Friday, December 18, 2009

"Real" is a Concept of your Invention

M: So everything I see is not real?

J: “Real” is a concept of your invention that is present nowhere in Creation. Therefore, everything you see IS certainly “real” otherwise, you would not SEE it. I merely teach that what you make “real” is not True and therefore, it is only “real” for you. Nothing I have ever taught can be “seen” to be learned. Nevertheless, once it is known it will be “seen” everywhere, because it IS everywhere.

M: What do you mean everything I see, I make real? I see it because it’s real. If it wasn’t real I wouldn’t see it.

J: Reality for you is entirely contingent on bodily sensation. Without sensing an embodied ‘self,’ you do not believe YOU could be “real,” simply because the body represents an external world for which to contrast an internal ‘self’ against.

You do believe “you” are both “inside” and “outside” and it is this distinction that defines “hell.”

It is an outside “world” that limits you, because you believe you were created from IT. Nevertheless, you were Created without limits or conditions of any kind, but find it necessary to limit your ‘self’ through an "outside" world. All limits you make real and that is what you experience, because you believe nothing can be experienced separate from what can be sensed as “real.”

Truth is certain, simply because it is what YOU are. However, sensation will have absolutely nothing to do with that experience until Truth is learned and then sensation will adjust accordingly, since it will have no reason to resist any longer.

M: So nothing you teach can be found in the world?

J: Truth “can be found in the world” because when you learn it, you will SEE nothing else, no matter what direction you “look.” This is contingent on “learning,” but only because you require it be learned. Truth need not be learned, since it IS, whether you learn it or NOT. Understand this and learning is complete.

However, if you see it nowhere you look, then what you SEE is meaningless because, although you call it “real” it is not in any way True.

M: So how can I perceive the world as meaningless when I still must respond to it as if it were real?

J: You do not believe your dreams are “real” and, in judging that what you “perceive” is nothing more than a dream, you have no need of fear in judging that you could easily brush it all away with a wave of your hand. Yet, why do that, when it is yours to make as you choose with no limits to what CAN be experienced.

This IS the "Final Judgment."

The concept of “real” limits you and, thus, determines the conditions of your suffering. Nevertheless, it is a concept of your invention and can be easily brushed aside if you so choose.

M: So I should respond to the world as if it were a dream?

J: To respond “as if” is a poor attempt to deny the reality you demand by calling it “real.” It is REAL to you and to deny this only results in the misunderstanding that calls reality an “illusion,” but continues to advise that you seek rewards from what is not there. How can what is NOT there, reward you?

Creation extends Truth, but you make reality instead and, therefore, your reward is suffering because what believes Truth can be absent, can only suffer from an absence that is NOT True. Only Truth rewards, simply by nature of what IT IS and it is undeniably YOU.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Your Facts are Fiction

M: I’m beginning to see little point to this and wonder if I should discontinue, since it’s all a bit too complicated for me. How can I learn what I can’t understand?

J: If you have turned away from understanding, it is because you demand understanding be on your terms. What I teach invalidates your terms completely and asks that you learn the same. I am not asking that you give up the world.
I only ask that you give up YOUR world, for it no longer serves you and you have long since given up serving IT. There is a better "world" for you to SEE if you believe it can be seen... as I see it.
M: What do you mean my world? Is my world different from the world others experience? We all experience primarily the same world.

J: If you mean that you “primarily” experience the setting and rising of the sun, then yes, you share agreement on that as fact. But you do not share YOUR experiences, only facts.
Bodies share only “approximations” of Truth, which cannot be Truth because Truth is never approximate, but total and complete. This is the loneliness you experience and, until experience can be shared, loneliness is a "fact."
The experience of loneliness cannot be shared, because it demands separation and YOU have determined that a fact of living.

M: I think I share a great deal with the people I love.

J: You share "facts" that only serve to veil the Truth. Yes, you could share a “great deal” if only you could love without "facts." But in your world “love” is also a fact and, because of that must always be fictional. Your facts are fiction because nothing your world “agrees” to believe as "truth," has ever been True, because Truth requires NO agreement to be True.

