Wednesday, December 24, 2008

You Made It All Up

M: I don’t understand how you can say that there is no world?

J: I do not teach that there is “no world,” only that the world you see cannot possibly exist the way you SEE it. Everything you SEE as "real" is contingent on it being “real” before you SEE it and not as you SEE it. If you continue to apply properties of the past you will never realize the NOW that does not require "time."

Nothing exists as "real" until the moment YOU experience it. When there is NO "before" to your world, your world will be free because you will no longer chain your "self" to it.

M: I experience the world as real. “Real” means it exists for me.

J: You define it as “real” and, therefore, it “exists.” Obviously, “real” is what you say it is, for why else would you say it.

M: No. It exists and so I define it as real.

J: But who defines the "I" that defines the “real”? Make no mistake, you define everything and everything bends to conform to your concept of "self." The solution is quite simple. Change the "self" and change the "world."

M: Ok, I get where you’re going with this. So I should just live in my mind and not trust my senses? But, how would that keep me from walking into walls?

J: If you lived exclusively through the mind and not the body, "walls" could be moved as easily as mountains.

M: How does one “live exclusively through the mind” without using the senses?

J: If the mind is cause of the body, what need for the body and if the world you “sense” through the body is cause of fear, what need for fear? If fear caused the world, what need for the world?

If mind is source of all that you experience, what needs could you have that cannot be provided? Yet, you believe you need much more than your mind can provide. Thus, you have created a "world" for which to escape from your "self." But this is delusion because nothing leaves you.

Contrary to the world’s teaching, you do live exclusively through your mind, yet you have assigned yourself responsibility for only parts of the whole. You allow responsibility for anger, but not for war, although both have been justified as "real." I teach that there is no difference because bodily sensation is a delusion. Nevertheless, rest assured, nothing ever leaves YOU.

M: But I experience the world as outside of me.

J: This is because you are alienated from your ‘self’ and it stands to reason that all else must bend to join with that “experience.” The experience of being "outside" yourself is symbolic of alienation, but only because you do not know who you ARE. Know the Truth and experience must conform accordingly.

M: So how do I rejoin my “self”?

J: By realizing the “self” is not what you ARE and that you made it up. You take very seriously that which you feel controls you and this helps you deny that you made it thereby giving it power to MAKE YOU. You do not take seriously that which you make, because you feel powerless to make anything that will save you. Recognize you made the “self” and regain the control necessary to save your world.

M: So you’re saying that I should take myself more seriously?

J: Take serious what you made, but only to understand that you made it. In that way, it can no longer seriously trouble you. But recognize that you made everything and, in that realization, you will not have a care in the world. The world can no longer harm you when YOU are its maker, since you will no longer make it harmful.

M: Where does God enter into this equation?

J: God made you, but NOT as you know your “self,” but as God KNOWS. Learn who YOU are and know God. This is not at all complicated simply because there is no “formula” to Truth. Yet, you live by your formulations and so, must die by them, since YOU made death.

M: But I don’t want to die.

J: Then seek me out in another and LIVE. You are ready for the next stage of the curriculum and we must not delay. Because you are so deeply obsessed with an “outside” world, it is there that you must look to find Truth.

Make no mistake, I have returned. Why do you refuse to see me?

M: I didn’t know I was looking for you.

J: There is so much that you do SEE and, therefore, it is no surprise that I have been missed. It is time for you to give up your useless search for salvation and seek only for ME. I will wait, as I always have.

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