Monday, December 1, 2008

All of It (conclusion)

M: I still don’t think it's possible for anyone to eagerly embrace suffering.

J: In what ways do you suffer?

M: Well, I’m not really suffering at the moment. I feel a little tired and I have a slight headache. I am a bit discouraged about my money situation and a little worried about the future, with this “economic meltdown” we seem to be going through.

J: You will remedy your headache with medicine and your tiredness with sleep and these discomforts you have normalized. The body only follows the mind’s lead and it is the mind that gives the body its direction, although you often reverse this.

However, you will seek to escape your discouragement and anxiety. Yet, they will return, causing you to seek other means and so on. It is fear that defines your need to escape.

I ask that you NOT fear your mind.

I ask that you not fear you moods or emotions. Nor need you fear your secret thoughts, your anger or rage, your accusations and complaints, your fantasies and dreams, your failures and successes. Do not fear your judgments and your hatreds nor even the regret and remorse that always follow. Let your memories be fearless so that you can seek to remember ALL OF IT.

Do not seek to predict your actions in order to hide from your judgments. Although you prepare for your world in many ways, recognize there is no need to prepare because preparation denotes fear and fear has always demanded you escape it.

If your mind gives you visions of horror, do not hide from what you see and if you wish to see more, do not deny this desire. When you become enraged by your world, do not seek to escape the “self” that rages. When you desire more of what you do not need, do not attempt to abridge or impede the extent of your desires.

You must be guiltless in order to see clearly, what CANNOT BE. When you SEE it, you will be willing to part with it and joyfully we will exchange gifts.

M: So you want me to live my life in fear.

J: Your life IS lived in fear, yet you seek to escape that fact. I ask that you no longer deny by seeing it clearly. This you have yet to do, but it is certain you will.

You will only see clearly when you no longer run from your mind , but seek to fully know ALL OF IT. Do not fear what you made REAL because what you made real was made to be feared and we must change that purpose. A new purpose will appear, but only when you SEE DIFFERENTLY what you made and that is contingent on that you see ALL OF IT.

M: What about love? Should I give that to you as well?

J: That is the product of our exchange, but only when you are ready to exchange. When you keep FEAR for yourself, I cannot receive, nor can I take it from you, simply because it does NOT exist. Yet, you believe you HAVE it and this is why you do NOT have love. You must exchange fear for love because you cannot have both as one has conditions, the other none at all.

Feel free to suffer with this as long as you so choose.


  1. This is it. The stage of movement with no moving. Fear is what drives all I experience. It drives my wanting "enlightenment". Yet, "enlightenment" is simply another of the endless strings of escape.

    To stand and be fear, allowing all its permutations to be free and expressed. That is the first pure form of truth. Perhaps that would be made known as a path for crazies like me. Whahoo!

  2. "To stand and be fear, allowing all its permutations to be free and expressed. That is the first pure form of truth."

    Hey Michael,

    Well said!