In fact, you agree on very little and rely on the past to determine what beliefs are "true." I say to you now, if every mind could agree on just one “fact” completely free of the past, that fact would instantly be Truth. Yet, if every mind could agree completely, facts would disappear forever and Truth is ALL you would experience. Agree on this "fact" alone, for it alone can save you.
You may share “a great deal” with those you have chosen to “love,” but conditional "love" cannot be shared and love that is NOT shared by all is NOT Love. Therefore, you share nothing with no one and “thinking” it is so may make it "real" in your world but there is much you have made "real" that is NOT TRUE and never will be. However, it does make it another “fact” and in your world, love conditioned on suffering is a fact.
M: So sharing my experience will save others?

J: Are they not a part of your experience? I continually ask that you exclude nothing.

M: I can’t share anything with people I don’t know.

J: What would that “knowing” entail? Their names and addresses? Bodily appearances? The job they hold or the car they drive? Would you require they have the same values and worship the same God? Seeing differences denies sharing and so, you must see differently in order TO share.

Are you certain that you even “know” those you have chosen to “love”? Strangers do not love and if in every moment you do not love what you SEE, then you have made it stranger to you. Love is Truth and there could never be a moment Truth is not True. However, you can believe otherwise, but this does not in anyway remove Truth, it simply permits you to believe YOU are removed.

Yet, this simply cannot be.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Release What You No Longer Want

M: You say I need to give up to you that which I don’t want. There are a lot of things that I don’t want. I don’t want to be poor, I don’t want to be sick and I don’t want to die, just to name a few.

J: Then why have you not given them to me? Why do you still retain what you do not want?

M: But I don’t really know exactly what it is that I’m giving you.

J: This is because you fear sacrifice and are, therefore, very careful about what you might lose. I teach that there is nothing you CAN lose. Release what you do not want and experience gain beyond all imagining.

M: But I don’t know how to “release” it. How do I give you my not wanting to be sick or poor?

J: Trust in what I teach and give up what you have learned, because what you have learned is solely based in fear. You have learned to be poor and sick, because this is not natural to Creation, but is completely natural to fear.
Death is in the world you imagine, yet, it has no basis in truth and truth is beyond your choices, since you did not Create it, but are free to experience it at will.

M: So I just trust in you and all my fears simply disappear? If I just give you the things I do not want, then I’ll be free of them? In other words, I will not be poor, I will never get sick and I will never die?

J: Trust in me with no reservations and completely without doubt and nothing you do not want can remain. Yet, make even one tiny compromise with Truth and you will keep what you have always kept and have what you have always had.

If you do not release what you do not want, you will continue to believe the world gives it to you and you will hate the world for what you receive. Your hatred only serves to deny that you give it to yourself and hate your 'self' for what you give.

M: I give myself poverty, sickness and death?

J: Confusion creates chaos. That which does not know itself must be confused and will inevitably experience chaos. The ego makes compromises with truth in order to protect what it believes and it believes in chaos. If chaos does not exist then neither can the ego.

M: I thought it was other people who were supposed to save me.

J: Salvation is complete, although you have yet to see it and until you do, you will not believe.

See salvation in them and YOU are saved. Continue to see poverty, sickness and death and you will believe it is real, and this will make it “real” for all minds.

M: What am I supposed to see?

J: Christ Vision is incomprehensible to a mind that relies exclusively on “sight.” You need simply give me what you do not want and you will see everything as it was Created, rather than how you imagined it.

M: What if I want certain things that are not good for me?

J: Why would you want what would harm you?

M: I want more money. I don’t see how that would harm me?

J: I ask only for what you do not want, but only when you are ready to release it to me. What you now experience is what you give yourself. If you experience a loss, or lack, of “money,” and this is what you do not want, then release it to me in the recognition that you no longer have need of it.

You will know you have released it when it no longer disturbs your peace. You have very little understanding of what you want, because you have no understanding of who you are. But you do understand what you do not want because you believe you suffer from it. Give me all that you suffer from and suffer no more.

In releasing to me what you do not want, you will understand who you are. When you understand who you are, you will realize that there is nothing that you want, because there is nothing that you need. When you understand that there is nothing that you need, there will be nothing more to learn because you have learned that you are complete.

M: Why don’t I just give you my whole experience of suffering?

J: In that release, you would realize you are complete. But, the ego that you rely on is not interested in your completion or wholeness, because it “sees” only parts. Therefore, give to me only the parts you do not want. Your ego will only allow gradual learning, but each “time” learning progresses, time is shortened until eventually you will no longer have need of time.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Controlling Consciousness

M: I feel controlled by the world, but you seem to say that I have control. How do I control the world?

