Monday, August 11, 2008

Beyond a Shadow of Doubt

Your moods are simply shadows of doubt that restrain you from certain joy. Your Being is certain and you do not doubt that. So why would you doubt that what Created you did so joyfully in the wish that you share in that joy together? When you doubt this, you banish the certainty of joy from your mind and accept instead the loneliness of separation.

M: I have been struggling with my moods lately. Initially, I felt energized by these talks whereas, now I tend to feel somewhat indifferent or even a bit depressed. How can I avoid such low moods.

J: What once rejuvenated, now “depresses” as the shadow of doubt gradually resumes its task of clouding out joy. You habitually perceive yourself and the world through shadows that provide no clarity because shadows are a byproduct of the light. You desire the light and you will never be satisfied until the world is illuminated by the light where shadows are no longer seen.

M: Yes, this does seem habitual.

J: Then surely, you are not relying on my message but the message the world teaches and the world teaches what saves, must also deplete. I teach that you are never depleted and always saved and you need NOT rely on the world to provide this knowledge because the world was made to oppose Truth. But Truth can be given to IT.

The world teaches you to seek completion through the world’s pursuits and endeavors. I teach that you ARE complete and the world must reflect that when you no longer seek for it outside of you, through lonely actions and behaviors that only reinforce nothing, when everything is what you seek.

The world teaches that chance determines your direction. I teach that there is no coincidence and every experience has been required BY YOU in order to extinguish the clouds of doubt in the certainty of your purpose. YOU bring yourself to the Truth.

The world teaches that inconsistency rule your choices. I teach that every choice you have made has consistently brought you closer to me and the message of peace and joy that I bring. You have brought yourself to the message you require be learned and if it were not for that message, I would not exist nor would you.

The world teaches that confidence in yourself is based on past accomplishments and what you have achieved. I teach that confidence in yourself is based on your being Gods’ accomplishment and from that, nothing is left unfinished or incomplete and everything is achieved. Experience that and you experience Truth and all achievements pale in comparison.

Accomplish what you will, but do it with a different purpose in mind, otherwise it will eventually have NO purpose and you will NO doubt suffer through that emptiness. The world cannot diminish the Truth of these lessons, except in your mind when you rely on what the world’s teaches.

M: But that’s just it, I can’t seem to break the habit. I can be going along fine, secure in this purpose you teach and then, baddabing, the world pulls the carpet out from under me and I’m left feeling a sense of rejection for what you teach and return to reliance on what I know. At least some of what I know has helped me survive.

J: If you choose the world as the foundation for building consistent "happiness," you have chosen to build your house on sand and you must expect it crumble and, the fact is, you always do and suffer more from that belief alone, then all the delusions that occupy your mind. This expectation is the same as the expectation of all separate minds, nothing sustains and all fades in darkness or turns to dust. This is the legacy of your belief in death and there can be no other legacy for those who await the end.

God does NOT die, nor should you expect to. There is no end to you!

In fact, you have staked your very survival on what the world teaches and you refer to this as “wisdom.” The wisdom the world teaches is simply knowledge of how to more effectively survive in a “world” outside your mind and therefore, outside your control. How can what so radically distorts the Truth, be considered knowledge? In choosing to survive, you have inversely insured your death and as long as knowledge is what you seek to accumulate, you essentially choose to SEEK death. How can that which seeks death expect to thrive?

In choosing to THRIVE, your joy will be uninterrupted and this is because your thriving is not based on survival because it does not in anyway include death. Survival assumes death as always imminent and this is the blueprint you rigidly follow in building the protective foundation for which you expect to thrive.

Nothing could thrive under such circumstances and everything must crumble and it does, but only because you expect it. Experience greatness and this foundation will support you for all eternity. Expect to live in joy and that foundation will protect you from all threat, because threat is dissolved in your mind and what is no longer worth considering is no longer reflected in your world.

What you see inside is naturally superimposed upon the "outside," but doubt this and you will see both peace and war and this is what you do see and what you have learned to expect. I ask that you expect only peace and have no doubt that you will see it in your world!

M: There is an old saying that if one did not experience suffering, one could not have joy. If one did not have failure, one could not know of success.

J: In your "world," this is certainly true, as are many other “wise’ aphorisms which attempt to give you "truth" based on what the world teaches. From this “wisdom,” you may experience episodes of success, but you have no certainty and can never be sure that what is success today will be experienced as success tomorrow or simply fade from view to be substituted by failure. Therefore, where there is no certainty of success, there is no success.

You may continue to allow your worldly “accomplishments” to masquerade as success. But, if your accomplishments are based on the world’s “wisdom” you are certain to suffer. It is now time to accept that you are more than anything you DO and, through that, everything you DO will gloriously magnify YOU and your world.

Yet, you do wonder when you should have consistent joy and there is a tiny part of your mind that lives through this expectation. I say to you that the Joy of Truth has only one Source and it is NOT in your world and has never been based on what you have or will accomplish through the world’s wisdom.

