Tuesday, November 18, 2008

All of It (part2)

M: I’m still stuck on this idea of “eagerly embracing” my suffering. So when I’m feeling some negative mood or I’m angry or bored, I should eagerly embrace these moods?

J: By embracing your suffering, you are no longer hiding from your own mind. Eagerness demonstrates to yourself a desire to exchange what you now know and suffer with, for what I know, which brings only infinite peace.

M: So if I’m angry I should just stay angry?

J: You should neither stay nor leave, but expect me to take what you offer in the recognition that it is yours to give.

In NOT attempting to escape or run from your mind, you are demonstrating your faith in my interceding for you. But this requires that you end your belief that of yourself you can somehow end your suffering. As the past demonstrates, you have never ended suffering, only permit its changing form. Suffering is always the same experience, yet you project it onto an array of “external” circumstances, thereby believing that each experience is somehow different, each requiring a different means of escape.

It is all the same. “There is nothing new under the sun” and that includes your suffering.

M: So I should be happy that I’m suffering?

J: It is good that you take note of the contradiction. However, this is exactly what I ask. Be “happy,” but only in the realization that there is no need to fear your mind and thus you need not run from it or escape it by any means. This is because YOU have allowed no means of escape.

M: There are psychological therapies that advocate not resisting negative emotional states. They advocate sitting with it so that it might dissolve. Is this the same thing?

J: In your world what appears to “dissolve,” only returns in countless forms and this repetition is what the world offers.

What you offer to me cannot return because that is the purpose of our exchange. It is a gift of faith that I return a million times more. Such an exchange is infinite. Yet, any exchange is impossible if you have nothing to offer, while I have EVERYTHING.

You have many methods of escape, yet none can impede your return to bondage. What eventually dissolves is your reliance on the methods that simply cause you to further seek other methods. Your only chance is to give up the search and embrace what YOU made real in the knowledge that YOU made ALL OF IT.

M: But if I made it, why can’t I unmake it?

J: We have discussed this previously, but you resist considering just how much your suffering defines “you.” You are still NOT prepared to closely examine this fact of “existence” and your only goal has been to escape this fact.

In seeking to escape, you will never SEE that it does NOT define you and you have always been FREE.

Of yourself, you cannot “unmake” that which you believe you ARE, because YOU would cease to exist as YOU have defined yourself, and this is your greatest fear. The task of “unmaking” is monumental and beyond what your fearful mind can consider in its weakened state. But such consideration will occur when you are ready. Yet, this is beyond the scope of my teaching, but NOT beyond God’s.

M: So what if I were to lose my job and become unable to pay my mortgage and lose my house. I should be happy with that? What you teach is a denial of reality.

J: Precisely.

M: So why don’t I deny reality a little more and rob a bank!

J: “Thou shalt not steal” is accurate, since there is nothing you NEED. This is why God would not command such a thing and it is absurd to even consider that God could. However, to one who has NEEDS, laws are necessary.

Everything you determine must be done in order to escape suffering, leaves suffering firmly imbedded in your mind. In your seeking ways to deny reality outside your mind, you deny inside and inside is where IT IS.

M: I think I’m suffering with this idea. It just doesn’t make sense

J: You suffer through much that I teach. However, although you discount and negate what I teach, we continue to talk. There is a part of you that feels that this is required.

You cannot suffer from the Truth. Yet, you can resist and suffer based on that decision only, but the decision is yours. Your suffering will save you when you decide it will. When you no longer fear the contents of your mind, what you will then experience is beyond what I can describe. Although I could describe it, you would only seek to escape the message.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

All of It (part1)

M: I keep hearing “all of it.” I don’t understand what you mean by “all of it.”

J: YOU cannot escape your suffering. Yet, you deny this fact by seeking to free yourself, believing that YOU can. I ask that you NOW eagerly embrace it and, make no mistake, only through that embrace will you be willing to give it to me because you will finally see it clearly. I will free you from your suffering, but only if you give ALL OF IT to me.