J: By seeing no need for control.

M: But if I see no need for control, doesn’t that continue to make me victim to the world’s control?

J: Your experience of a world is indivisible from that ‘world.’ Yet, you insist it is external to you and beyond only the most rudimentary control. There is no division between an “inner” and “outer” world, yet you have made them into two distinct experiences. If you divide experience into exclusive parts, those parts must conflict with and exclude one another, because you experience them as opposite and thus, opposing. Conflict assumes a need to control parts and denies the experience is whole.

You will always feel controlled by that which is apart from you and so you feel compelled to impose control upon the parts, as opposed to the whole experience itself. This is why you will always feel controlled and alienated from your world.

What is whole requires no control, because it is unified as ONE. Seeing no need for control reunites you with your whole experience by returning it to its source. That which realizes itself as source, cannot be controlled by that which has no need to be controlled, because the parts no longer conflict.

M: So how do I make my experience of the world whole, in the recognition that I am the source of all my experiences?

J: Refuse to control it, in the recognition that there is no need for control.

M: Are you saying that I should not move out of the way if a bus is about to hit me?

J: Your goal of death has determined the many ways for which to experience death. If that was not your goal, you would not experience it and, make no mistake; your goals have determined your experiences long before the experience. Therefore, as long as death is your goal, your experiences will conform. See yourself as the source of this goal and redefine it.

M: That makes no sense. Death is not my goal. I don’t want to die!

J: You proclaim this with confidence. However, it is true that, of all your goals and grand plans, death is the only one you can be certain of, while all other goals are subordinate. Discard that one goal and all experiences must change accordingly, including “a bus is about to hit me.”

M: So my goal of death creates an experience of dying?

J: Creation is Truth. You fear Creation and so, you “create” nothing. As a result, although you do make your delusions “real,” you cannot make them true. “Real” is a concept you devised to evade Truth through delusional goals that are meaningless.

The goal of death makes dying “real.” Yet, since it is delusional, it cannot be True. Your goal of death makes delusional experiences “real” for you. Fortunately, if what you make “real” is not True, then obviously you have nothing to fear.

M: So how do I “create”?

J: Stop making delusions "real."

M: So how do I know what is real or not real?

J: Information provided by the body is always delusional, simply because the body is not True. However, we cannot deny that it is “real,” as that would be disingenuous, but only because you have made it “real.” What you make is finite and conforms to your goal of death, while Creation is infinite and conforms to God’s goal of eternity.What I teach is true, but you do NOT experience it as "real" and, therefore, truth is unknown to you.

M: You say that I have a goal of death. But I do not consciously choose to die.

J: The principle of death is very simple and is defined by loss. Need emerges from loss, because if nothing could be lost, nothing would be needed, because you would have everything. You believe death as the loss of everything, even though I teach there is nothing you are without. Therefore, the most important principle of life is that you live and not die and this, alone, is why death rules your life. Adhere no longer to the goal of death and learn to live.

Everything within consciousness is chosen, including the surrender of choice. You were not created to be victim to consciousness, because you ARE consciousness. Victimization is your choice.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

God's Creation Does Not "Exist"

M: Did Jesus Christ exist?

J: You believe that “existence” is an extension in "time" that appears to take up "space." I teach that if time and space are inventions of your mind, nothing "exists" but what you require be "real." Make no mistake; you are the inventor that denies his own inventions.

You have determined the criteria for "existence" and you believe that what does NOT meet your criteria cannot "exist" and, therefore, what does NOT exist cannot be known. This is why you believe God eludes you, while all the time standing right before your eyes. Your criteria blinds you, yet you refuse to surrender what you make "true.

Jesus Christ” is an invention you required and what you require will always meet your criteria for “existence," otherwise, you would NOT "perceive" it. Nevertheless, the criteria for perception is yours and NOT Gods. Truth has NO criteria.

M: But God gave Jesus Christ the task of spreading God’s message?

J: God does not assign "tasks," as if the performance of actions will lead to your salvation. Nevertheless, there is only one message, which is that you are free of all limits except what you impose upon your ‘self." I teach that you need do nothing at all, because anything you could do will only impose upon Truth. God does not impose upon Creation, because God is Creation, as is everything Created. There is NO division.

