Wednesday, December 24, 2008

You Made It All Up

M: I don’t understand how you can say that there is no world?

J: I do not teach that there is “no world,” only that the world you see cannot possibly exist the way you SEE it. Everything you SEE as "real" is contingent on it being “real” before you SEE it and not as you SEE it. If you continue to apply properties of the past you will never realize the NOW that does not require "time."

Nothing exists as "real" until the moment YOU experience it. When there is NO "before" to your world, your world will be free because you will no longer chain your "self" to it.

M: I experience the world as real. “Real” means it exists for me.

J: You define it as “real” and, therefore, it “exists.” Obviously, “real” is what you say it is, for why else would you say it.

M: No. It exists and so I define it as real.

J: But who defines the "I" that defines the “real”? Make no mistake, you define everything and everything bends to conform to your concept of "self." The solution is quite simple. Change the "self" and change the "world."

M: Ok, I get where you’re going with this. So I should just live in my mind and not trust my senses? But, how would that keep me from walking into walls?

J: If you lived exclusively through the mind and not the body, "walls" could be moved as easily as mountains.

M: How does one “live exclusively through the mind” without using the senses?

J: If the mind is cause of the body, what need for the body and if the world you “sense” through the body is cause of fear, what need for fear? If fear caused the world, what need for the world?

If mind is source of all that you experience, what needs could you have that cannot be provided? Yet, you believe you need much more than your mind can provide. Thus, you have created a "world" for which to escape from your "self." But this is delusion because nothing leaves you.

Contrary to the world’s teaching, you do live exclusively through your mind, yet you have assigned yourself responsibility for only parts of the whole. You allow responsibility for anger, but not for war, although both have been justified as "real." I teach that there is no difference because bodily sensation is a delusion. Nevertheless, rest assured, nothing ever leaves YOU.

M: But I experience the world as outside of me.

J: This is because you are alienated from your ‘self’ and it stands to reason that all else must bend to join with that “experience.” The experience of being "outside" yourself is symbolic of alienation, but only because you do not know who you ARE. Know the Truth and experience must conform accordingly.

M: So how do I rejoin my “self”?

J: By realizing the “self” is not what you ARE and that you made it up. You take very seriously that which you feel controls you and this helps you deny that you made it thereby giving it power to MAKE YOU. You do not take seriously that which you make, because you feel powerless to make anything that will save you. Recognize you made the “self” and regain the control necessary to save your world.

M: So you’re saying that I should take myself more seriously?

J: Take serious what you made, but only to understand that you made it. In that way, it can no longer seriously trouble you. But recognize that you made everything and, in that realization, you will not have a care in the world. The world can no longer harm you when YOU are its maker, since you will no longer make it harmful.

M: Where does God enter into this equation?

J: God made you, but NOT as you know your “self,” but as God KNOWS. Learn who YOU are and know God. This is not at all complicated simply because there is no “formula” to Truth. Yet, you live by your formulations and so, must die by them, since YOU made death.

M: But I don’t want to die.

J: Then seek me out in another and LIVE. You are ready for the next stage of the curriculum and we must not delay. Because you are so deeply obsessed with an “outside” world, it is there that you must look to find Truth.

Make no mistake, I have returned. Why do you refuse to see me?

M: I didn’t know I was looking for you.

J: There is so much that you do SEE and, therefore, it is no surprise that I have been missed. It is time for you to give up your useless search for salvation and seek only for ME. I will wait, as I always have.

CHRISTMAS: An Experiment in Truth

M: Each year I seem to have more difficulties with the Christmas holiday then the year before. I find no value in it whatsoever.

J: When you state that you “find no value” what you mean to say is that you give no value. Value is a product of your mind that precedes and determines what you see, for otherwise, you would not SEE anything at all.

Indeed, what you DO value is your “difficulties with the Christmas holiday” and you DO see that with little difficulty.

M: So I should value the rampant consumerism and materialism of the holiday?

J: You do value this, for why else would it be perceived and attacked. Although this type of “valuing” adds by subtraction and thus, fails to correct for what could be seen. Perception in the name of attack, must always find its target.

