Friday, October 17, 2008

Past Regret, Future Promise

Every day you awake in hopeful expectation that future promise will dissolve past regret. You expect the “less” that you were yesterday be expunged by the “more” you hope to become today. There has always been one problem with this equation that you resist seeing. The result of all your hopeful expectations for more accounts for nothing but a decline to less through death.

The fact is that you are neither more nor less, but only because there is NO death. What is eternal cannot be defined by qualities you made up, but only through what Absolute Truth created.

M: You have asked that I no longer seek for happiness in the world outside my mind. Now I no longer seek outside, but the inside is empty as well. Now, I just seem indifferent to everything and when I do experience pleasure from an outside event or circumstance, I tend to negate it because it is not from within. What am I doing wrong? How can I find this inner peace you speak of?

J: You are beginning to understand that external circumstances are wholly inadequate in providing peace and joy. However, you still have not dissociated yourself from belief in external circumstances as the origin of suffering. Therefore, you will never believe that joy IS NOT available from an outside world as long as you continue to believe that suffering IS.

I have not taught that not only is joy is unavailable IN your world, but that joy is unavailable FROM your world. I simply ask that you become the origin and cause for that joy and NO longer expect it FROM the world. Stop seeking to GET, only then will you RECEIVE what you ask for simply because you will see that it has been with you always.

“Indifference” originates from fear and is a futile attempt to withhold value from everything. You believe that by withholding value you then cannot be threatened because if you value nothing how can you lose. Therefore, that which was created to HAVE everything by BEING everything, denies it is created as such and remains incomplete and must suffer from lack.

I teach that when you SEE value in every direction you look, a deep peace will be your experience. When I ask you to SEE DIFFERENTLY, I ask that you see it free of YOUR values, but not free of God’s.

You value fear. God does NOT.

M: But I can’t find this joy you speak of within myself?

J: If you continue to LOOK for what was SEEN before, you will expect your experiences to conform to the past. This is what the world teaches and how you continue to reinforce your weakness and inadequacy because the world has taught you to worship your PAST. Make no mistake, belief in the past is belief in future decline rather than increase, since death must always come to those who require “time.”

M: So, how will I know when I have begun to “see” free of the past?

J: When the world’s teaching no longer holds value, you will LOOK on the world differently and you will immediately see it free of the past. Currently, you fear that this will result in an unbearable emptiness, but I assure you that when you are emptied of the past, you will be naturally filled with a joy unimaginable to a mind that currently believes in death.

You may have begun to recognize that happiness is not IN your world, nevertheless, if suffering is still found, you must still hold to a glimmer of hope that happiness will somehow also be discovered. The past proves this is so, simply because happiness is still missing, thus you believe the future must hold great promise. But how can the future hold the promise of increase through a decline to death?

In recognition that neither promise nor death can be found “outside,” only joy CAN be experienced “within” and this must always include the world since you have only imagined a separation. This miraculous vision does NOT require that your “eyes” see it FIRST, because what you see will always correlate with what is WITHIN. Seek it there and nowhere else, for nowhere else is it found.

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