Saturday, June 14, 2008

Guilt by Association

You are guilty because they are and because your mind indicts them, so must their minds indict you. Guilt can only reject and all rejection is simply another form of vengeance. Why would you be so astounded at the world's many rejections of you, when it is you that asks for it and seeks it out, only because you believe it MUST be there. Complete acceptance from the world can only be experienced by the mind that accepts everything the world provides in the knowledge that YOU are that provider.

M: What is the Holy Trinity and is there a difference between God, the Son and the Holy Spirit?

J: There is only “difference” to the mind that requires judgment. In that requirement, differences are perceived and this is because perception was invented to facilitate judgment. There is only God and you are the whole of that eternity and your judgment of parts has NOT determined that fact, nor has it diminished it.

The Holy Spirit is what I extend to you by nature of our joining. But, of course, this can only BE what you are and what you extend to me. We are OF God and through that, we ARE God and all that is available to Infinite Being must also be your gift, once you accept. Indeed, it makes no difference whether you accept or not, since your judgment is inapplicable in relation to what eternity extends. I have accepted and wait for you, knowing that I HAVE nothing that you do NOT.

M: How do I "extend" to you?

J: I am IN your mind and nowhere else am I, nor have I ever been. You are IN your mind and nowhere else. However, we have much more waiting for us than your mind can currently understand. But you will understand and to understand the truth, you must share it.

M: So you were not crucified?

J: To your mind there WAS crucifixion, but only because your mind requires sacrifice. To the mind that believes it CAN be crucified, Truth must be crucified. This is apparent since clearly there is no Truth in your world only relative belief in truth, all based on the experience of sacrifice and most of your life reflects this belief in some way. In sickness you sacrifice health. In war, you sacrifice peace and when you love, you are vigilant in expecting that sacrifice be shared equally, otherwise you reject and seek vengeance. You cannot both love and hate, yet you conduct your life as if this were an indisputable fact!

I am your symbol of Truth and, because you are deluded, Truth must be sacrificed. Through your fixations, YOU have sacrificed Truth. I sacrificed nothing in the fixation that Truth cannot be crucified.

M: So if you were not crucified, how could you have been resurrected?

J: Resurrection is now and always. Yet, you remain fixated on crucifixion simply because you believe you are only a part of wholeness and thus, reject the whole that resurrection symbolizes. Within you is the realization that my resurrection is only symbolic of yours.

Our resurrection is REAL and waiting for acknowledgment, but we must go together, for if even one is left behind, death must be real, since death symbolizes your subordinating the whole for your worship of parts. Death allows that some be sacrificed, while others "live."

Fixation on my resurrection chains you to a deluded past. To remember me, is NOT to know me, but in knowing me, all symbols will be replaced with Truth. This was my message and this is why you have asked me here.

M: How can I be resurrected when I was never crucified?

J: Crucifixion is NOT an event in time, but simply the belief in “time.” You have nailed yourself to this “cross” as long as you continue to rely on the past to shape your expectations of a future. This is because your expectations commit you to that future, thereby denying NOW. Heaven is NOW and you will never find it if you only expect it can be found in a "future."

M: It is impossible to surrender my reliance on time. I would cease to exist if there were no past or future from which to reference my world and myself.

J: You do believe that you “exist” and it is because of this that you reference yourself by suffering through "time." This is because time is defined by suffering and suffering is your MOST profound defining quality. In fact, you determine the quality of your “life” by how much you suffer or, inversely, have somehow escaped suffering. This is how you “exist” and it is punctuated by your belief in sacrifice.

You need not concern yourself with “surrender,” because to the mind that suffers, surrender is sacrifice and to be free of time you expect a grand sacrifice occur. Death fulfills this expectation.

I am not bound by time and therefore, I am outside of your beliefs and my thoughts need not conform to such limits. Nor need your thoughts conform to limits if you would only step outside with me.

M: So how do I step “outside” time?

J: Simply by banishing guilt from your mind in the realization that you are innocent. Your symbols have always failed you and your belief that the Son of God was sacrificed to atone for "sin" has been ineffective in correcting what you believe you have done, and continue "doing" to the world, yourself and to God.

You require that my crucifixion symbolize sacrifice against my will, when really it was my will that I come down from the cross to smile upon your beauty and bid you follow me to where guilt can trouble you no more. Make no mistake, my will was not thwarted by your symbols in any way and I smile upon your beauty even now. Nevertheless, If my will had been obstructed in any way, I could not teach you Truth, simply because Truth would be a lie.

It is time to lovingly embrace the the crucifixion for what it truly symbolizes and see yourself free of guilt and the need to sacrifice for what was NOT done and could never happen. This is because if you choose to embrace the cross without fear, sacrifice cannot be real and suffering is no more.

My mind was, and is always, free of guilt and could NOT be nailed to sacrifice. I was free to embrace eternity so that I could extend it to you. This gift is yours, and though you fail to look upon it, it is certain that you will and that certainty is extended to every mind that suffers

Nothing more is needed but that you accept your gift. Yet in your demand that I sacrifice my will, you sacrifice your own. You do not will for death, but for the everlasting joy of a life eternally free of suffering and guilt. You can do nothing wrong and thus, you are guilty of nothing. Step down from your cross and take my hand so that we may rise together. Otherwise, the wages of sin must continue to be death and you will continue to believe that "life" be experienced as a "suffering unto death."

M: So you’re saying I just need to let go of guilt for everything that I did wrong? I understand that my guilt from the past impedes my happiness. But you seem to be referring to a deeper guilt and I’m not sure I can understand that guilt.

J: As long as you believe you are guilty, you will demand vengeance and the world will provide what you require. This is because, if the world is God’s Creation and you are guilty of separating from God, then the world demands you be crucified. But, the world is NOT of God, and because of that you hold it in contempt. The world is guilty simply because it witnesses to your guilt, demanding your judgment, and every face you look upon you pronounce guilty by association WITH YOU.

When you look out, you see in and what you see you hate and what you hate MUST be guilty and eligible for attack. Judgment upon your world can be none other than an attack upon yourself.

I teach that you have no cross to bear and you need no longer attack the innocent only because YOU are innocent. YOU have no guilt, nor could you ever.

You need not “let go of guilt” for everything you did “wrong” because you can do NO wrong. Your belief in “wrong” only delays your happiness, because wrong establishes a “right” and eternity considers neither point of view.

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