God would NOT choose “individuals” to teach what is known, since Truth is NOT available to parts of the whole, but only the whole. However, you choose parts of the whole and, thus, they always “exist” based on your criteria. You require learning through forms and, thus, forms "appear" as needed, but only because you think you need them. I teach that you need nothing.

M: So you’re saying Jesus Christ never existed? He was never crucified and did not resurrect from the dead?

J: I teach that “you” do not exist. Yet, you continue to crucify your "self," because you believe what “exists” must die. But, how can this be, if “you” do not exist?

“Existence” is a limit you idolize, simply because you have no faith in Creation. Existence must always conflict with its opposite, non-existence, and this is the tension that keeps you rigidly fixated on your “self” for fear it will one day cease to exist. Creation has NO opposite, thus, nothing conflicts and there is no tension. Existence requires birth and what is born must die. Creation is everlasting and does not conform to your time and space coordinates, because there is neither beginning nor end.

M: So I should no longer think of myself as “existing”?

J: “You” have no choice, as you now know your “self.” Fortunately, Creation is not a choice and, when it is known, “you” will cease to "exist" as you now know your "self" and lack of choice will be a joy unimaginable to “you” now.

God does not create identities in order to distinguish between parts of the whole, because to distinguish between parts is cause for fear and fear only causes conflict and conflict is what “you” experience through "existence." You are much more than this, only you cannot cease thinking that you are less and so, your thoughts limit you. Therefore, I ask that you think with me.

M: You say that “God would not choose individuals to teach what is known to all.” Well then, where does that leave you, since it appears you are teaching me.

J: And I say to you now, what has been said before: not one mind will be free until all are free as One Mind.

How separate minds choose to learn is inconsequential to the fact that it will be learned and that is certain, because Creation is certain, as are you. Nothing “exists” outside Creation and if you wish to deny this then you choose nothing instead. You are becoming very weary of that choice and so is the 'world.'

My teaching you, is your choice and this is because, contrary to your belief in your inadequacy and littleness, you will always teach yourself. Otherwise, how else would you learn?

Friday, August 28, 2009

You See What You Value

TO “perceive” is to look for and find. Your rejection and acceptance gives it value because if you did not in some way value it, it could not be SEEN. You teach the world what to value based on your belief that the world teaches YOU and it is this circularity that ultimately keeps you victim to yourself. If you value weakness, you must SEE it in the world and If you value fear, then the world must give you what you expect to experience. Therefore, if correction is to occur, it must happen IN your experience and not IN the world.

M: I became angry at my daughter yesterday because she had the hot water running and wasn’t using it. I then felt guilty for the anger, but justified as well.

J: Confusion is expected in the mind that denies responsibility, but justifies condemnation. To understand that you do this to yourself is to accept responsibility for your world. Make no mistake, such a shift in perception changes all things perceived. Until you understand this, you will continue to be confused by shifting emotions and passing thoughts and the world can only reflect this back to you. Seek clarity through responsibility for what you value.

M: I merely told my daughter not to run the hot water as it costs money and money is very limited now.

J: The only limitation that exists is within your mind and nowhere else. If you rely on “perception” to teach you Truth, you will be continuously disappointed because perception was not designed to SEE Truth and thus, cannot possibly “look” for IT. However, perception does SEE and look for “value” but only because it is your wish that this be so.

M: Yea, well that may be true on the level of reality you exist, were everything is Pollyanna perfect. However, the world I live in is clearly imperfect and requires a value system in order to make sense of it. If I had an abundance of money then of course I might not be concerned with saving it. But the reality is that I have bills that need to be paid and limited funds for which to pay them.

J: There is only ONE reality and I assure you, you are within IT always. However, to live as if this were not known will just as assuredly result in your perceiving that you are not “there.” Clearly, if you are not aware of ONE reality, you must then be aware of many and this results in confusion and confusion is fearful to the mind that demands to KNOW.

In order to minimize your confusion, you have constructed a "system of values" in order to prove to yourself that you are what you value yourself to be. God existed prior to your values, but it was your values that you believe ended God and so you live by your values and NOT Truth. When you no longer adhere to what you value, you will know who you are within that ONE reality because that ONE reality is YOU. This is the consistency you seek, for God has never changed.