You do recognize that the holiday, or "holy day," was originally established to celebrate the birth of your “savior,” but you also value this perception in order to subtract and not add to your experience. This is because you believe you have NOT experienced salvation and thus you see a “world” unsaved and guilty. Hence, you believe your withholding of value is justified on both counts.

M: That’s right, the day has no meaning. What meaning should it have?

J: I simply ask that you SEE it as a day free of ALL “difficulty.”

However, even this perception would be “difficult” because you have become accustomed to valuing your “self” based on your reaction to “problems.” Self-esteem is based on the ability to effectively overcome and cope with the problems that the ‘self’ creates. This self-imposed circular value scale is reliable, but completely invalid. It is only reliable because as long as you rely on it problems are expected.

The scale is invalid because it is determined by the variables being separate, or “outside,” the mind and thus beyond the realm of control. No problems could ever exist if the variables, or cause of problems, were accurately evaluated as to origin. Essentially, this IS your only problem.

The mind is the origin of ALL problems and correction is only applicable at that starting point. You do apply corrective measures to your value scale thereby adjusting the degree of difficulty you experience, but you MUST always perceive difficulties. Difficulties and problems are experienced, but at varying levels based on what you give value to IN the “world.” Even problems attributed to the “self” are dependent on the self being IN the world.

Nevertheless, you deeply wish to be problem-free, but refuse to believe that this would require discarding your value scale entirely, since it is the cause of all your problems. It is always how you SEE and not what you SEE that is cause of suffering, which is why I ask that you SEE DIFFERENTLY.

M: So if I get rid of all values will that improve how I see Christmas?

J: You could never accept being without some scale or system of value. The “self” could not exist in nothingness because you have determined that it be "something." This is why I provide a system more adequate to OUR goal, which is the complete eradication of ALL fear. Perceiving Christmas, and all your “days,” absent of fear, with no resistance to that absence, would cause perfect peace to inevitably fill the void. There must always be one or the other, but never both.

You either SEE through a prism of light or through a facade of fear. A prism spreads light, making Truth easily discernible. A facade only blocks the Truth that the light would permit you to see. Either way you must SEE through what YOU have determined as valuable. I simply ask that you discard your values and accept mine.

M: You’re actually saying that my problem with Christmas is that I fear it?

J: On some level, and you believe you “exist” through a multitude of levels, you fear everything you perceive. This is solely because perception, or the need to find meaning through the body’s “eyes,” originates from fear. Your fears are grounded in your inability to control an “outside” world that your “eyes” give witness to as uncontrollable, denying this is your choice. At times, you take great pride in an illusion of control, although you do recognize that the slightest opposing breeze could send your plans whirling into oblivion. Even in your greatest feats of control, you fear it could all come crashing down without a moments notice.

Christmas holds a unique position in your spectrum of fear, since it allows you a sense of control in projecting your fear onto a specified target. You have many specialized targets, yet Christmas is special in that guilt is tailored, not to a single individual, but to your whole world. This allows you the delusion of innocence through indictment of a guilty world “outside” you.

But you must suffer, since even this delusion of control does little to deny that their guilt is YOURS because there is no division.

This is the “difficulty” as you perceive it, based on your skewed value system, which seeks only to absolve YOU of guilt. This merely intensifies the fear of an uncontrollable world that you are part of, by denying that you are THE WHOLE.

The “self” is very clever and sophisticated in its attempts to offset YOUR guilt by projecting it outward to a “world.” In this way, your problems are detached from YOU and can only be found in an “outside” world. Yet, as I teach, you are your world and there is nothing you can find IN the world that is not first IN YOU.

M: I still don’t see how this will help me have no difficulty, or even less difficulties, with Christmas.

J: You can always have “less” difficulty by adjusting your perceptions to SEE with LESS fear. But you can never have NO difficulties as long as you value fear above peace. Therefore, I would suggest you accept the need to be free of your values because they are solely based in fear. To be completely free of difficulty is to be completely free of fear. Truth has no “difficulties” because fear is a lie.