Wisdom is the essence of what I teach and, in your world, this has always been considered radical indeed. Is it any wonder so few heed my message and why you so strenuously doubt my words.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Have Faith, Because There is NO Hope

Choosing to hate your world because of parts you fear is like excluding your face because of a wart. When the face is completely accepted as one with the body, the wart will encompass that wholeness and be part of it. Essentially, you will know with certainty that you see the world differently, because none of the parts will trouble you any longer. Separate opinions, which judge portions of an “idea,” have little faith in the power of the whole idea to heal your suffering. Your world is just such an “idea” of healing, when seen as such.

M: I get that “I do this to myself” and this is not new. I’ve read all this before and many ‘spiritual masters’ have all said about the same thing. But what I don’t get is why I can’t seem to adopt this in my own life.

J: Why would you NOT see this in your life?

M: I still suffer.

J: What does it mean to suffer?

M: I create my own unhappiness and I see it in the world. Isn’t that what you teach?

J: I also teach that you will idolize your own "creations" and expect that they be SEEN because you made them.

M: We’re going down the same path again.

J: Yes and your “paths” do seem to be repetitive. You have chosen a direction for which to “travel” and this is the path you strenuously maintain. In fact, you often choose a “course of action,” regardless of the Truth.

M: Yeah, but it’s not the path I want to be traveling. It’s still has suffering.

J: But, as you say, "I create my own unhappiness."

M: But I’m trying to put what you teach into practice and that in itself is a struggle

J: Then, as I say, “suffering” and “struggle” are expected and what you expect to experience is what you choose to experience. All experience is a product of your mind.

M: But I thought you were teaching me how not to suffer and struggle?

J: That is the purpose of my "words." So why do you suffer and struggle?

M: It seems that I can’t help it.

J: Then, obviously, it must be expected and this “expectation” is associated with the “path” you choose.

M: But I don’t want to expect it.

J: Then expect ‘something else’ by choosing a different path.

M: I thought that what you teach would help me to do that.

J: If that purpose is expected from the teaching, why do you NOT learn from it?

M: I think I am learning, it just a struggle to incorporate all this into my lifestyle.

J: Why do you continue to expect "suffering" and "struggle" if you believe the purpose of what I teach is to end suffering and struggle?

M: I suppose I’m waiting for some ‘aha!’ moment in which all the suffering will be wiped away. Not only for me, but for the whole world.

J: And this is what you expect. Yet, In the meantime, while you wait for “some ‘aha!’ moment,” you suffer and struggle.

M: But I thought you said that it could take a million years or a moment? So what do I need to do to get that “moment”?

J: Since you so heavily rely on “expectation,” you may wish to expect it.

M: I think I do, or at least I try to.

J: If it is expected, then why suffer and struggle?

M: Because I don’t believe it’s that easy.

J: Then this is what you expect. Therefore, your “moments” continue to be filled with suffering and struggle.

M: I suppose I hope that it will get easier.

J: To “hope’ is to expect more from an experience of less. You may wish to substitute faith in place of “hope."

Faith is to HAVE more from an experience of more. Hope first recognizes your littleness and adds the belief that you must traverse a large chasm of powerlessness in order to experience increase. This makes "time" your opponent.

Faith simply takes one small step forward in "time," in recognition of the God-given power that is with you NOW and always. Faith is a correct use of “time.”

Hope can include impatience, discouragement and depression because you fear how far you have yet to travel.

Faith is unconcerned with distance and because of the power already inherent in “faith,” it seeks out traveling companions in the recognition that no one travels alone and only together is our destination known as certain, as it always has been.

Hope relies on the past, which is always shadowy and uncertain, from which to expect a future. Faith does not rely on the past to realize a future, because it relies on NOW, which is crystal clear in its certainty.

Do not “hope” that you will join Heaven because there is no need to hope for what is certain. Have faith that IT IS, as YOU ARE.

M: Your words seem true enough, I’m still not “certain” that it will be enough for me.

J: The "words", or symbols, you seek to inform you, can never be “enough” only because they are symbols and merely point to Truth. They are not Truth.

I teach certainty because I know Truth and you believe you do NOT and require Truth be “learned.” I am NOT teaching you the words that will lead you TO Truth. That will come of its own accord and you can neither make it “come” nor refuse its “coming.”

But I am teaching you to understand your "words" that only serve to keep you FROM what will come of its own accord. If you remain fixated on your delusions, you will miss the Truth and, in fact, this is why you miss it NOW.

Hope is a delusion that the world clings to in the belief that one day change will "happen." You hope for a better world and a better life, but this must break free from the omnipresent experience of suffering. This has resulted in centuries of hopelessness, sporadically interspersed with excited spasms of “hope” that a solution has finally been discovered, only to erode again into hopelessness. If there is “nothing new under the sun,” why do you continue to “hope” for it?

You have no faith in your world because you have no faith in YOU. There is no difference between the two, although you continue to demand separation.

This is why I have always asked for faith in me, because I have faith in the certainty of YOU and YOUR world. I could NOT ask for you to believe in me if I did NOT have absolute faith in YOU, even though in your faithlessness the world is straining under the weight of such hypocrisy.

Make no mistake, Belief in me is belief in you, for we have been together always and we can never be parted. Nevertheless, keep in mind that our joining is unconcerned with bodies or forms of any kind. In your "hope" that some “form” of truth will save you other than yourself, you deny that Truth is within you NOW.

Have faith in that because it is certain.