Thursday, November 6, 2008

I Know What You are, You Have Yet to Learn

M: So what do I do when I’m stuck in some fear-based state of mind, like when anger has taken over and there seems no way of getting out? In those instances, when everything has been said and done, all I’m left with is regret.

J: Forgive yourself for doing what you could NOT HAVE DONE, and then ask me what you should DO.

M: So I should just pretend that it never happened?

J: On the contrary, what you did was “pretend,” although in your mind, what “happened” seems very real to you.

M: So when I say or do something bad, I should just forget what I did and go on as if nothing occurred?

J: This strategy of “forgetting” has never been effective and this is because you could never forget what you make REAL. Therefore, you have always suffered through your memories.

The only possible solution to this dilemma is for you to realize that NOTHING you make IS real and everything you made.

A world of insanity could not emerge from Absolute Truth, but it will dissolve within that Truth when that Truth is all you know. This means that only love IS real and anything you DO that is not within that experience, cannot possibly exist. So forgive yourself for believing it was real and allow me to take you beyond your delusional experiences.

You believe that the world gives you both love and fear. I teach that fear does NOT exist. Yet, because YOUR fear threatens to overpower you, you manufacture your own ideas of love, to reduce that threat. Unfortunately, since the world was made from fear, you are forced to literally stretch the mind in order to project your fantasies of "love" into the world so that you can “find” them when you expect to. You relentlessly persevere in your demand that love be present, to the point that actions clearly based in fear you refer to as “loving.” Many have died for “love” and, of course, this makes entirely no sense whatsoever. But, often, you have considered it "common sense."

Although you “pretend” that fear IS real, it is this pretending that you must eventually forget and, in that forgetting, love is the only experience that can be REAL. For now, you demand “pretending” that you are guilty and your attempts to “forget” your guilt only make you increasingly more guilty.

Why remember what could NOT possibly exist? You were not Created to be condemned by that which Created YOU. What right do you assert in condemning yourself? Unless, of course, you believe you are your maker.

M: It happens! How can I live as if these things don’t happen?

J: They “happen” to a mind that believes it is guilty and lives with the expectation of punishment. To be guilty is to expect punishment and not one day passes without your recognition of guilt. Simply looking into the eyes of your “loved ones” involves you in guilt and onto this, you substitute their guilt to excuse your own. To look deeply into the eyes of another is often a very frightening act for you. Is it any wonder it rarely occurs?

Essentially, you have no other choice. You could continue to respond to the world through your “fear-based states” and continue to expect guilt. This is the circularity you have always relied on, and, make no mistake; you have come to depend on this process continuing. And so it will, until it is no longer relied on.

You attack and defend and then, somewhere within this dance, you seek to resolve or end the struggle. Unfortunately, even when you believe resolution has occurred, inner peace is absent because guilt remains. You have not yet determined how to alleviate your guilt. Nor will you, without my assistance.

You have never forgiven yourself for your transgressions and they have gradually built a wall of guilt around you so deeply impenetrable that only I can help you tear it down. Without my aid, your guilt will maintain and reinforce your fear of the world because the world is as guilt ridden as you.

This is because IT IS YOU.

Although you believe you are separate from a world outside your mind, I teach that there is no such division. You are not now, nor have you ever been, an “entity” separate from YOUR world. But because you demand separation, it is easy to understand how you frequently tend to believe that the world hates you as much as you hate yourself.

Fortunately, “these things don’t happen” and it is all pretend. You have called on me to help you to STOP pretending because there is a part of your mind that has always known that this IS NOT REAL.

M: As much as I try to relate to the world as if it is not real, I can’t because my experience is that it is so very real.

J: I do not expect YOU to relate to the world as if it were “not real,” but to relate to it as if it were INNOCENT.

It can DO nothing to you.

First, you must learn that YOU are innocent, so that the world can be set free with YOU. You cannot go alone.

The most important part of my initial answer is that you ask me what you should do. This is because, even amidst all your pretending, I know what you ARE, while you have yet to learn.

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