Forget what you need, deny your losses, ignore what you lack and have trust in the values I teach. This involves a “leap of faith” that you have been loathe to even consider.

Nevertheless, for just one day you may wish to experiment with Truth.

For just one day, you may wish to drop your values and replace with mine. I value everything BUT fear. I assure you that by doing so you will experience something quite profound and never before encountered. I cannot adequately describe what a total absence of fear would be like, since the “self’ would seek to negate by making comparisons, all based in fear. Besides, you cannot understand an experience you have steadfastly refused to remember, at least until you refuse no longer.

Make no mistake, this time was established BY YOU and is completely under YOUR CONTROL as long as you are without fear. YOU have determined that this one day, out of all others, should have profound significance. I ask that you discard your values and substitute mine and finally experience the meaning of that significance. It is certain you will, but when is your choice.

Choose this one day in time to escape the limitations of time for all eternity. Essentially, you have nothing to lose but fear and you will gain everything in return. If you value Christmas completely free of all fear, you will see it without difficulty and celebrate not with "difficulty," but through absolute freedom.

Let the world be reborn through YOUR FREEDOM from fear.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Defined by Lack and Loss

M: Seems like the economic system is collapsing and I find myself worried for my families financial future.

J: A “self” defined by external circumstances can only substitute fear in place of perfect peace, because you have determined that external circumstances conform to “chance” and therefore, you LACK control of your “self."

Circumstances do not determine your destiny, because you are God’s Choice and that is devoid of time constraints and beyond all circumstances. This Creative “choice” must also be available to you, because your WILL is not divided or separate from Creation. Therefore, as God lacks nothing, you lack nothing and have everything.

M: If I could just create money, I wouldn’t have to worry.

J: Worry would no doubt continue, since HAVING only reinforces LACK as the faulty premise of your Being - and there is no argument that you deeply desire to BE.

There is no end to this circular logic, since a belief in lack precedes and fuels your belief in NEED. Essentially, to substitute your belief in lack with infinite HAVING would be to change your definition of BEING entirely. You might wish to consider this viewpoint since it does entail less fear.

You determine your worth based on your circumstances and if circumstances are lacking you are determined to suffer. Circumstances must always be lacking, since your lack subsequently defines your NEEDS and the “self” must have needs in order to exist as an active “self” engaged in fulfilling needs. Hence, you must always suffer, since you have many needs.

Imagine needing nothing at all. The very moment you experience the NEED for nothing is the very moment you will no longer experience your “self” as you have defined. This will be a very Sacred Moment, indeed!

M: So I could just “think” money into existence, right?

J: Not if you define your “self” as IN NEED, which would be a definition based on belief IN LACK. This is exactly how you currently experience yourself and this makes you victim to circumstances since you would not define yourself in this way if the world did not corroborate and support that definition. Yet, this is the “world’s” purpose as YOU have determined it.

BEING is of the mind and in the mind, but only because there is no division between an "outside" and an "inside" except when YOU divide them up. However, to one who “exists” based on the need to fill a lack, fear must always define that existence. Your fear directs your needs and never a thought enters your mind without pointing to a past or future means of filling a need and this you have ultimately defined as “happiness.”

Seeking for happiness is the definition of hell, because to seek what you lack means you have not found what YOU require. Hell is lack and lack is of your making since you were Created needing nothing.

To one who lacks nothing, no fear exists and a joy unconditioned by lack or loss guides your existence. This joy is indicative of complete fulfillment and the end of all “seeking.” Consider this: would you not be happier, if you no longer needed to seek happiness because there is no lack of it?

In your mind, “lack” must be present, but only because you would not exist as you now define yourself. Not to be, what you BELIEVE you are, is very frightening to one defined by seeking to fill a lack. Defining yourself by lack clearly limits what you can “think into existence.” At present, you could NOT “think money into existence” since that would collide with your belief in lack, which would negate the “self” from ever having existed, since it "exists" by and through lack.

M: So “lack” does not exist, even though people are starving for “lack” of food.