M: How about giving me some advice I can use.

J: If you continue to determine “usefulness” based on your “value system,” then you will continue to reject what I teach and "history" proves this to be the case.

M: So you’re saying that I have to give up all my values and pretty much everything I believe in, to know myself in that ONE reality.

J: I teach that no sacrifice need be made and, in fact, sacrifice is exactly what you do “value” and your world reflects this. All your religions teach sacrifice as the path to God. In one way or another, to some degree and on some level, something must be given up in order that something be RECEIVED. In your world receiving love is defined by this very process and therefore, love is NOT experienced because sacrifice is a negation and you cannot possibly affirm love through negation. In many ways, degrees and levels you think your sacrifices have given you love, only to LOSE it again requiring further sacrifices be made. Is it any wonder you are confused, because if you value sacrifice, you do not value love.

I only ask that you clearly see WHAT you value and that you truly understand WHY you value it. This is a very simple procedure that you are often loathe to perform. This is because it causes you great fear to see in this way and again, the world reflects that fear in your repetitive compulsion to SEE it as it now IS. It will remain as you see it, until you choose to see it differently. You fear that if you see it differently, you may no longer want what the world values. I teach that when you no longer want what the world values, you will value the world. This is really the only option available for world peace and I recommend that you utilize this option since, as you are aware, you have exhausted all other options.

M: So I should not value money? Problem with that is that my family and I would be living on the street. In fact, if I did NOT value money I would probably be family-less. Once again, this Peter Pan advice is not applicable to the world I experience. I’m not experiencing your “ONE reality” but the reality I live in.

J: You live nowhere but in the mind and that is where "reality” resides and when you recognize that fact, you will experience a world of consistent peace because you will value only that. The mind provides nothing but what you allow for based on what you believe “valuable.” If you wish to experience “money” as necessary then so it must be. If you wish to experience yourself as having money then you will, however, if you wish to experience lack of money that too is in your power. Your experience is directly correlated with what you desire to SEE based on what you value SEEING. When you value peace above all value, this MUST be your experience.

M: But I don’t “wish” to experience lack of money, yet that is the experience nonetheless. I can’t deny reality through wishful thinking.

J: “Wishful thinking” is what made it "real." Yet, you strenuously reject that proposition.

M: But why would I desire or wish not to have money?

J: If you believe you are unworthy of God and the gift of consistent joy, what then would you be worthy of?

The problem, as I have frequently presented, is that you have appraised yourself unworthy OF even yourself and in that experience, limitation is born and given to the "world."

It is not your Source that is limited. But if you continue to believe YOU are that Source, you will not experience what is yours by nature of your Creation. It is certainly clear to understand why you must hate that which gave you BEING, since you so deeply despise yourself and, if you perceive yourself as despicable, you must believe, "how could God NOT see the same"? Thus, your only alternative is to hate that which hates you and the world teaches this. This is NOT conscious hate and you rarely even consider it. But this indifference born of hate is IN you and, make no mistake, what is IN you, must be IN your world

Joy is the only experience applicable to BEING and only you can limit that inexhaustible supply. This you do by simply “wishing” it away. However, what can never leave you must still be there, but if you continue to be indifferent to its presence, you have banished it from your sight. If you no longer SEE it, then you will substitute other "values" instead and this will be what you SEE. In determining value simply note what you SEE. This will attest to what you believe "valuable."

M: So I just have to “wish” for money and it will appear?

J: I wished for more than that and when I believed, it appeared to me, but only when I learned to value YOU above all else. However, if you wish for that which you believe impossible, it cannot appear, but only because you do not expect the impossible, for how could you value what is impossible? Such is the infinite power of belief.

This has always been the essence of my message. Nothing is beyond you and you are without nothing, because nothing is without YOU and everything is within. However, if you have substituted other "values" in place of this, then it is easy to understand why this would NOT be your experience.

The power of your mind is beyond comparison with any idea you can currently comprehend. Yet, I now ask that you stretch beyond the comprehension of what you believe "valuable" in order to finally understand your power. If you continue to value weakness as testament to the world you SEE, the world can only reflect what you give it and therefore, expect it should reflect.. Nevertheless, you will give it everything when everything is what you value and through SEEING that, is your power known to you.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Present

M: You keep using the concept of the “present” as something I should seek to be in. This is one of the many platitudes repeated in spiritual circles. How can I be in the present?

