Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Do You Prefer Heaven or Hell?

Your “preferences” determine your experience and neither God, nor your world, interferes in this process of cause and effect. However, interference is your preference, due to the misattribution of God and the world as cause of your suffering. Therefore, your preferences are profoundly important to you, and from them you will experience the hell of your choosing.

M: I feel like some kind of shift in perception has occurred, but I can’t define what or why.

J: Many have experienced such a “shift,” although without guidance, interpretation is usually inadequate and a return to fear always results in quickly resuming the search for what YOU value in a world that taught you WHAT to value.

Now you are beginning to question the values that have determined who and what you are. Subsequently, you are also beginning to recognize that there is another way to SEE the world. But, you must recognize that this is only possible because you have chosen to allow my guidance, because, of yourself, you know NOT what you DO.

M: I feel slightly detached from the world, although I continue to participate in all the activities and tasks of daily living just like before. I can’t quite put my finger on what changed, but even though it is slight and barely perceptible, I do sense something.

J: A drop in baseline fear will always result in changed perception. However, contrary to “detached,” I would suggest that you interpret this as a greater engagement with your world, since only those free of fear can fully engage through Vision. Vision engages the world from an experience of deep peace and because this is within, it translates effortlessly to perception and literally alters the world you SEE. Nevertheless, I would suggest you leave the function of interpretation to me, as you are likely to misinterpret what is incomprehensible to an ego that interprets based on what IT believes you need.

What you are detaching from is fear since fear is your only attachment. In fact, fear is specifically defined by “attachment.”

M: But will this last?

J: As I have taught, your course is certain. Rest assured that what you have chosen to SEE differently, can never be seen the same again. Nevertheless, changed perception can never “last,” because if based on correct interpretation it can only increase, but the rate of increase is dependent on how much you desire to SEE the world without fear. You will progress at the pace you choose, since all that is needed is one solitary moment completely without fear for the world to be transformed. Nothing more than that is needed and nothing more than that will save the world.

M: I still experience a struggle, particularly when I must do things that I don’t want to do.

J: This is only because you believe YOU know what must be done and as I teach, there is nothing you “know” that has ever helped you except the fact that you know correct interpretation is needed. I teach that nothing NEED be done, but you doubt this and thus continue to expect that what you “do” will somehow, someday save you.

Make no mistake in that your “pursuit of happiness” is nothing more than an expectation that some aspect of the world, some value the world holds as "true," will provide you salvation. Obviously, attempting to extract salvation from what does NOT contain any redeeming properties will incorporate great struggle indeed. “Struggle” merely symbolizes that, although you desire guidance, you doubt what I teach and continue to learn from your preferences and you do prefer to be saved by the world rather than from the world.

Look closely at your preferences. To “prefer” is to make one choice above another, based on a value system you believe is your own. Yet, not one thought you reference to guide your conduct has ever been your own. Nevertheless, these are the thoughts you “prefer” to guide you.

Yet, It is your “preferences” that delivers you hell, simply because choices based on delusional thinking can only cause suffering. But, rather than look to the origin of your preferences, you merely compulsively repeat your choices in the expectation that only you can “decide” what is best. In so doing you have become your Source and if this is true, then your Source is lost to you. But never are you lost to your Source. Your Being was God’s preference and in that, no further consideration is required by YOU.

M: So you’re saying I should make no decisions based on preferences?

J: Decisions NOT based on Truth “decide” nothing whatsoever, since delusional thought can only create further and more complex delusion and this conforms to cause and effect. Decisions based on Truth are infallible and in fact, create Heaven and this too, conforms to cause and effect.

Your preferences give you the opposite of Heaven and this experience you often refer to as “hell.” In Truth, Heaven has no opposite, but in your mind, “hell” seems very real and thus, easily and effortlessly availed.

Your preference for hell takes many forms but, make no mistake, all experience is based on your preferences and nothing else. Make choices based on your preferences and observe how even the slightest impediment to what you “prefer” will subsequently thrust you into a hell of your own making. Such is your preference for hell.

M: How can I not prefer one thing over another? How can I live in the world and not have preferences?

J: By recognizing that you do not “live in the world,” but rather, the world lives IN you.

