Thursday, December 18, 2008

Defined by Lack and Loss

M: Seems like the economic system is collapsing and I find myself worried for my families financial future.

J: A “self” defined by external circumstances can only substitute fear in place of perfect peace, because you have determined that external circumstances conform to “chance” and therefore, you LACK control of your “self."

Circumstances do not determine your destiny, because you are God’s Choice and that is devoid of time constraints and beyond all circumstances. This Creative “choice” must also be available to you, because your WILL is not divided or separate from Creation. Therefore, as God lacks nothing, you lack nothing and have everything.

M: If I could just create money, I wouldn’t have to worry.

J: Worry would no doubt continue, since HAVING only reinforces LACK as the faulty premise of your Being - and there is no argument that you deeply desire to BE.

There is no end to this circular logic, since a belief in lack precedes and fuels your belief in NEED. Essentially, to substitute your belief in lack with infinite HAVING would be to change your definition of BEING entirely. You might wish to consider this viewpoint since it does entail less fear.

You determine your worth based on your circumstances and if circumstances are lacking you are determined to suffer. Circumstances must always be lacking, since your lack subsequently defines your NEEDS and the “self” must have needs in order to exist as an active “self” engaged in fulfilling needs. Hence, you must always suffer, since you have many needs.

Imagine needing nothing at all. The very moment you experience the NEED for nothing is the very moment you will no longer experience your “self” as you have defined. This will be a very Sacred Moment, indeed!

M: So I could just “think” money into existence, right?

J: Not if you define your “self” as IN NEED, which would be a definition based on belief IN LACK. This is exactly how you currently experience yourself and this makes you victim to circumstances since you would not define yourself in this way if the world did not corroborate and support that definition. Yet, this is the “world’s” purpose as YOU have determined it.

BEING is of the mind and in the mind, but only because there is no division between an "outside" and an "inside" except when YOU divide them up. However, to one who “exists” based on the need to fill a lack, fear must always define that existence. Your fear directs your needs and never a thought enters your mind without pointing to a past or future means of filling a need and this you have ultimately defined as “happiness.”

Seeking for happiness is the definition of hell, because to seek what you lack means you have not found what YOU require. Hell is lack and lack is of your making since you were Created needing nothing.

To one who lacks nothing, no fear exists and a joy unconditioned by lack or loss guides your existence. This joy is indicative of complete fulfillment and the end of all “seeking.” Consider this: would you not be happier, if you no longer needed to seek happiness because there is no lack of it?

In your mind, “lack” must be present, but only because you would not exist as you now define yourself. Not to be, what you BELIEVE you are, is very frightening to one defined by seeking to fill a lack. Defining yourself by lack clearly limits what you can “think into existence.” At present, you could NOT “think money into existence” since that would collide with your belief in lack, which would negate the “self” from ever having existed, since it "exists" by and through lack.

M: So “lack” does not exist, even though people are starving for “lack” of food.

J: Lack and loss are of your making and you believe very strongly in what you make REAL, so much so that you deny you are its maker in order to achieve subservience to what you make by separating and dividing yourself from it. You see lack and loss everywhere and it does result in suffering, because that is the purpose you have assigned it in your separation from what you made. Your mind IS impoverished if starvation is what you see. An impoverished mind must project “lack” which demands that “others” must also need. This is because division is a fantasy you devised to hide from yourself. The mind is unconditional and does NOT lack for anything, but it can engage in conditional fantasies.

The complete healing of One Mind can nourish entire continents if that mind WILLS to be healed completely. I have proven the Truth of this, although it was misinterpreted as an external phenomenon and denied as possible within all minds.

M: So I can feed the starving multitudes?

J: If you are adverse to heaven and choose hell, the “multitudes” choose with you because WILL is the only correspondence you share. You do not share separate experiences of hell, since hell is clearly an experience of separation, but you do share the WILL to experience hell. However, you can share the WILL for Heaven just as easily, since that was the purpose of your Creation and you cannot lose or lack your purpose through your insane ideas. Unfortunately, for now, you continue to see this as the more difficult of the two and this is why you see only one.

M: But I don’t only see lack and poverty because I also see people with great wealth, too.

J: The self requires a contrast of opposites in order to uphold its allegiance to separate suffering. How else would you resist the Truth that has no opposite, if not through such opposing perceptions? Concepts of “wealth” must be conceived in order to establish NEED as the self’s founding principle. However, all deluded principles become inconsequential upon return to sanity.

M: So I should just believe I have everything?

J: I would suggest that you recognize you NEED NOTHING, as opposed to HAVING EVERYTHING, because the “self” will not then seek to inventory the “everything” I claim you HAVE, but you do not yet believe. You should not seek to demonize the “self" you idolize, but simply allow Truth to slowly dawn upon it. It will melt like ice in the light of Truth and in this way you will not be shocked or appalled at what you thought REAL.

In fact, this melting of fear is exactly what is occurring. The self is composed and constructed of fear. Therefore, the more fear that can be denied it, the more truth it will eventually experience. This is NOT God’s decision, but the path you have chosen and ask that I guide you and, so, it is the learning path we follow. Accurate learning cannot occur in an environment of fear and your mind is the environment through which learning must take place. Although learning is certain, fear causes distractions within the classroom thereby obstructing efficient apprehension of the chosen curriculum. This is the distracting delay you experience but deny that fear is the cause. Be distracted no longer by fear and know the Truth of what you ARE.

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