane and you will not accept that you are holy. The holy make no such distinctions.

M: So murder is neither sacred nor profane?

J: Obviously, murder must be profane to a mind that differentiates between sacred and profane. Therefore, the world is witness to what the fearful mind seeks by differentiating between the sacred and profane.

SEEK for the "sacred" and you will undoubtedly SEE the profane, but the distinction is in your mind and not God’s and this is the only distinction that need be made in order to dissolve all judgment.

This is because your mind is in God’s and therefore, no distinctions are possible and although we speak in distinctions, there are no differences between minds that think with God and thus, know Truth.

M: So God is Okay with murder?

J: You continue to demand that the truth conform to your understanding of “life,” even though the only purpose of the contents of your mind is to hide the Truth and this is why you believe you must die. What you feel confident that you have concealed, simply defines your suffering in a private world of your own making

The act of murder is as conceptual as any “act” you engage in and any act you perform that obstructs your "freedom" to live as YOU choose, is undeniably profane to you. Since you believe you are a victim of the world, your choices must be limited. You believe that to take another life is clearly the most limiting of all choices that could be made. This is because death is the end of all choice and your religions have allowed only God to make that final distinction for you.

Therefore, if you allow God to “murder” can there be any doubt as to why you fear God.

Belief in God’s arbitrary destruction of life is perfectly acceptable to you, although you suffer with the utter senseless imperfection of such a “choice." Nevertheless, you condemn and punish those who would attempt such audacity in the face of the one you have granted permission to destroy your "life." Yet, you console yourself in the belief that God's ways must remain a “mystery” and they are NOT for you to know.

There is nothing God “knows” that you do NOT and anything that you know that God does NOT, cannot in any way be knowledge, but must be nothing. God does not know of murder, because God does not know of death.

You believe you are victim of a "Creator" who leaves you in darkness and ignorance until the moment this "almighty" decides to destroy, taking your “soul” and leaving the rest to rot. If this were true then suicide would be a more apt means of destruction, since at least then you could exercise your desperate desire for choice.

Nevertheless, in your dreaming of “life,” you must die, but if it is only a dream, can it really be “death” and who really dies, you or the dream of "you" and if the dream is yours, why do you choose death over eternity? I teach that you do have choices and death is NOT amongst them.

As I continue to teach, and can only teach, God does NOT participate in your delusional beliefs. God gave you the Gift of Being and the choice for “life,” “death” and “murder” is your own.

All choices made in “reality” are of your mind and solely contingent on your interpretation of truth, which must be false since any “interpretation” of truth cannot be True simply because Truth need NOT be interpreted. To project your choice to die upon God, who knows only eternity, is to deny responsibility and maintain your suffering in an arbitrary world where suffering, and your seeking an escape from suffering, are your only defining properties.

M: Then maybe suicide would be a more effective means of ending suffering?

J: Your belief in death, in all its varied forms, is what maintains your suffering, for if death is impossible, how can you suffer? If you were to realize that “death” was simply conjured up in your imagination and has no relevance to Truth, in what way could you suffer?

There is no end to you, simply because there is no end to God and what God creates is eternal. However, what you make "real" must die, only because you do not believe you cannot Create as God. Yet, what you make is very “real” to you.

M: Well, if I don’t die, then what happens when I leave the body?

J: There is NO body to leave?

M: Whether or not you wish to believe it's real makes little difference to the fact that I will experience death. Bodies cease to have life and this cannot be denied.

J: Whether or not you wish to believe the Truth in no way nullifies Truth. Actually, what is denied is that the body is a poor representation of “life” and what the body represents is your delusional belief in “life.” This is what you experience and it is no wonder that you consistently seek to change that experience.

M: If I was not a body we would not be having this discussion.

J: Your belief that you ARE a body, is the very reason we ARE having this discussion.

M: So what should I do about the fact that I experience a body?

J: You need “do” nothing.

M: Then I’m stuck with the experience.

J: Make no mistake, you do define that experience and that definition is solely based on what the body teaches. The mind’s demand that the body teach it the truth is a demand to negate the Truth, which even in your wildest imaginings you could never do. Truth is invulnerable to your imagining death. But as long as you refuse to accept Truth, you will experience being “stuck” in a lie.

M: So I should try to transcend the body?

J: There is nothing to transcend and it is because of that fact that I teach that you are only mind and nothing else. If you continue to rely on your current “experience” then you will seek to escape a prison that you believe external to your mind. The body is not your prison, but the belief in a body has chained you to IT. If you seek to escape from what does NOT exist, you merely reinforce your experience of bondage.

There is nothing that need be done. Experience that and be free.