J: Lack and loss are of your making and you believe very strongly in what you make REAL, so much so that you deny you are its maker in order to achieve subservience to what you make by separating and dividing yourself from it. You see lack and loss everywhere and it does result in suffering, because that is the purpose you have assigned it in your separation from what you made. Your mind IS impoverished if starvation is what you see. An impoverished mind must project “lack” which demands that “others” must also need. This is because division is a fantasy you devised to hide from yourself. The mind is unconditional and does NOT lack for anything, but it can engage in conditional fantasies.

The complete healing of One Mind can nourish entire continents if that mind WILLS to be healed completely. I have proven the Truth of this, although it was misinterpreted as an external phenomenon and denied as possible within all minds.

M: So I can feed the starving multitudes?

J: If you are adverse to heaven and choose hell, the “multitudes” choose with you because WILL is the only correspondence you share. You do not share separate experiences of hell, since hell is clearly an experience of separation, but you do share the WILL to experience hell. However, you can share the WILL for Heaven just as easily, since that was the purpose of your Creation and you cannot lose or lack your purpose through your insane ideas. Unfortunately, for now, you continue to see this as the more difficult of the two and this is why you see only one.

M: But I don’t only see lack and poverty because I also see people with great wealth, too.

J: The self requires a contrast of opposites in order to uphold its allegiance to separate suffering. How else would you resist the Truth that has no opposite, if not through such opposing perceptions? Concepts of “wealth” must be conceived in order to establish NEED as the self’s founding principle. However, all deluded principles become inconsequential upon return to sanity.

M: So I should just believe I have everything?

J: I would suggest that you recognize you NEED NOTHING, as opposed to HAVING EVERYTHING, because the “self” will not then seek to inventory the “everything” I claim you HAVE, but you do not yet believe. You should not seek to demonize the “self" you idolize, but simply allow Truth to slowly dawn upon it. It will melt like ice in the light of Truth and in this way you will not be shocked or appalled at what you thought REAL.

In fact, this melting of fear is exactly what is occurring. The self is composed and constructed of fear. Therefore, the more fear that can be denied it, the more truth it will eventually experience. This is NOT God’s decision, but the path you have chosen and ask that I guide you and, so, it is the learning path we follow. Accurate learning cannot occur in an environment of fear and your mind is the environment through which learning must take place. Although learning is certain, fear causes distractions within the classroom thereby obstructing efficient apprehension of the chosen curriculum. This is the distracting delay you experience but deny that fear is the cause. Be distracted no longer by fear and know the Truth of what you ARE.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Look for Your Completion

M: How can I get beyond this feeling of sacrifice and loss in relation to what you teach?

J: Loss is defined by sacrifice, and you must ask how you can feel loss when there is nothing you can lose simply because there is nothing you are WITHOUT. You are not incomplete but whole, thus nothing can be lost to that which is complete as this would negate completion.

There is nothing here that can sustain you and valuing it for that purpose only perpetuates your lack of sustenance and your feeling of loss. Valuing anything as necessary to attain completion, only reinforces your belief in your incompletion.

Nevertheless, you have always felt that something was missing. You have lived with an emptiness that your struggles to fill have only served to further deepen. Every “loving” relationship, every moment of pleasure, every object coveted, has left you still feeling incomplete. Your relationships drain and disillusion you, your moments of pleasure fade and all objects lose their value. You are desensitized to the very reality you manifest simply because nothing can complete that which is already complete.

Your search is over simply because you have no "needs" and, thus, there is nothing to seek.

However, you do sense something there, beyond your perception, that you believe must sustain and complete you. Yet, you will never seek further then your expectations allow. As time passes, your expectations become less desirable only because you expect less, yet still hope for more.

You will eventually exhaust the search simply because in the end, death is your only prize and this is your most valuable expectation, since this you do not doubt . In your world you believe death is the only "need" you must fulfill. I teach that this, of all the beliefs you idolize, must be doubted above all.

This would be so very sad if even one aspect of this predicament were true. However, I teach that every belief you hold in your mind is patently false. Nothing you see or hear and every thought based solely on what the body’s “senses” need is delusional. Every concept in your mind that you employ to inform your choices is an indisputable lie and although you DO dispute this, the truth simply awaits your acknowledgment.

