Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Look for Your Completion

M: How can I get beyond this feeling of sacrifice and loss in relation to what you teach?

J: Loss is defined by sacrifice, and you must ask how you can feel loss when there is nothing you can lose simply because there is nothing you are WITHOUT. You are not incomplete but whole, thus nothing can be lost to that which is complete as this would negate completion.

There is nothing here that can sustain you and valuing it for that purpose only perpetuates your lack of sustenance and your feeling of loss. Valuing anything as necessary to attain completion, only reinforces your belief in your incompletion.

Nevertheless, you have always felt that something was missing. You have lived with an emptiness that your struggles to fill have only served to further deepen. Every “loving” relationship, every moment of pleasure, every object coveted, has left you still feeling incomplete. Your relationships drain and disillusion you, your moments of pleasure fade and all objects lose their value. You are desensitized to the very reality you manifest simply because nothing can complete that which is already complete.

Your search is over simply because you have no "needs" and, thus, there is nothing to seek.

However, you do sense something there, beyond your perception, that you believe must sustain and complete you. Yet, you will never seek further then your expectations allow. As time passes, your expectations become less desirable only because you expect less, yet still hope for more.

You will eventually exhaust the search simply because in the end, death is your only prize and this is your most valuable expectation, since this you do not doubt . In your world you believe death is the only "need" you must fulfill. I teach that this, of all the beliefs you idolize, must be doubted above all.

This would be so very sad if even one aspect of this predicament were true. However, I teach that every belief you hold in your mind is patently false. Nothing you see or hear and every thought based solely on what the body’s “senses” need is delusional. Every concept in your mind that you employ to inform your choices is an indisputable lie and although you DO dispute this, the truth simply awaits your acknowledgment.

The only completion required is the complete disposal of all you have learned that teaches you are incomplete. You are beginning to have faith that there might be something more then what you have learned and this brings heaven that much closer. Heaven does not require sacrifice, only acknowledgment of its total completion and in that you acknowledge your own completion.

M: The problem is that I can’t let go of every belief, since how would I be able to interact with others or, in fact, do my job. If I let go every belief that I have based on the past, how could I continue to function? I’m afraid that what you teach is sacrifice to my mind.

J: Fear is your teacher and demands you teach what IT taught, therefore you have no idea of your function. Look at your world. Do you not teach what it taught you? Every thought in your mind teaches what you believe MUST be true.

I am here to teach you how to perceive differently so that learning can change. God does not “perceive” and heaven has no “perceptions” for which you will choose one above another. Love does not discriminate, but in a world that must be perceived, love cannot be SEEN and so, must be taught. If you learn from me, love is what you will teach and that curriculum is fearless.

I am teaching you to perceive love where you believe it is NOT and from that learning your perceptions will inform your actions, simply because what you perceive was determined before you perceived it. This is the goal that we must agree on.

In relation to the things that you “must” do, there is no reason to discontinue your “doing.” Yet, through a change in perception your "doing" will be transformed.

If you examine your current beliefs, you will see that what you DO must entail some degree of suffering. This is what you WILL experience in everything you DO as long as you do it for the reasons YOU think.

You have no idea of the reason why you DO anything, although you DO allow the world to determine your purpose and this is why you suffer. The world cannot teach what it does not know, so why allow it this function?

Consistent inquiring into your "purpose" may assist you in processing goals for your future, since currently, you do believe in your future. However, the goal must be determined from that part of you that has no investment in the world you believe is real. That part waits within.

Do you set your goals by the voice for truth or are your goals determined by the voices of the world, which loudly proclaim your incompletion and your need to suffer. Each day you must ask “whose goal do I choose?” Once the correct goal is determined, you will easily transform everything you do into a platform for ever greater peace and joy.

Inevitably, you must choose, and what you experience determines what you HAVE chosen. Do you experience joy or sorrow, peace or war, love or fear, freedom or bondage?

As you can plainly see, what I teach is very easy to learn and in what you experience there can be no mistaking the teacher you have chosen. What is your experience right now?

Do you really believe you know what you need? Do you believe you were Created incomplete and thereby have needs that must be filled? You must, since you live as if this were true and in all your goals and purposes you merely substitute the Truth of Heaven for your belief in incompletion. Look no further then your suffering, as it proves this substitution has occurred.

There is ever only one goal and that has been established by your Being. In time, all your goals will attest to your completion since you will teach it and, therefore, you will perceive it everywhere you look.

Look for it now!

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