J: You are always “present,” yet believe you are "past." Nothing has happened, nothing will occur, and your fantasies to the contrary do not change this fact. Yet as long as you expect change there is much occurring and happening around you that seems beyond your ability to control. Your Being does not change. However, in your seeking to become, change is perceived as happening.

M: Why would I create a reality beyond my control?

J: You do not “create” as long as you believe you are NOT an extension of your Source. Extension IS Creation. You have the capacity to extend, but only in realizing that capacity. You believe you do NOT know this and therefore you do not experience your capacity. Until such time, you will misinterpret your function and this misinterpretation is what you SEE everywhere you look.

If God believed in littleness and weakness, you would not BE. The fact that you believe in littleness and weakness means you do not believe in God nor yourself, even though it is clearly a fact. Therefore the powers vested in you OF God are not available to that which chooses not to be aware OF those powers. How could it be otherwise?

In your ignorance of God and your Being, you do not Create, for how could you? However, what you do is “conceive." To conceive is to simply to think and, thus what you think is merely what the mind presents to you based on your belief as to what MUST be presented.

What you believe is what you will demand be true and you do most certainly believe that an external "world" is true. In your mind this is beyond question, yet in my mind it is beyond belief.

There is no mystery to this equation and even your sciences are teaching you this, although they fear the obvious conclusion. In fact, they will never teach you Truth only because you have set the limits to what can be learned and if you had not set such limits you would know . When you know, teaching is no longer necessary.

You have done this quite simply because you fear "revelation." However, you do allow for "glimpses" of the Truth periodically. Yet, in no way is Truth "revealed" since periodic learning addresses only parts. Nevertheless, this recognition of the parts only adds to your fear and keeps you distant from learning of the whole. All religion and spiritual practices allow for these partial glimpses, but never is the whole known, yet It is the whole that you seek.

Fear is your only limitation to knowing the whole and the only aspect of you that keeps you distant from this Truth. Nevertheless, you continue to deny this fact and demand that there must be some profound secret in the knowing of Creation and the joining with Heaven. You demand unrelenting sacrifice and suffering in order to reveal this “secret.” There is NO secret to God and ALL your sacrifice and suffering has been wasted.

When I learned how easy and effortless was the “knowing” of Creation, I was both overjoyed and appalled that such exquisite knowledge was always with me and that I had taken so long to see it. You too will be overjoyed and appalled, but take heart that your being appalled will last but the wisp of an instant, as your joy will lift you above the limitations you had “thought” were real.

Until then, your reality will continue as it must and, as long as you believe it must, you will SEE it no other way.

M: This is certainly not the gospel as taught by religions.

J: Be careful in your judgments of ignorance since ignorance is of you and born in you. Remember that those who live by belief will be loathe to surrender belief and will die for it, simply because they believe in death. This is the only belief that needs be re-evaluated. This is the power inherent in belief. You may rail at the ignorance of religion, as did I. Yet keep in mind that the idols of religion are no different then the idols worshiped outside of your concepts of God.

Both worship nothing and will take you nowhere and, if you fail to know your best interests, "nowhere" will continue to interest you.

All belief systems idolize and revere some part of a “reality” and justify the preservation of that partial system through the worship of the part. You may worship concepts of money or concepts of God, but in the end they must be seen as concepts not even mimicking even the tiniest aspects of the truth that you fail to see when you see ONLY parts.

You do have truth in your world since your Being is cause of God and, on some level, the effect must always touch whatever you see, only because YOU see it. Yet, this touching is mostly imperceptible since you rely on the body's sight which is greatly invested in death. Death is the ultimate distraction and as long as “self” is defined by body, death must be reflected in your perceptions, keeping you victim to what the body informs your mind must SEE.

In the present , death is SEEN as a misinterpretation of your function resulting in the replacement of sight with vision . Vision leaves out nothing and informs the mind of what sight will never SEE. Present vision will relieve you of the sight of past suffering and is the Truth you seek. I will teach you vision since as long as sight continues, you will continue to learn what you have always taught yourself and suffer from that learning.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

God Did NOT Cause Your World

M: Will all this learning result in some sort of “awakened” state of mind, similar to the reports of the “ancient masters”?

