Friday, July 18, 2008

Know Yourself as God Knows

If you continue to consider yourself as IF you know who you ARE, you will fail to know what God knows and God MUST know you, for you to BE. And your Being is all you need know. Yet, in your belief that you do NOT know this, you fill your mind with "knowledge" that represents everything but Truth. Truth is not anything you currently know or otherwise, Truth would be all you know. Therefore, why do you continue to consider yourself "intelligent"?

M: Some days everything seems to go wrong and everything seems like chaos. No matter what I do, nothing works out right. But, you tell me that I do this to myself?

J: The choices you make are neither right nor wrong, but merely choices made "inside" so as to conform to an "outside." Yet, if nothing is outside the mind then why attempt to correct your multitude of erroneous judgments and thereby, fail to correct the one choice that made the need for judgment possible?

The mind that ceases to judge, realizing that there is NO longer a need, is a mind in Perfect Peace. Perfection does not discriminate between opposing perspectives, but dwells within the convergence of opposites and is simply NOT troubled by any of it. Chaos is perceiving a conflict of opposites through the belief you must judge this as "right" or "wrong," in order to cease your "troubles" and based on a value system born of the choice for chaos. By doing so you only maintain chaos.

The experience of chaos demands you seek to control your world based on what you value and NOT on what God knows. God knows YOU and you do NOT, therefore, what you value is nothing.

What you feel you must control can never be under your power as long as your power resides outside your mind. This is because you are fundamentally not "there." Yet, this "outside" is exactly what you do believe as fundamentally self-evident and, therefore, you do this to yourself. The body is powerless by choice and that is evident in your choice that it dies.

You have been Created lacking nothing and you have within you the incredible magnitude of that total completion. This must mean that you have everything and, in that completion, there is nothing you could ever need. While chaos demands control, perfection chooses to control nothing, realizing everything is as it should be.

Yet, the fact that you need nothing and could never have needed anything is absurd to you and NOT worth even the slightest consideration. However, God did consider it and from that consideration you were "born," but not as the eyes can "see," but only as the mind can know.

If you require more than this, then clearly this emphasizes your fixation on deluded choices and such choices must always be chaotic, but never are they "right" or "wrong." Time is the determiner of chaos because what is right one moment is wrong the next, but this belief system is what you value to guide you.

Make no mistake, chaos is a product of believing you are incomplete and if you seek for correction outside the mind, then your mind will find only more of the same. You will always find what you believe is there, until you choose to seek it no longer, simply because you have learned it does NOT exist. Do not seek chaos or you will find only that. It does NOT exist, but your seeking makes it so.

M: How could I possibly not see things as right or wrong? If there were no right or wrong way of living, anybody could do anything they pleased and then the world really would be chaos.

J: The world is chaos only because there are seemingly infinite ways of perceiving the world, when only ONE way offers peace. The world must always be chaos since there cannot be “order” to what you see only because you believe what you SEE and it is that belief that makes it REAL.

Although you demand an order to your perceptions, you have allowed the mind adjust to what the body’s eyes teach. Thus, you may experience a diminishing to your fear of disorder, based on various perceptions that you interpret as correct, and you will feel briefly "empowered," but never for long, as powerlessness constitutes the experience of everything you "see."

Fear can never dissolve only because you believe you must make choices. The very fact that you must choose leaves you with an experience of incompletion and this is really all that you have come to expect and so this expectation is what you base your choices on.

You have normalized your beliefs about the world to accommodate your fears, rather than to accommodate your power and since this minimizes your power, fear can only persist.

Fear, in all its many disordered facets of discontent, is normal to you and you have devised a multitude of meanings in an attempt to diminish the effects of fear through your judgments of “right” or “wrong.” You have determined that as long as you judge correctly, you will find peace and this is why the joy of perfect peace eludes you.

You cannot judge correctly if judgment is based on what is outside your mind rather than used for correcting it at the source. Your mind is that "source." There is nothing “wrong” with your world. However, there is nothing “right’ in how you SEE it until you see without the judgment of "right" and "wrong."

Presently, you see what you believe you have been taught to see and therefore, you teach what you have learned and you will continue to SEE it as you have taught yourself.

The idea that “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” is a profoundly accurate statement if understood to mean that the eyes seek what the mind has been taught to value. I ask that you see differently by changing your values and, in this way, you will you SEE Truth in everything you look upon because Truth is IN YOU.

M: I should just believe the world is beautiful and good and I will SEE it?

J: Why do you find that so hard to believe when I tell you that this is exactly what I SEE, simply because my value system teaches me what to LOOK for?

M: I’m sorry but the concept that the world exists as a product of my mind is absurd to me. What about other minds? Don’t other minds influence and create reality? How can the world simply be a product of my thinking alone? I know that you say that there is only “One Mind,” but how does my mind relate to that One Mind?

J: YOU are a product of your mind.

It is not difficult for you to have thoughts of God, but you have come to understand that God is beyond what you can think. However, what you fail to understand is that this is equally true for your thoughts of YOU, because YOU are beyond what you can think.

But, make no mistake, your ego/self thrives on one fact and one fact only; that ‘you’ are not beyond what you can think, but are much less than you have ever or will ever think. This is why you feel "stuck" in your current thinking, since there seems to be no way out.

Certainly, other minds influence reality if that is the condition you impose upon reality and clearly every mind has imposed such conditions. One Mind is the condition of God that imposes nothing, but allows absolute freedom of Creation for all minds to partake of as ONE. Until separate minds can communicate as One, divided minds will remain separate and fail to communicate except through separate bodies, which is NO communication at all.

M: Why would I not want to be what I was created to be?

J: You can never Be other than as Created except in your fantasies. You seem to confuse God’s knowing you, with your knowing your ‘self,’ even though this "knowledge" is wrought with contradiction and you have come to realize you do NOT know yourself at all, yet through your own resources you continue to try.

Not to know yourself demands that you construct meanings for which to know something about you, but your meanings are patently false and therefore, must dissolve with time, as everything that is NOT True must.

All you can say for sure is that you are in a body that is IN a world, except in sleep when you seem to lose such awareness, only to wake to the body and world once again. You simply trust that it was there when you left it, since it reappears when you return.

It has never been and cannot be, except in your mind. But your Being is always and has never relied on anything but God’s knowing you and when you know yourself as God Knows you, you will know perfect completion and your learning will end, because nothing more need be known.

You have the power to know yourself as God Knows, but this requires that you relinquish what you believe you know of the past, because the past is all you know, as a separate mind requiring identification with a separate past. I merely teach you what you are and must always Be.

You may continue to resist the teaching, but it is YOU that desire the learning of it.

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