M: Hey, no problem, you can have it! I gladly give it to you.

J: To give ALL of your suffering to me, is a very frightening idea that you have yet to "gladly" consider. This is because suffering is HOW you define your “self.” If suffering were to cease, so would the “self” you have become accustomed to perpetuate as REAL.

In so many ways have you suffered. The pains of the body and the complaints of the mind. The hopelessness, boredom, anger, worry and depression. In so many ways, large and small, do you lament your existence. But always with the goal of seeking a way out; a way to erase all suffering. There is NO escape from what you made until you realize you made ALL OF IT. Until then, you will continue to make compromises in order to flee what you make REAL

It is NOT the pains and complaints that remind you of your suffering. It is your need NOT to experience what you make real that makes suffering your most powerful experience.

M: Oh that’s great! So your saying I should love my suffering!?

J: I ask that you no longer seek to escape your suffering. Not to suffer less, your methods seem to aid you in that goal, but only so that you are finally able to give it to me and suffer NOT AT ALL.

M: That makes no sense. In fact, why don’t I go out and look for more ways to suffer and really make the best of it.

J: You could and many do. The problem, however, is that they believe suffering is of God and not of their own making. Therefore, they embrace it for themselves and do NOT allow me to intercede. They are not willing to surrender that which defines them and, in fact, many believe their suffering makes them more worthy of God. God is NOT aware of your suffering simply because it is REAL only for YOU. Give it to me, and be aware of God.

M: So how do I give it to you?

J: Simply stop running from what you made and “gladly,” I will take it.

M: What do you mean, “stop running”?

J: There is no path in this world that will lead you away from your suffering. This is because you made both the path and the world, but only so that you could DENY you made suffering. It does NOT matter what you DO to seek solace from suffering. Everything you DO to avoid suffering, denies you made it and so it must persist.

M: I don’t know that I could ever love suffering.

J: I do not ask that you “love suffering,” since you have no idea what love IS. You must only acknowledge that you made it, so that you will be willing to give it away in the recognition that it is no longer needed.

Every path in your world, every action and every thought exists only to move you farther from suffering, thereby denying that you made ALL OF IT. Thus, you affirm that which you seek to negate.

You will only give it to me when you realize you can. You will only realize you can, when you no longer wish to escape it.

M: But others have taught this idea of “acceptance” and it doesn’t seem to have made much difference to the suffering in the world. It certainly hasn’t made much difference to my own individual suffering either.

J: The world’s “acceptance” is a resignation because you are resigned to accept what you believe you cannot change, thereby denying that YOU are its maker. I ask neither for acceptance nor for denial, only that you SEE it. When you SEE ALL OF IT completely free of guilt or remorse of any kind, you will offer it to me.

Turn to your suffering and eagerly embrace it and I will insure that it trouble you no longer, because you will then be willing to give it ALL to me. Until such time you will continue to spend your “life” seeking a means of escape.

To be free of suffering you must give ALL OF IT to me. You will not give to me that which you are choosing to escape in the belief that escape is possible and that all you need do is find the correct method. Your methods have been tried and failed. My method is guaranteed by God and this means that failure is IMPOSSIBLE.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

There is NO "Happiness," Only Peace

Your seeking "happiness" has no other purpose then to conceal Truth. Peace is all you require and it is what you seek to HAVE. Fortunately, it is available to the mind that no longer seeks happiness in a world where happiness cannot be found. Perfect Peace is your destination and it is also the way home.

M: So you’re actually saying that I should not trust in myself for anything?

J : Why would you?

M: I agree that I often do not know what is in my best interests. But, I do not have 24 hr access to this type of guidance you seem to ask that I rely on. I must rely on myself for some things.

J : This will only prolong your disappointment and delay learning Truth. In this way you can only HOPE to succeed in your endeavors, but you can never be CERTAIN of success. I offer certainty and my offer is NOT in anyway based on your belief in “time.” I do not follow your schedule, but ask that you follow mine, since I am not victim to your beliefs.