This simply means that any differentiation between “self” and “world” is entirely based on your preferences only. Preferences “include by exclusion” and all your relationships originate from this principle. In fact, your relationship with the world is built on preferences and what you do NOT prefer is excluded from a world you believe you live IN. But if the world lives in you, you have essentially cut away parts of yourself keeping what you prefer and discarding the rest.

M: But I still see parts that I do not prefer, so how could I have discarded them?

J: If the world is IN you, then nothing leaves your mind. How else would you give value to your preferences if not in contrast to what you discard?

I ask that you gather together these discarded remnants that fear has ripped asunder and fully participate in Creation. You so deeply long to be whole, yet you continue to fragment yourself through preferences. The constant toil of fragmentation is virtually intolerable to you and this makes you feel victim to the world. Yet, you continue to condemn the parts you do NOT prefer, but the parts have neither the the power to victimize nor the power to save that which relies on exclusion.

M: I would “prefer” not working for a living. How does that enter into your theory?

J: What would you prefer instead?

M: That money simply come to me with no effort on my part.

J: You may “wish” that this were true, yet you believe the opposite and this is what informs your preferences. Therefore, your preference to “work for a living” is clearly compatible with what you believe is true and certainly NOT what you “wish” were true. Wishing the “world” were somehow different than what you believe it IS does not negate what it is, because YOUR belief made it.

You have also considered writing these dialogues for a "living.” However, again this wish is incompatible with belief, since you do not attribute “value” to what you write. This is because you do not attribute value to what I teach and therefore, you continue to negate your “wish” simply through what you believe is “true.”

M: So I just need to change my beliefs to be compatible, without a doubt, to what I wish to occur?

J: This is all that need “occur” and I have NO doubt that it will. However, to perform this operation you would first need to believe “without a doubt” that I teach is Truth. This is all that is meant by “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but through Me.”

Your world attests to what you do believe, without a doubt, and what you “prefer” is always within the context of your belief in the “world.” What I teach is not aligned with that context in any way whatsoever. Yet, you MUST learn it nonetheless.

You are so deeply enmeshed within the context of your world, that for you to truly understand the magnitude of the work required would immerse you in the deepest sense of hopelessness, and you do sense the immensity of this task at times, but not fully.

This is why you cannot proceed through preferring what the world teaches, because the world teaches that you are alone. To go alone is NOT to go at all, for Truth does NOT recognize parts, but SEES only the whole. This is what YOU must SEE.

To prefer the whole above the parts is to prefer infinite freedom, and not simply that your body be allowed to move from place to place and make choices based on preferences that benefit no one. To exclude nothing is to join with everything in the realization that everything is YOU and this is blissfully preferable to being alone.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


J: Notice your bodily tension.

M: Yea, well, I think I have a right to be tense since this person behind me is rudely tailgating me. Unfortunately, I’m not enlightened like you and inconsiderate people still cause me anger.

J: It is the seeking of this obscure and ambiguous state of mind you call “enlightenment” that has always distracted you from knowing my message and I assure you that to know my message is to KNOW more than any concept you could ever conjure up through your distorted thinking and absurd beliefs.

Obviously, you do not believe you have found “enlightenment,” therefore, while you construct inner fantasies, you will continue to rely on the tools you believe effective in negotiating a "world" you imagine as “external” to mind.

Although you do recognize anger has never been effective in bringing peace to your world, you compulsively refuse to discontinue valuing it as a tool to avert fear. I teach that anger IS fear. However, by complicating the simplistic you believe you impose order to chaos and thus, your names for fear are many and complex. Thus, in your world, anger serves to empower as well as to hate and often you are confused as to which "name" you choose to experience as “truth.”

Your current bodily tension is a symptom of a mind in fear, and not a world in chaos, since fear is always unorganized and projects that disorganization onto a “world” which you experience as chaos.

M: I understand that you teach there is nothing outside the mind. But, it isn’t that easy to change my perspective since I have always lived from the perspective of an outside world. It is no easy task to see this differently. In fact, this has been very difficult and often I feel it is downright impossible.