J: Your world is hypnotically captivated by the past and this fuels your compulsion to repeat the same lonely journey. A journey based on “reports” from the past can only take you backward to a past destination. From that destination, you will only arrive at this question and, once again, you will seek an answer from a past in which you are taught to repeat the journey once again. You travel in circles, crossing the same ancient burial grounds you crossed before, only to continually look back for the same answer from the past.

What is “known” cannot free you, for it is the past that keeps you in chains. Your salvation is unknown to the past and is only available when every vestige of past learning is gone.

M: Okay fine, but shouldn’t there be some changed state of mind to measure progress. You say I’m progressing, but all I can do is take your word for it. I have had no experience indicative of change.

J: Actually, you have progressed farther than you know. Yet, if there has been no “experience indicative of change” then clearly you have set the terms for knowing. Progress is assured, in fact, it is certain, but not on your terms. Until you are ready to accept God’s terms, you will continue to be disappointed with your own.

My role is not to teach God’s terms, as they require no learning, only to teach that yours will not save you.

M: It just seems there is entirely too much placed on my shoulders. I don’t have the power to realize these things you expect. I’m just an normal person with a normal life. I have no ability to change my world.

J: There is nothing "normal" about your world and, at times, you understand this with crystal clarity. You cannot realize any latent “ability” until you realize the world IS yours and YOU are your world.

To realize that the world is YOURS requires that you no longer fear parts of it. I expect that you will abolish all fear because I know it is certain and that is why I expect it will be done. I have NO doubt of your abilities because we are the same.

M: I have no control over the world.

J: Nor should you have reason for control “over the world.” Simply recognize you are cause and nothing more is needed. Change is in the cause and not the effects.

Yet, to recognize this requires you first understand that God would have no cause to create a world for which you would need to seek control, simply to alleviate the suffering caused from lack of control. However, in believing that God did NOT cause YOU, you will continue to seize control from a world that you believe did cause you. The world is not your maker. You made the world and you are cause for everything you experience.

God is only cause for YOU and not what you made in denial of this cause.

M: But if I made it, why is it I don’t know I’m the maker?

J: Because you are so deeply invested in “you,” which is also of your making. Imagine for a moment that you are cause of your world. What would this say about “you”? What would this say about your weakness, inadequacy and insignificance, for these are inherent to the “self” you have made?

The moment you realize what God knows, and would have you remember, is the very moment that that the “self” must cease to exist as YOU know it. The moment it becomes aware of its strength, it could not continue to exist and would immediately expire of the weight of its own weakness. Be prepared for this, for it is coming once again.

This is why you feel you must deny you are cause of your world, simply because you fear your strength which is caused by God. Your strength is simply beyond the ego's conception and therefore, the ego would not have you even presume such impudence.

But I would have you learn only the truth, as I am not influenced by an ego’s need for ignorance. You made the ego, yet what you have made has fooled you into believing that it made you. If you continue to rely on what you made to make you “happy,” it will ultimately deceive you into joining it's death.

I ask instead, that you join me in life.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

YOUR World is Meaningless

M: How can I function in the world that, as you say, I will come to believe is meaningless?

J: I do not teach that “the world” is meaningless. I teach that YOUR world is meaningless and YOU have made it so. However, you can change what you made simply because you are its maker. However, this entails that you believe you are maker and not God. God does not create the meaningless, because God created you. Look deeply upon what you SEE and know that the meaningless is your decision.

M: So now I’m the creator of the universe!

J: You make meaning and the only meaning that the universe holds for you is that you were born IN IT and must die IN IT. However, your "behaviors" demonstrate how you desperately seek to make this insanity meaningful.

Nevertheless, as its maker, you have a great deal of latitude in reestablishing what your “universe” can mean for you. But first, you must understand your role as maker. Until then, you will only fail to grasp the significance of what you have made and that your “universe” can mean much more.

M: So what about other people, what role do they have in making all this?

J: They have no role in your experience, but what you allow.

M: So you’re saying that I “made” other people?

J: You demand the world expose its “truth” to you, but you refuse to see the parts that do not conform to your specifications and thus, you will always miss the whole. Truth is of ONE fabric that you have torn into threads in the ego's demand for meaning in the meaningless.