M: So you can inform me on the correct lottery number so that I can win the million dollar jackpot?

J : ALL of what you have determined as advancing your “happiness,” only succeeds in advancing your fear and subsequent discouragement. As I have stated previously, it is not "happiness" you seek, but Perfect Peace. What you now seek can only result in continued conflict, which, you will admit, is what you never seem to be permanently without. You may now wish to seek within because there is where permanent peace resides.

M: I should just stop trying to be happy?

J : The "self" you idolize would certainly NOT approve of an end to your search, since it is predicated on your seeking, but not finding. This is because the “self” is idolized purely for its ability to provide this abstract and obscure experience IN your future. It seems evident that this function has not served you effectively and a change in purpose would be beneficial. Seeking peace is that change in purpose and relies on fact, not fiction. This is because "happiness" is fictional and derives its allure from your belief in future nonsense.

If nothing is outside your mind, then your seeking happiness in an outside "world" is destined to fail because it is a fantasy within the context of a dream. There is nothing external to your mind that will bring you what you seek. Fortunately, when you end the search, peace will be the natural result, but it does require that you CHOOSE to end the search.

Contrary to “happiness,” peace need not be sought simply because it is not concealed from you, but is naturally revealed the moment you desire it. Are you NOT weary of seeking for what cannot be found? Do you not yet realize that what you continue to seek does not exist and never has?

Your world is a reflection of the conflicting purposes of your mind. Do not seek happiness through conflict any longer. Let peace overwhelm your sensation and fill your mind with the Truth of what you ARE. This is contrary to the “happiness” you demand to HAVE and, therefore, must always expect to experience, but never NOW.

Through peace, opposites do not conflict, but converge and trouble you NO longer. Allow a new purpose to your “seeking” in the confidence you will find it the very moment you choose it.

M: Then why I am not at peace all the time?

J : Simply because peace cannot be known by the mind which chooses to be preoccupied with “happiness” and therefore, you must choose differently. The longing for happiness has so occupied your thinking, that you fail to adequately define what it is and thus, you have no idea what you seek. Nevertheless, this minor detail does not impede your “pursuit of happiness.”

Make no mistake, the Truth does NOT require your experience of Truth for it to be True. It only requires experience to be True for YOU.

To SEEK happiness simply confirms that it IS absent, whereas HAVING peace is confirmed BY absence. In an absence of conflict with the world there is an absence of FEAR through which you can HAVE only peace. Happiness demands you seek that which you FEAR you may never find. Yet, once the seeking is over, peace easily and effortlessly returns to that which seeks for nothing, since peace was never lost nor need it be found. Peace is the freedom from ALL conflict that MUST result in profound joy.

M: Unfortunately, although much of this makes sense, it does not resonate with me as I believe it should. It still seems too obscure and distant to be experienced. Isn’t it true that for me to believe it as truth, I must experience it?

J : Why would you resist experiencing what makes sense?

M: Because it makes sense on a deeper level then sensory perception. However, it is sensory perception that continues to determine my choices.

J : Then you must ask why would sensory perception determine your choices if what makes sense is on a “deeper level”? If you resist what makes sense, you will determine your choices based on nonsense. This can only result in fear and conflict.

M: Many would say that what you teach is nonsense.

J: This would be true if there were “many.” It is not true, precisely because there is only ONE. An embodied 'self' must see the “many” in order to confirm it is only one of billions all seeking "happiness." This is your "crush of humanity" and it symbolizes a world obsessed with seeking for what cannot be found.

M: I don’t feel as though I am resisting and I want to learn what you teach, but I don't feel moved or profoundly shaken by these concepts.

J : Then clearly, you DO resist and so you should, only because you still require “time” through which to learn what I teach. Actually, although you wish to “awaken,” you deeply fear that what I teach might actually BE true and if what I teach IS true, then there is no “you” for which to be “moved or profoundly shaken.” Soon this idea will liberate you beyond anything you have ever experienced.

