Tuesday, November 18, 2008

All of It (part2)

M: I’m still stuck on this idea of “eagerly embracing” my suffering. So when I’m feeling some negative mood or I’m angry or bored, I should eagerly embrace these moods?

J: By embracing your suffering, you are no longer hiding from your own mind. Eagerness demonstrates to yourself a desire to exchange what you now know and suffer with, for what I know, which brings only infinite peace.

M: So if I’m angry I should just stay angry?

J: You should neither stay nor leave, but expect me to take what you offer in the recognition that it is yours to give.

In NOT attempting to escape or run from your mind, you are demonstrating your faith in my interceding for you. But this requires that you end your belief that of yourself you can somehow end your suffering. As the past demonstrates, you have never ended suffering, only permit its changing form. Suffering is always the same experience, yet you project it onto an array of “external” circumstances, thereby believing that each experience is somehow different, each requiring a different means of escape.

It is all the same. “There is nothing new under the sun” and that includes your suffering.

M: So I should be happy that I’m suffering?

J: It is good that you take note of the contradiction. However, this is exactly what I ask. Be “happy,” but only in the realization that there is no need to fear your mind and thus you need not run from it or escape it by any means. This is because YOU have allowed no means of escape.

M: There are psychological therapies that advocate not resisting negative emotional states. They advocate sitting with it so that it might dissolve. Is this the same thing?

J: In your world what appears to “dissolve,” only returns in countless forms and this repetition is what the world offers.

What you offer to me cannot return because that is the purpose of our exchange. It is a gift of faith that I return a million times more. Such an exchange is infinite. Yet, any exchange is impossible if you have nothing to offer, while I have EVERYTHING.

You have many methods of escape, yet none can impede your return to bondage. What eventually dissolves is your reliance on the methods that simply cause you to further seek other methods. Your only chance is to give up the search and embrace what YOU made real in the knowledge that YOU made ALL OF IT.

M: But if I made it, why can’t I unmake it?

J: We have discussed this previously, but you resist considering just how much your suffering defines “you.” You are still NOT prepared to closely examine this fact of “existence” and your only goal has been to escape this fact.

In seeking to escape, you will never SEE that it does NOT define you and you have always been FREE.

Of yourself, you cannot “unmake” that which you believe you ARE, because YOU would cease to exist as YOU have defined yourself, and this is your greatest fear. The task of “unmaking” is monumental and beyond what your fearful mind can consider in its weakened state. But such consideration will occur when you are ready. Yet, this is beyond the scope of my teaching, but NOT beyond God’s.

M: So what if I were to lose my job and become unable to pay my mortgage and lose my house. I should be happy with that? What you teach is a denial of reality.

J: Precisely.

M: So why don’t I deny reality a little more and rob a bank!

J: “Thou shalt not steal” is accurate, since there is nothing you NEED. This is why God would not command such a thing and it is absurd to even consider that God could. However, to one who has NEEDS, laws are necessary.

Everything you determine must be done in order to escape suffering, leaves suffering firmly imbedded in your mind. In your seeking ways to deny reality outside your mind, you deny inside and inside is where IT IS.

M: I think I’m suffering with this idea. It just doesn’t make sense

J: You suffer through much that I teach. However, although you discount and negate what I teach, we continue to talk. There is a part of you that feels that this is required.

You cannot suffer from the Truth. Yet, you can resist and suffer based on that decision only, but the decision is yours. Your suffering will save you when you decide it will. When you no longer fear the contents of your mind, what you will then experience is beyond what I can describe. Although I could describe it, you would only seek to escape the message.

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