Thursday, November 13, 2008

All of It (part1)

M: I keep hearing “all of it.” I don’t understand what you mean by “all of it.”

J: YOU cannot escape your suffering. Yet, you deny this fact by seeking to free yourself, believing that YOU can. I ask that you NOW eagerly embrace it and, make no mistake, only through that embrace will you be willing to give it to me because you will finally see it clearly. I will free you from your suffering, but only if you give ALL OF IT to me.

M: Hey, no problem, you can have it! I gladly give it to you.

J: To give ALL of your suffering to me, is a very frightening idea that you have yet to "gladly" consider. This is because suffering is HOW you define your “self.” If suffering were to cease, so would the “self” you have become accustomed to perpetuate as REAL.

In so many ways have you suffered. The pains of the body and the complaints of the mind. The hopelessness, boredom, anger, worry and depression. In so many ways, large and small, do you lament your existence. But always with the goal of seeking a way out; a way to erase all suffering. There is NO escape from what you made until you realize you made ALL OF IT. Until then, you will continue to make compromises in order to flee what you make REAL

It is NOT the pains and complaints that remind you of your suffering. It is your need NOT to experience what you make real that makes suffering your most powerful experience.

M: Oh that’s great! So your saying I should love my suffering!?

J: I ask that you no longer seek to escape your suffering. Not to suffer less, your methods seem to aid you in that goal, but only so that you are finally able to give it to me and suffer NOT AT ALL.

M: That makes no sense. In fact, why don’t I go out and look for more ways to suffer and really make the best of it.

J: You could and many do. The problem, however, is that they believe suffering is of God and not of their own making. Therefore, they embrace it for themselves and do NOT allow me to intercede. They are not willing to surrender that which defines them and, in fact, many believe their suffering makes them more worthy of God. God is NOT aware of your suffering simply because it is REAL only for YOU. Give it to me, and be aware of God.

M: So how do I give it to you?

J: Simply stop running from what you made and “gladly,” I will take it.

M: What do you mean, “stop running”?

J: There is no path in this world that will lead you away from your suffering. This is because you made both the path and the world, but only so that you could DENY you made suffering. It does NOT matter what you DO to seek solace from suffering. Everything you DO to avoid suffering, denies you made it and so it must persist.

M: I don’t know that I could ever love suffering.

J: I do not ask that you “love suffering,” since you have no idea what love IS. You must only acknowledge that you made it, so that you will be willing to give it away in the recognition that it is no longer needed.

Every path in your world, every action and every thought exists only to move you farther from suffering, thereby denying that you made ALL OF IT. Thus, you affirm that which you seek to negate.

You will only give it to me when you realize you can. You will only realize you can, when you no longer wish to escape it.

M: But others have taught this idea of “acceptance” and it doesn’t seem to have made much difference to the suffering in the world. It certainly hasn’t made much difference to my own individual suffering either.

J: The world’s “acceptance” is a resignation because you are resigned to accept what you believe you cannot change, thereby denying that YOU are its maker. I ask neither for acceptance nor for denial, only that you SEE it. When you SEE ALL OF IT completely free of guilt or remorse of any kind, you will offer it to me.

Turn to your suffering and eagerly embrace it and I will insure that it trouble you no longer, because you will then be willing to give it ALL to me. Until such time you will continue to spend your “life” seeking a means of escape.

To be free of suffering you must give ALL OF IT to me. You will not give to me that which you are choosing to escape in the belief that escape is possible and that all you need do is find the correct method. Your methods have been tried and failed. My method is guaranteed by God and this means that failure is IMPOSSIBLE.

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