It is your desperation that obstructs learning, since you are very desperate to know the Truth, yet, you are just as desperate to avoid. Desperation will only confirm what is NOT true, only because desperation is a belief that allows only FEAR be true.

Do not learn from fear, but learn to see fear for what it is; nothing at all. As fear recedes Truth must be immediately available to your mind because your mind was made to hold ONLY Truth. Do not be afraid of what you really want since this will confuse you and keep from you that which is really yours and awaits acceptance from a liberated mind.

You could HAVE complete, permanent joy and peace in this very moment, but you do not want it for fear “you” would be harmed and make no mistake you do believe such profound joy would harm the mind that believes it MUST “suffer” and this is really the only definition of 'self.'

This is how YOU see it and therefore, this is why you resist. It is NOT my purpose to aid you in attaining what you believe would cause harm. It IS my purpose to aid you in learning that harm is impossible to anything Created from the Mind that knows NO fear, but is aware of permanent Peace. This is what you came from and this is what you are and this is what you seek. Let nothing come between that.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I Know What You are, You Have Yet to Learn

M: So what do I do when I’m stuck in some fear-based state of mind, like when anger has taken over and there seems no way of getting out? In those instances, when everything has been said and done, all I’m left with is regret.

J: Forgive yourself for doing what you could NOT HAVE DONE, and then ask me what you should DO.

M: So I should just pretend that it never happened?

J: On the contrary, what you did was “pretend,” although in your mind, what “happened” seems very real to you.

M: So when I say or do something bad, I should just forget what I did and go on as if nothing occurred?

J: This strategy of “forgetting” has never been effective and this is because you could never forget what you make REAL. Therefore, you have always suffered through your memories.

The only possible solution to this dilemma is for you to realize that NOTHING you make IS real and everything you see...you made.

A world of insanity could not emerge from Absolute Truth, but it will dissolve within that Truth when that Truth is all you know. This means that only love IS real and anything you DO that is not within that experience, cannot possibly exist. So forgive yourself for believing it was real and allow me to take you beyond your delusional experiences.

You believe that the world gives you both love and fear. I teach that fear does NOT exist. Yet, because YOUR fear threatens to overpower you, you manufacture your own ideas of love, to reduce that threat. Unfortunately, since the world was made from fear, you are forced to literally stretch the mind in order to project your fantasies of "love" into the world so that you can “find” them when you expect to. You relentlessly persevere in your demand that love be present, to the point that actions clearly based in fear you refer to as “loving.” Many have died for “love” and, of course, this makes entirely no sense whatsoever. But, often, you have considered it "common sense."

Although you “pretend” that fear IS real, it is this pretending that you must eventually forget and, in that forgetting, love is the only experience that can be REAL. For now, you demand “pretending” that you are guilty and your attempts to “forget” your guilt only make you increasingly more guilty.

Why remember what could NOT possibly exist? You were not Created to be condemned by that which Created YOU. What right do you assert in condemning yourself? Unless, of course, you believe you are your maker.

M: It happens! How can I live as if these things don’t happen?

J: They “happen” to a mind that believes it is guilty and lives with the expectation of punishment. To be guilty is to expect punishment and not one day passes without your recognition of guilt. Simply looking into the eyes of your “loved ones” involves you in guilt and onto this, you substitute their guilt to excuse your own. To look deeply into the eyes of another is often a very frightening act for you. Is it any wonder it rarely occurs?

Essentially, you have no other choice. You could continue to respond to the world through your “fear-based states” and continue to expect guilt. This is the circularity you have always relied on, and, make no mistake; you have come to depend on this process continuing. And so it will, until it is no longer relied on.

You attack and defend and then, somewhere within this dance, you seek to resolve or end the struggle. Unfortunately, even when you believe resolution has occurred, inner peace is absent because guilt remains. You have not yet determined how to alleviate your guilt. Nor will you, without my assistance.

You have never forgiven yourself for your transgressions and they have gradually built a wall of guilt around you so deeply impenetrable that only I can help you tear it down. Without my aid, your guilt will maintain and reinforce your fear of the world because the world is as guilt ridden as you.