The only completion required is the complete disposal of all you have learned that teaches you are incomplete. You are beginning to have faith that there might be something more then what you have learned and this brings heaven that much closer. Heaven does not require sacrifice, only acknowledgment of its total completion and in that you acknowledge your own completion.

M: The problem is that I can’t let go of every belief, since how would I be able to interact with others or, in fact, do my job. If I let go every belief that I have based on the past, how could I continue to function? I’m afraid that what you teach is sacrifice to my mind.

J: Fear is your teacher and demands you teach what IT taught, therefore you have no idea of your function. Look at your world. Do you not teach what it taught you? Every thought in your mind teaches what you believe MUST be true.

I am here to teach you how to perceive differently so that learning can change. God does not “perceive” and heaven has no “perceptions” for which you will choose one above another. Love does not discriminate, but in a world that must be perceived, love cannot be SEEN and so, must be taught. If you learn from me, love is what you will teach and that curriculum is fearless.

I am teaching you to perceive love where you believe it is NOT and from that learning your perceptions will inform your actions, simply because what you perceive was determined before you perceived it. This is the goal that we must agree on.

In relation to the things that you “must” do, there is no reason to discontinue your “doing.” Yet, through a change in perception your "doing" will be transformed.

If you examine your current beliefs, you will see that what you DO must entail some degree of suffering. This is what you WILL experience in everything you DO as long as you do it for the reasons YOU think.

You have no idea of the reason why you DO anything, although you DO allow the world to determine your purpose and this is why you suffer. The world cannot teach what it does not know, so why allow it this function?

Consistent inquiring into your "purpose" may assist you in processing goals for your future, since currently, you do believe in your future. However, the goal must be determined from that part of you that has no investment in the world you believe is real. That part waits within.

Do you set your goals by the voice for truth or are your goals determined by the voices of the world, which loudly proclaim your incompletion and your need to suffer. Each day you must ask “whose goal do I choose?” Once the correct goal is determined, you will easily transform everything you do into a platform for ever greater peace and joy.

Inevitably, you must choose, and what you experience determines what you HAVE chosen. Do you experience joy or sorrow, peace or war, love or fear, freedom or bondage?

As you can plainly see, what I teach is very easy to learn and in what you experience there can be no mistaking the teacher you have chosen. What is your experience right now?

Do you really believe you know what you need? Do you believe you were Created incomplete and thereby have needs that must be filled? You must, since you live as if this were true and in all your goals and purposes you merely substitute the Truth of Heaven for your belief in incompletion. Look no further then your suffering, as it proves this substitution has occurred.

There is ever only one goal and that has been established by your Being. In time, all your goals will attest to your completion since you will teach it and, therefore, you will perceive it everywhere you look.

Look for it now!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

To Know It, You Must Teach It

M: I would like you to comment on the first part of this prayer by St Francis of Assisi

"Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
where there is injury, pardon;"

J: "Lord, make me an instrument of your peace ."

You ARE peace as God Created, yet you are NOT fully aware of what you are because war distracts your attention and fills your mind and thus you deny what you ARE, because you believe you have no choice. You believe you must prepare for war, yet still seek peace. However, if you believe that war is possible, you deny that you ARE peace.

God does not Create opposites, but God did Create YOU. When belief in war is alleviated, you will no longer SEE it. Every thought in your mind that does not attest to perfect peace, is a belief in war on some level and an affirmation of opposites. Nothing can oppose what God Created why would you believe the opposite?

Perfection has no opposite simply because there is nothing opposite God. Your belief in the opposite of peace is a belief in the opposite of perfection and this is why your mind holds both peace and war. God is unaware of your opposites.

You taught yourself war and, therefore, to learn peace you must teach it instead. Otherwise how could you ever know it in a world where peace is opposed by war. When peace is ALL you know, then there will be nothing to oppose the perfect peace that you ARE.