J: Essentially, habitual fear, and its many derivatives such as anger, seem much easier to access and experience than love or peace and many of your habits took years to nurture and incorporate within your “self.”

In fact, you really have no idea what life would be like without your anger. Without your anxieties and your varying needs to experience depression, what would your “self” be like? With no disappointments, discouragement or disgust how would “life” be experienced? You have often wondered what life would be like if you had absolutely no fear whatsoever. I say to you, the “self’ you made is made from fear and if you had no fear; no anger, anxiety or depression; no discouragement or disgust and no worries whatsoever, the “self” that you embrace as resembling “you” would not be SEEN at all, but VISION would most certainly continue. Now, you must wonder, what you would SEE in place of this.

However, when you look in your rear view mirror, what do you see?

M: A pickup truck, but what difference does that make?

J: Who is driving?

M: I don’t know! It looks like a man or possibly a teen aged boy. Again, what difference does it make who is driving when the fact is, I’m being rudely tailgated by an inconsiderate person?

J: Have you ever failed to “consider” another? Essentially, you have constructed a world were “consideration” is reserved for the very few and nestled in your tiny coalitions of concern, the parts you choose to include must also exclude.

M: Okay, I know where you’re going with this, the old “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” song and dance! Yes, I imagine there have been times in the past when I have been inconsiderate and maybe even tailgated another car. But that does NOT cancel out what is occurring now, nor does it help to take away my anger.

J: My intention was not to introduce old and tired “scriptural” verses into our discussion. Nevertheless, in doing so, you have identified that there have been times when you have “sinned,” just as there are times when you are victim of "sin"?

M: Sin! I don’t consider the driver behind me a sinner. They’re just being rude and inconsiderate and causing me anger.

J: Therefore, you have indicted the driver as guilty.

Make no mistake, whenever anger is experienced, guilt has been automatically determined and righteously applied because to your mind, “sin” has occurred. You would like to believe that there are degrees of guilt just as there are degrees of innocence, but I teach that there is NO such difference, but only because there is NO SIN. Sin demands guilt and what is guilty must be excluded from the whole. Although YOU will admit to errors in judgment, as you are “only human,” sin is ERROR MADE SACRED and demands guilt run deep and punishment be swift.

How would you expect he be punished?

M: I don’t think I want him punished. I just want him off my butt.

J: So even in this instance a price must be paid for innocence to be restored. If he ceases to tailgate you, will he be redeemed or will his guilt remain with you? Will anger be dissolved and no longer direct your sight or will you remember your anger in order to SEE future guilt.

M: I suppose if he were to back off or turn onto another road, I would eventually no longer be angry.

J: Would that signify his innocence? Or will the next occasion of "tailgating," even if perpetrated by another, merely resume his guilt?

M: How could he be guilty if someone else is tailgating me?

J: Condemnation runs wide. You rarely know the names and often fail to see the faces of those who are guilty and even when you do identify a separate “body” for which to blame, your vengeance condemns the whole. Therefore, are they NOT all the same to you?

M: Not the same people, just the same actions.

J: Actions are not guilty and punishment is reserved only for the mind guilty of "sin." Make no mistake, although you may no longer use the archaic label of “sin,” you still seek out guilt and judge it worthy of condemnation and vengeance.

In fact, there are even times when what they DO is often less important than the guilt they are believed to represent. In your world, the color of skin can determine guilt as easily as “actions.” In your world appearances demand judgment. What you SEE determines the degree of fear or anger and the level of vigilance you must embrace to protect yourself from possible threat. In your world, it is often impossible to identify and separate victim from victimizer, saint from sinner. This is because there is NO difference, except in YOUR mind where YOUR world resides.

They are all both victims and victimizers. They all experience fear and, like you, are vigilant to protect from threat. Yet, like you, they all suffer and wish for redemption.

You are that redeemer. Yet, if you reject this function, then their guilt is yours and you will accept the judgment you project. If you reject redemption, you then ask for guilt. However, If THEY are redeemed, YOU are innocent.

M: So I asked to be tailgated?

