Sunday, August 3, 2008

Have Faith, Because There is NO Hope

Choosing to hate your world because of parts you fear is like excluding your face because of a wart. When the face is completely accepted as one with the body, the wart will encompass that wholeness and be part of it. Essentially, you will know with certainty that you see the world differently, because none of the parts will trouble you any longer. Separate opinions, which judge portions of an “idea,” have little faith in the power of the whole idea to heal your suffering. Your world is just such an “idea” of healing, when seen as such.

M: I get that “I do this to myself” and this is not new. I’ve read all this before and many ‘spiritual masters’ have all said about the same thing. But what I don’t get is why I can’t seem to adopt this in my own life.

J: Why would you NOT see this in your life?

M: I still suffer.

J: What does it mean to suffer?

M: I create my own unhappiness and I see it in the world. Isn’t that what you teach?

J: I also teach that you will idolize your own "creations" and expect that they be SEEN because you made them.

M: We’re going down the same path again.

J: Yes and your “paths” do seem to be repetitive. You have chosen a direction for which to “travel” and this is the path you strenuously maintain. In fact, you often choose a “course of action,” regardless of the Truth.

M: Yeah, but it’s not the path I want to be traveling. It’s still has suffering.

J: But, as you say, "I create my own unhappiness."

M: But I’m trying to put what you teach into practice and that in itself is a struggle

J: Then, as I say, “suffering” and “struggle” are expected and what you expect to experience is what you choose to experience. All experience is a product of your mind.

M: But I thought you were teaching me how not to suffer and struggle?

J: That is the purpose of my "words." So why do you suffer and struggle?

M: It seems that I can’t help it.

J: Then, obviously, it must be expected and this “expectation” is associated with the “path” you choose.

M: But I don’t want to expect it.

J: Then expect ‘something else’ by choosing a different path.

M: I thought that what you teach would help me to do that.

J: If that purpose is expected from the teaching, why do you NOT learn from it?

M: I think I am learning, it just a struggle to incorporate all this into my lifestyle.

J: Why do you continue to expect "suffering" and "struggle" if you believe the purpose of what I teach is to end suffering and struggle?

M: I suppose I’m waiting for some ‘aha!’ moment in which all the suffering will be wiped away. Not only for me, but for the whole world.

J: And this is what you expect. Yet, In the meantime, while you wait for “some ‘aha!’ moment,” you suffer and struggle.

M: But I thought you said that it could take a million years or a moment? So what do I need to do to get that “moment”?

J: Since you so heavily rely on “expectation,” you may wish to expect it.

M: I think I do, or at least I try to.

J: If it is expected, then why suffer and struggle?

M: Because I don’t believe it’s that easy.

J: Then this is what you expect. Therefore, your “moments” continue to be filled with suffering and struggle.

M: I suppose I hope that it will get easier.

J: To “hope’ is to expect more from an experience of less. You may wish to substitute faith in place of “hope."

Faith is to HAVE more from an experience of more. Hope first recognizes your littleness and adds the belief that you must traverse a large chasm of powerlessness in order to experience increase. This makes "time" your opponent.

Faith simply takes one small step forward in "time," in recognition of the God-given power that is with you NOW and always. Faith is a correct use of “time.”

Hope can include impatience, discouragement and depression because you fear how far you have yet to travel.

Faith is unconcerned with distance and because of the power already inherent in “faith,” it seeks out traveling companions in the recognition that no one travels alone and only together is our destination known as certain, as it always has been.

Hope relies on the past, which is always shadowy and uncertain, from which to expect a future. Faith does not rely on the past to realize a future, because it relies on NOW, which is crystal clear in its certainty.

Do not “hope” that you will join Heaven because there is no need to hope for what is certain. Have faith that IT IS, as YOU ARE.

M: Your words seem true enough, I’m still not “certain” that it will be enough for me.

J: The "words", or symbols, you seek to inform you, can never be “enough” only because they are symbols and merely point to Truth. They are not Truth.

I teach certainty because I know Truth and you believe you do NOT and require Truth be “learned.” I am NOT teaching you the words that will lead you TO Truth. That will come of its own accord and you can neither make it “come” nor refuse its “coming.”

But I am teaching you to understand your "words" that only serve to keep you FROM what will come of its own accord. If you remain fixated on your delusions, you will miss the Truth and, in fact, this is why you miss it NOW.

Hope is a delusion that the world clings to in the belief that one day change will "happen." You hope for a better world and a better life, but this must break free from the omnipresent experience of suffering. This has resulted in centuries of hopelessness, sporadically interspersed with excited spasms of “hope” that a solution has finally been discovered, only to erode again into hopelessness. If there is “nothing new under the sun,” why do you continue to “hope” for it?

You have no faith in your world because you have no faith in YOU. There is no difference between the two, although you continue to demand separation.

This is why I have always asked for faith in me, because I have faith in the certainty of YOU and YOUR world. I could NOT ask for you to believe in me if I did NOT have absolute faith in YOU, even though in your faithlessness the world is straining under the weight of such hypocrisy.

Make no mistake, Belief in me is belief in you, for we have been together always and we can never be parted. Nevertheless, keep in mind that our joining is unconcerned with bodies or forms of any kind. In your "hope" that some “form” of truth will save you other than yourself, you deny that Truth is within you NOW.

Have faith in that because it is certain.

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