"Where there is hatred, let me sow love;"

You ARE love , yet you are NOT fully aware of what you are because hate distracts your attention and fills your mind and thus you deny what you ARE, because you believe you have no choice. You taught yourself hate and therefore, to learn love you must teach love instead. Otherwise, how would you ever know it in a world where love is opposed by hate. You believe you can have thoughts other then love. Therefore, you deny your perfection because perfection can have no opposite.

You will always seek oneness in a world of multiplicity and therefore, love must be sown for oneness to be known. Because God does not know hate , when you know love and nothing else, you will be love and nothing else. This is the "likeness" of God.

"Where there is injury, pardon:"

You were never pardoned because you have NO guilt . Yet, you refuse your innocence because judgment distracts your attention and fills your mind and thus you deny what you ARE because you believe you are guilty . Creation made you perfect, you judged yourself guilty and now you must forgive ALL in order to know your innocence. YOU are the world and the world is NOT separate from YOU, indict the world and YOU must suffer.

What God Creates requires no judgment of any kind, since what God creates cannot be harmed and thus, is guilty of nothing. To know your innocence you must teach forgiveness, otherwise how would you ever learn of it, in a world were all are judged and guilt demands vengeance. Make no mistake, those who believe in guilt, believe in harm.

Because you deny yourself as God Created, and project your "self" as something else, you have many choices and what you choose you will learn by teaching . You have learned war, hate and guilt and if you teach it, you must continue to learn it and this will fill your mind and you will deny what you ARE in your awareness of something else.

You may deny truth and choose something else, but you cannot negate it. If you fill your mind with peace and love, you will be fully aware of the perfect innocence that you ARE. But to learn the truth...

you must teach it...

Monday, December 1, 2008

All of It (conclusion)

M: I still don’t think it's possible for anyone to eagerly embrace suffering.

J: In what ways do you suffer?

M: Well, I’m not really suffering at the moment. I feel a little tired and I have a slight headache. I am a bit discouraged about my money situation and a little worried about the future, with this “economic meltdown” we seem to be going through.

J: You will remedy your headache with medicine and your tiredness with sleep and these discomforts you have normalized. The body only follows the mind’s lead and it is the mind that gives the body its direction, although you often reverse this.

However, you will seek to escape your discouragement and anxiety. Yet, they will return, causing you to seek other means and so on. It is fear that defines your need to escape.

I ask that you NOT fear your mind.

I ask that you not fear you moods or emotions. Nor need you fear your secret thoughts, your anger or rage, your accusations and complaints, your fantasies and dreams, your failures and successes. Do not fear your judgments and your hatreds nor even the regret and remorse that always follow. Let your memories be fearless so that you can seek to remember ALL OF IT.

Do not seek to predict your actions in order to hide from your judgments. Although you prepare for your world in many ways, recognize there is no need to prepare because preparation denotes fear and fear has always demanded you escape it.

If your mind gives you visions of horror, do not hide from what you see and if you wish to see more, do not deny this desire. When you become enraged by your world, do not seek to escape the “self” that rages. When you desire more of what you do not need, do not attempt to abridge or impede the extent of your desires.

You must be guiltless in order to see clearly, what CANNOT BE. When you SEE it, you will be willing to part with it and joyfully we will exchange gifts.

M: So you want me to live my life in fear.

J: Your life IS lived in fear, yet you seek to escape that fact. I ask that you no longer deny by seeing it clearly. This you have yet to do, but it is certain you will.

You will only see clearly when you no longer run from your mind , but seek to fully know ALL OF IT. Do not fear what you made REAL because what you made real was made to be feared and we must change that purpose. A new purpose will appear, but only when you SEE DIFFERENTLY what you made and that is contingent on that you see ALL OF IT.

M: What about love? Should I give that to you as well?

J: That is the product of our exchange, but only when you are ready to exchange. When you keep FEAR for yourself, I cannot receive, nor can I take it from you, simply because it does NOT exist. Yet, you believe you HAVE it and this is why you do NOT have love. You must exchange fear for love because you cannot have both as one has conditions, the other none at all.

Feel free to suffer with this as long as you so choose.