Sunday, November 2, 2008

Protecting Your "self" From Yourself

M: I just feel stuck and hopeless that I can ever understand what you teach. Therefore, nothing seems to change.

J: Once again I ask, what is it that you want to change?

M: Me!

J: In seeking happiness through the world’s values, this “me” you identify with is victimized, because you have denied YOU are ONE with your world. You are maker, NOT God.

You still refuse to be guided by the part of “you” that understands this message and can make the world anew.

I am that part of you. I am that part in every mind divided through judging fear by separate thoughts of self-protection. Think with me and SEE the world differently by unifying all perception through only one judgment. The world will never bring you joy, but you can extend that gift to the world and change the world eternally.

M: Yes and I am trying harder not to refuse, but it’s not easy for one who has relied on his own guidance for so many years.

J: Essentially, you have never relied on your “own guidance,” but merely the guidance of an “external” world that you believe made you and will eventually consume you so that you will be no more. The world teaches that you were born to die and you have no control of either.

This bipolar existence literally enslaves your mind, making everything in between birth and death a useless dance to a meaningless tune.

You feel compelled to follow the world’s guidance and therefore, you have made yourself victim to it. Victimization must always “wound” those that it enslaves. In following my guidance, you heal the wounds of the enslavement that has caused your suffering. But, if you continue to suffer, know that you are refusing to heal and ask yourself why you would DO THIS TO YOURSELF.

Do NOT answer for yourself, for you know NOT what you DO. Wait for my answer and in acceptance of my answer is the choice for healing accepted.

M: I suppose that every answer you provide simply informs that I must listen to you. But why am I not convinced? Why do I so often choose opposite your guidance or even refuse to listen at all?

J: Everything I teach is opposite what you believe “true.” Even the messages you allow to influence you in some small way, you bend and distort in an attempt to make it conform to what you believe and not the Truth I teach. This is how the world was made. Delay is to be expected but cannot last for long to one who deeply desires the Truth above all else.

With each and every moment of suffering, allow your fear to fade with the statement “I do this to myself.” Whenever you perceive attack upon your “self,” seek peace with “I do this to myself.” You must give up the need to protect your “self” from yourself, otherwise you will continue to SEE a world that supports your self-protection by attacking you.

M: How can I live in the world and not worry about self-protection or taking care of myself.

J: By taking away its power to hurt you in any way. You worry that if you replace the world’s values with mine, you will fail to function adequately IN the world. You fear that if you live by different rules, the world will then neglect and abuse you. My brother, YOU DO THIS TO YOURSELF. There is no other because the world is IN YOU, as am I.

Are you not weary of self-protection? Are you not exhausted by your need to maintain vigilance against everything outside your mind? Are you tired of judging friend and foe?

Have faith that when you finally and forever let down your guard, the world will embrace you in a deep and loving JOY and you will worship one another for the gift of peace you have exchanged together as ONE. This will replace your misguided worship of a "god" that you could never know as long as you fear each other, thereby making fear the god you worship. God is REAL, but can never be found is a world made from FEAR. But, make NO mistake, God is there waiting for you to SEE.

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