Tuesday, September 16, 2008


J: Notice your bodily tension.

M: Yea, well, I think I have a right to be tense since this person behind me is rudely tailgating me. Unfortunately, I’m not enlightened like you and inconsiderate people still cause me anger.

J: It is the seeking of this obscure and ambiguous state of mind you call “enlightenment” that has always distracted you from knowing my message and I assure you that to know my message is to KNOW more than any concept you could ever conjure up through your distorted thinking and absurd beliefs.

Obviously, you do not believe you have found “enlightenment,” therefore, while you construct inner fantasies, you will continue to rely on the tools you believe effective in negotiating a "world" you imagine as “external” to mind.

Although you do recognize anger has never been effective in bringing peace to your world, you compulsively refuse to discontinue valuing it as a tool to avert fear. I teach that anger IS fear. However, by complicating the simplistic you believe you impose order to chaos and thus, your names for fear are many and complex. Thus, in your world, anger serves to empower as well as to hate and often you are confused as to which "name" you choose to experience as “truth.”

Your current bodily tension is a symptom of a mind in fear, and not a world in chaos, since fear is always unorganized and projects that disorganization onto a “world” which you experience as chaos.

M: I understand that you teach there is nothing outside the mind. But, it isn’t that easy to change my perspective since I have always lived from the perspective of an outside world. It is no easy task to see this differently. In fact, this has been very difficult and often I feel it is downright impossible.

J: Essentially, habitual fear, and its many derivatives such as anger, seem much easier to access and experience than love or peace and many of your habits took years to nurture and incorporate within your “self.”

In fact, you really have no idea what life would be like without your anger. Without your anxieties and your varying needs to experience depression, what would your “self” be like? With no disappointments, discouragement or disgust how would “life” be experienced? You have often wondered what life would be like if you had absolutely no fear whatsoever. I say to you, the “self’ you made is made from fear and if you had no fear; no anger, anxiety or depression; no discouragement or disgust and no worries whatsoever, the “self” that you embrace as resembling “you” would not be SEEN at all, but VISION would most certainly continue. Now, you must wonder, what you would SEE in place of this.

However, when you look in your rear view mirror, what do you see?

M: A pickup truck, but what difference does that make?

J: Who is driving?

M: I don’t know! It looks like a man or possibly a teen aged boy. Again, what difference does it make who is driving when the fact is, I’m being rudely tailgated by an inconsiderate person?

J: Have you ever failed to “consider” another? Essentially, you have constructed a world were “consideration” is reserved for the very few and nestled in your tiny coalitions of concern, the parts you choose to include must also exclude.

M: Okay, I know where you’re going with this, the old “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” song and dance! Yes, I imagine there have been times in the past when I have been inconsiderate and maybe even tailgated another car. But that does NOT cancel out what is occurring now, nor does it help to take away my anger.

J: My intention was not to introduce old and tired “scriptural” verses into our discussion. Nevertheless, in doing so, you have identified that there have been times when you have “sinned,” just as there are times when you are victim of "sin"?

M: Sin! I don’t consider the driver behind me a sinner. They’re just being rude and inconsiderate and causing me anger.

J: Therefore, you have indicted the driver as guilty.

Make no mistake, whenever anger is experienced, guilt has been automatically determined and righteously applied because to your mind, “sin” has occurred. You would like to believe that there are degrees of guilt just as there are degrees of innocence, but I teach that there is NO such difference, but only because there is NO SIN. Sin demands guilt and what is guilty must be excluded from the whole. Although YOU will admit to errors in judgment, as you are “only human,” sin is ERROR MADE SACRED and demands guilt run deep and punishment be swift.

How would you expect he be punished?

M: I don’t think I want him punished. I just want him off my butt.

J: So even in this instance a price must be paid for innocence to be restored. If he ceases to tailgate you, will he be redeemed or will his guilt remain with you? Will anger be dissolved and no longer direct your sight or will you remember your anger in order to SEE future guilt.

M: I suppose if he were to back off or turn onto another road, I would eventually no longer be angry.

J: Would that signify his innocence? Or will the next occasion of "tailgating," even if perpetrated by another, merely resume his guilt?

M: How could he be guilty if someone else is tailgating me?

J: Condemnation runs wide. You rarely know the names and often fail to see the faces of those who are guilty and even when you do identify a separate “body” for which to blame, your vengeance condemns the whole. Therefore, are they NOT all the same to you?

M: Not the same people, just the same actions.

J: Actions are not guilty and punishment is reserved only for the mind guilty of "sin." Make no mistake, although you may no longer use the archaic label of “sin,” you still seek out guilt and judge it worthy of condemnation and vengeance.

In fact, there are even times when what they DO is often less important than the guilt they are believed to represent. In your world, the color of skin can determine guilt as easily as “actions.” In your world appearances demand judgment. What you SEE determines the degree of fear or anger and the level of vigilance you must embrace to protect yourself from possible threat. In your world, it is often impossible to identify and separate victim from victimizer, saint from sinner. This is because there is NO difference, except in YOUR mind where YOUR world resides.

They are all both victims and victimizers. They all experience fear and, like you, are vigilant to protect from threat. Yet, like you, they all suffer and wish for redemption.

You are that redeemer. Yet, if you reject this function, then their guilt is yours and you will accept the judgment you project. If you reject redemption, you then ask for guilt. However, If THEY are redeemed, YOU are innocent.

M: So I asked to be tailgated?

J: It is what you do NOT ask for, that you do NOT see and you do NOT ask for the peace of innocence, because you believe you are guilty and the world joins in that guilt. You believe in your guilt and thus, you see it everywhere. When you realize innocence, it will occupy your sight and ALL will see what you SEE.

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