Wednesday, December 24, 2008

CHRISTMAS: An Experiment in Truth

M: Each year I seem to have more difficulties with the Christmas holiday then the year before. I find no value in it whatsoever.

J: When you state that you “find no value” what you mean to say is that you give no value. Value is a product of your mind that precedes and determines what you see, for otherwise, you would not SEE anything at all.

Indeed, what you DO value is your “difficulties with the Christmas holiday” and you DO see that with little difficulty.

M: So I should value the rampant consumerism and materialism of the holiday?

J: You do value this, for why else would it be perceived and attacked. Although this type of “valuing” adds by subtraction and thus, fails to correct for what could be seen. Perception in the name of attack, must always find its target.

You do recognize that the holiday, or "holy day," was originally established to celebrate the birth of your “savior,” but you also value this perception in order to subtract and not add to your experience. This is because you believe you have NOT experienced salvation and thus you see a “world” unsaved and guilty. Hence, you believe your withholding of value is justified on both counts.

M: That’s right, the day has no meaning. What meaning should it have?

J: I simply ask that you SEE it as a day free of ALL “difficulty.”

However, even this perception would be “difficult” because you have become accustomed to valuing your “self” based on your reaction to “problems.” Self-esteem is based on the ability to effectively overcome and cope with the problems that the ‘self’ creates. This self-imposed circular value scale is reliable, but completely invalid. It is only reliable because as long as you rely on it problems are expected.

The scale is invalid because it is determined by the variables being separate, or “outside,” the mind and thus beyond the realm of control. No problems could ever exist if the variables, or cause of problems, were accurately evaluated as to origin. Essentially, this IS your only problem.

The mind is the origin of ALL problems and correction is only applicable at that starting point. You do apply corrective measures to your value scale thereby adjusting the degree of difficulty you experience, but you MUST always perceive difficulties. Difficulties and problems are experienced, but at varying levels based on what you give value to IN the “world.” Even problems attributed to the “self” are dependent on the self being IN the world.

Nevertheless, you deeply wish to be problem-free, but refuse to believe that this would require discarding your value scale entirely, since it is the cause of all your problems. It is always how you SEE and not what you SEE that is cause of suffering, which is why I ask that you SEE DIFFERENTLY.

M: So if I get rid of all values will that improve how I see Christmas?

J: You could never accept being without some scale or system of value. The “self” could not exist in nothingness because you have determined that it be "something." This is why I provide a system more adequate to OUR goal, which is the complete eradication of ALL fear. Perceiving Christmas, and all your “days,” absent of fear, with no resistance to that absence, would cause perfect peace to inevitably fill the void. There must always be one or the other, but never both.

You either SEE through a prism of light or through a facade of fear. A prism spreads light, making Truth easily discernible. A facade only blocks the Truth that the light would permit you to see. Either way you must SEE through what YOU have determined as valuable. I simply ask that you discard your values and accept mine.

M: You’re actually saying that my problem with Christmas is that I fear it?

J: On some level, and you believe you “exist” through a multitude of levels, you fear everything you perceive. This is solely because perception, or the need to find meaning through the body’s “eyes,” originates from fear. Your fears are grounded in your inability to control an “outside” world that your “eyes” give witness to as uncontrollable, denying this is your choice. At times, you take great pride in an illusion of control, although you do recognize that the slightest opposing breeze could send your plans whirling into oblivion. Even in your greatest feats of control, you fear it could all come crashing down without a moments notice.

Christmas holds a unique position in your spectrum of fear, since it allows you a sense of control in projecting your fear onto a specified target. You have many specialized targets, yet Christmas is special in that guilt is tailored, not to a single individual, but to your whole world. This allows you the delusion of innocence through indictment of a guilty world “outside” you.

But you must suffer, since even this delusion of control does little to deny that their guilt is YOURS because there is no division.

This is the “difficulty” as you perceive it, based on your skewed value system, which seeks only to absolve YOU of guilt. This merely intensifies the fear of an uncontrollable world that you are part of, by denying that you are THE WHOLE.

The “self” is very clever and sophisticated in its attempts to offset YOUR guilt by projecting it outward to a “world.” In this way, your problems are detached from YOU and can only be found in an “outside” world. Yet, as I teach, you are your world and there is nothing you can find IN the world that is not first IN YOU.

M: I still don’t see how this will help me have no difficulty, or even less difficulties, with Christmas.

J: You can always have “less” difficulty by adjusting your perceptions to SEE with LESS fear. But you can never have NO difficulties as long as you value fear above peace. Therefore, I would suggest you accept the need to be free of your values because they are solely based in fear. To be completely free of difficulty is to be completely free of fear. Truth has no “difficulties” because fear is a lie.

Forget what you need, deny your losses, ignore what you lack and have trust in the values I teach. This involves a “leap of faith” that you have been loathe to even consider.

Nevertheless, for just one day you may wish to experiment with Truth.

For just one day, you may wish to drop your values and replace with mine. I value everything BUT fear. I assure you that by doing so you will experience something quite profound and never before encountered. I cannot adequately describe what a total absence of fear would be like, since the “self’ would seek to negate by making comparisons, all based in fear. Besides, you cannot understand an experience you have steadfastly refused to remember, at least until you refuse no longer.

Make no mistake, this time was established BY YOU and is completely under YOUR CONTROL as long as you are without fear. YOU have determined that this one day, out of all others, should have profound significance. I ask that you discard your values and substitute mine and finally experience the meaning of that significance. It is certain you will, but when is your choice.

Choose this one day in time to escape the limitations of time for all eternity. Essentially, you have nothing to lose but fear and you will gain everything in return. If you value Christmas completely free of all fear, you will see it without difficulty and celebrate not with "difficulty," but through absolute freedom.

Let the world be reborn through YOUR FREEDOM from fear.

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