Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It Was You All Along

M: I need something more consistent than words. I need something on the outside. Some kind of miracle that I can see to prove what you say.

J: You have lost faith in the message?

M: I don’t think I ever had it. This is just me, writing down my thoughts. There is no “you” teaching a message.

J: Then the message must be false?

M: Well, didn’t you state that to learn your message, I needed to make the differentiation in my head between your words and my own?

J: That is required because you fail to trust yourself and, as in this very moment, you judge yourself as inadequate and useless.

The world has taught that I am “Son of God” and to know me is to know God. Through this declaration, you have denied your own inheritance and this requires I bring it to YOU.

To believe in the simple message that nothing is outside you, you require something outside be revealed, otherwise the message is false. Thus, you will never give yourself what you look to receive because the outside is IN, and only there will you find it. Seek within and receive your inheritance. That is my only message.

M: But I can’t tell if the message I hear is from you or me.

J: The problem is more a matter of your desire to hear ONLY you. When you desire to hear ONLY me, then that will be the ONLY voice you learn from. Until then YOU will require a separate world inform you of separate beings with separate souls and YOU will continue to be discouraged because what is separate cannot teach unification.

If you did NOT choose to write these words down, you would rarely listen. You chose to learn through this medium. If I had NOT allowed you this choice, we would NOT be talking and this is because you are very stubborn in what you believe.

Do you really believe that what you write are merely thoughts you constructed out of thin air?

M: Well, I have done some reading on spirituality in the past. Why couldn’t I simply be pulling up stuff from past memory?

J: Indeed, you could reach such a conclusion, since you have learned ideas from a host of other teachers. However, if this is true, then what part of your mind determined which teachings were worthy of attention, thereby resulting in what you learn now? I ask this because you do feel that much of what you write is true and that is why you post it for the world to see.

I have been with you always and have influenced your choices in ways you are not yet ready to have revealed, since it would only be cause for fear.

M: So it was not me determining what was true, but you all along?

J: Always!

Your “ego” is simply the part of you that has as its only purpose, resisting me. The world was constructed from that resistance in order to maintain separate "things."

M: But if the ego is a part of me, then who made it?

J: It was NOT “made,” because it could NOT exist.

M: But that makes no sense. I thought you said the ego’s only purpose is resisting you through construction of the world. Who or what is resisting you, then?

J: Nothing. A different purpose must be inconsequential and can change nothing if, in fact, it does NOT exist. Only one purpose exists and it is your only purpose. The world resists as long as you choose to learn from the world because there is no separation except in your mind. Only in your mind will the world be saved or continue as it is.

M: But then why am I resisting? Because it is clearly true that I am, more often than not, failing to follow what you teach.

J: You cannot resist certainty. You CAN impose your standards upon what is certain and you will believe in such limitations simply because you believe an “ego” CAN exist and give you certainty, even though it never has and never will.

However, this belief only delays the certainty that I exist IN you, as you exist IN me because there CAN be no division IN thought or in message because nothing else exists but thought and message.

As I have stated previously, YOU teach YOURSELF. But this idea confounds the ego’s deluded need for separation and division and for now, I must work within the limits of that need. You do believe in your ego-self and every thought you refuse to THINK WITH ME, confirms what YOU believe true. But there is no need to worry. Fortunately, you cannot be led astray by what does NOT exist. But, for a little while you CAN believe otherwise. This just wastes time but does not negate certainty.

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