J: It is what you do NOT ask for, that you do NOT see and you do NOT ask for the peace of innocence, because you believe you are guilty and the world joins in that guilt. You believe in your guilt and thus, you see it everywhere. When you realize innocence, it will occupy your sight and ALL will see what you SEE.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

There is NO Division

M: Christianity seems to be constantly focused on our sins. What is ‘sin’?

J: Sin is the attempt of a “world” outside your mind to justify your suffering and make it REAL. I teach that only YOU can justify the world and it is ONLY what you THINK and nothing more.

“Sin” informs you of guilt and you see it everywhere you look simply because everywhere you look is YOU. Sin is required by a world obsessed with maintaining insanity through the belief that what was Created from Absolute Joy and a Love absent of all conditions, could somehow be altered by the body’s need to be an object of conditions. You are NOT a body and thus, under no such conditions.

Sin demands that you judge what you see and thereby make real what is NOT of God in anyway. Judge no more and see it fade like darkness with the morning sun. You world is desperately in need of such light and waits for YOU to see the world free of all guilt. This is the “awakening” your ancient master’s teach and it is a profound and incomparable joy.

If you could NOT judge as guilty that which you see, would you see it at all? If there were no guilt anywhere in your world, what would you see instead? Contemplate this deeply for it IS your only goal. It is the perception that stops time.

M: You’re saying that the world was made from judgment and sin?

J: Sin demands judgment and judgment assures death. By judging your world you have condemned yourself to suffer the same fate as that which you SEE simply because there is NO DIVISION. What is divided must decay because it believes it is apart from what sustains it. The world has never sustained you.

Does not the world demonstrate the inevitability of death? The wages of sin are death and you do believe in death, therefore, you do believe in sin. The magnitude of this judgment must follow you to the grave since death is sin’s only consequence. The world is condemned in your eyes and through that judgment you have condemned yourself.

There is no sin in God’s Reality, but in your “world” sin is the law of the land and all your laws seek to deal with sin through a justice that demands vengeance.

A "justice” that condemns sin is certainly blind, but not to sin. You wish to believe that you have discarded the ancient labels and that you are above the archaic judgments of the past. But your JUDGEMNT is a direct result of past learning. Your judgment is centuries old and although you no longer speak of “sinning” you do condemn those who break the laws that sin has made necessary. “Vengeance is mine saith the lord,” because YOU have no reason to consider it when Truth is relied upon rather then your judgments. Give it to the ONE who can banish it without a thought, simply because it is not worthy of your thinking and could never exist in an Absolute Mind that knows nothing of sin.

Sin no more, by seeing sin, nowhere.

M: What about those who steal and murder. Are they not guilty and deserving of punishment?

J: This was asked of me regarding my betrayal, but I could not SEE what they saw because my mind was free of judgment. I could SEE no sin and therefore, I did not KNOW of vengeance.

The mind that believes it can be “murdered” must protect itself from its own belief, seeking to escape what IT made real. The mind that believes it is incomplete can have “stolen” what it believes is needed for completion. When you choose to protect yourself from your own beliefs, you can only be destroyed, because you believe destruction possible. Self-protection insures your death. Be thankful God has insured infinite life. Your judgments have no effect beyond “time,” but they are a great burden that YOU place upon your time.

I have asked that you change your mind from thoughts of incompletion and death, to completion through infinite life. You cannot be harmed because what cannot perish is invulnerable to thoughts of death. But you must know this as fact so that you can make invulnerability real in your own mind. Therefore, it would benefit you beyond measure to no longer consider death as fact.

M: I don’t know about your world, but in this world, people must be punished for violating laws otherwise anarchy would rule.

J: Anarchy is the “rule” you follow, yet you make compromises with insanity so that you can call it “common sense.” My world is yours and the order is divinely determined based on laws that do NOT limit Truth but allow it to Create endlessly. I ask you to join me and it is certain you will and you will not need to do a thing because all is in order. I only wait until you have finally decided nothing NEED be done and thus give up the need to demand order from insanity.

When you end the fixation on death, you will seek reprieve from what you have done to yourself since, in that moment, you will have no doubt that YOU DO THIS TO YOURSELF. Through that understanding are all “others” freed from what you would have THEM DO UNTO YOU. God needs only ONE MIND to see the Truth, for all minds to benefit as ONE.

There is NO division.