This is because IT IS YOU.

Although you believe you are separate from a world outside your mind, I teach that there is no such division. You are not now, nor have you ever been, an “entity” separate from YOUR world. But because you demand separation, it is easy to understand how you frequently tend to believe that the world hates you as much as you hate yourself.

Fortunately, “these things don’t happen” and it is all pretend. You have called on me to help you to STOP pretending because there is a part of your mind that has always known that this IS NOT REAL.

M: As much as I try to relate to the world as if it is not real, I can’t because my experience is that it is so very real.

J: I do not expect YOU to relate to the world as if it were “not real,” but to relate to it as if it were INNOCENT.

It can DO nothing to you.

First, you must learn that YOU are innocent, so that the world can be set free with YOU. You cannot go alone.

The most important part of my initial answer is that you ask me what you should do. This is because, even amidst all your pretending, I know what you ARE, while you have yet to learn.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Protecting Your "self" From Yourself

M: I just feel stuck and hopeless that I can ever understand what you teach. Therefore, nothing seems to change.

J: Once again I ask, what is it that you want to change?

M: Me!

J: In seeking happiness through the world’s values, this “me” you identify with is victimized, because you have denied YOU are ONE with your world. You are maker, NOT God.

You still refuse to be guided by the part of “you” that understands this message and can make the world anew.

I am that part of you. I am that part in every mind divided through judging fear by separate thoughts of self-protection. Think with me and SEE the world differently by unifying all perception through only one judgment. The world will never bring you joy, but you can extend that gift to the world and change the world eternally.

M: Yes and I am trying harder not to refuse, but it’s not easy for one who has relied on his own guidance for so many years.

J: Essentially, you have never relied on your “own guidance,” but merely the guidance of an “external” world that you believe made you and will eventually consume you so that you will be no more. The world teaches that you were born to die and you have no control of either.

This bipolar existence literally enslaves your mind, making everything in between birth and death a useless dance to a meaningless tune.

You feel compelled to follow the world’s guidance and therefore, you have made yourself victim to it. Victimization must always “wound” those that it enslaves. In following my guidance, you heal the wounds of the enslavement that has caused your suffering. But, if you continue to suffer, know that you are refusing to heal and ask yourself why you would DO THIS TO YOURSELF.

Do NOT answer for yourself, for you know NOT what you DO. Wait for my answer and in acceptance of my answer is the choice for healing accepted.

M: I suppose that every answer you provide simply informs that I must listen to you. But why am I not convinced? Why do I so often choose opposite your guidance or even refuse to listen at all?

J: Everything I teach is opposite what you believe “true.” Even the messages you allow to influence you in some small way, you bend and distort in an attempt to make it conform to what you believe and not the Truth I teach. This is how the world was made. Delay is to be expected but cannot last for long to one who deeply desires the Truth above all else.

With each and every moment of suffering, allow your fear to fade with the statement “I do this to myself.” Whenever you perceive attack upon your “self,” seek peace with “I do this to myself.” You must give up the need to protect your “self” from yourself, otherwise you will continue to SEE a world that supports your self-protection by attacking you.

M: How can I live in the world and not worry about self-protection or taking care of myself.

J: By taking away its power to hurt you in any way. You worry that if you replace the world’s values with mine, you will fail to function adequately IN the world. You fear that if you live by different rules, the world will then neglect and abuse you. My brother, YOU DO THIS TO YOURSELF. There is no other because the world is IN YOU, as am I.

Are you not weary of self-protection? Are you not exhausted by your need to maintain vigilance against everything outside your mind? Are you tired of judging friend and foe?

Have faith that when you finally and forever let down your guard, the world will embrace you in a deep and loving JOY and you will worship one another for the gift of peace you have exchanged together as ONE. This will replace your misguided worship of a "god" that you could never know as long as you fear each other, thereby making fear the god you worship. God is REAL, but can never be found is a world made from FEAR. But, make NO mistake, God is there waiting for you to SEE.