However, the ego is resistant to the logic of Truth because it is hypnotized by the logic of your “world.” Nevertheless, in answer to your question, you did NOT make “other people” but this is only because there is no “you.”

Yet, you do experience “other people” in direct correlation with an experience of “you.” As I teach there is no division between you and your “world” and this is precisely why there can be no “you.” By the logic of your world, this makes absolutely no sense, but by God’s logic it is Absolute Truth.

M: If there is no me, then who are you teaching?

J: I teach you.

M: But I thought you said there is no me!?

J: I teach the ONE who believes it is a separate “self,’ experiencing “other people” in a “world” of great suffering and I teach that this NEED NOT BE. Thus, you are the ONE that I teach.

M: When you say “ONE,” do you mean everybody?

J: These “words” are for you, yet, the Truth cannot be claimed by an “individual.” Notice your reference to “everybody.” You will no doubt consider yourself separate and apart from your world as long as this differentiation continues. You will need to see differently and this means beyond your belief in what the body’s “eyes” give meaning to. It is not “there.”

M: When I look at someone, the first thing I see is a body. If I could not see bodies, how could I know that I’m interacting with someone? I can’t just pretend that minds have no bodies.

J: I ask that you see beyond physical sight not that you deny what you “see.” It is the body that you give meaning to and this has always obstructed SEEING Truth. You gave the body meaning and without the meaning you demand, you would SEE nothing.

I do not ask that you “pretend” the body does not exist, I only ask that you change its meaning. When it means less, “interacting with someone” will mean more than you can currently comprehend as an ego totally reliant on the faculties of bodily sensation

Truth has no form, but is infinitely full of content. An ego reliant on bodily sight sees only forms and so, content is limited and life is experienced as barren. Minds have no bodies, although they think they do and thus, could just as easily think differently. In your need to analyze form, you miss the content. The content is YOU and in your ever changing world, that is a constant.

M: So how do I see beyond what my eyes show me? How do I, as you say, “see through your eyes”?

J: You SEE only what you expect to see based on ancient meaning applied before seeing. This is why you SEE bodies and NOT souls.

I give meaning to what eyes cannot SEE and therefore, your infinite soul is ALL I SEE. Love cannot be extended to what eyes SEE, because sight conditions what can be seen and this is why bodies obstruct Truth. I SEE no conditions and therefore, I SEE it perfectly as it was meant to be SEEN.

You are weary of what you see. Therefore, when you SEE anything, think with me and I will not fail to correct your “sight.” This is not difficult for the faithful, because “blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.”

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Resisting What is Known

M: All this stuff seems to cause me more suffering than peace. It just seems too difficult to understand.

J: You do not suffer from lack of understanding, but from resisting what you know to be True. Recall that the lessons I teach are from your mind and everything I provide is known to you and must have always been known for you to learn of it in this way. It is your desire to be taught what you know, simply because you resist knowing. “Learning” is a form of resistance and when resistance is alleviated, ALL is immediately available.

What we now engage in is quite revolutionary, if you would only believe it True. Until then you will simply resist.

M: Why would I resist what is true?

J: Because you fear the realization that everything you base your life on is patently false, for if what I teach is True, such a conclusion cannot be avoided. Nevertheless, what you have based your life on is nothing more than resisting what you know to be True.

M: So I live my life simply to resist Truth?

J: Believing that Truth is absent is absurd. Yet you live each and every day as if this were an absolute fact. Therefore, suffering is simply a state of resisting what you know to be True. This is obviously insane, but not to the ego. To the ego it is “life”!

Your very Being is contingent on Truth, yet the ego is contingent on resistance and neither can share with each other.

M: This means that to live the Truth, I cannot rely on the ego.

J: The ego cannot know Truth, but it can act against what it senses may completely overpower it, if it does not remain vigilant in resisting. Therefore, the less your ego is relied on, the less resistance is experienced and resistance is always experienced by varying degrees of suffering. Not to resist is a blissful experience because it proclaims the certainty of KNOWLEDGE. To “know” is a wonderful thing when what you know is True. To suffer is merely to believe the false is True and this is what your “world” teaches.

M: I guess in a lot of ways I fear other people, because this seems to be what I resist.

J: This is because the Truth is “there” and you will ONLY find yourself through it. But ONLY as you LOOK for me. This makes little sense to you now, but in time, understanding will grow. You fear only your “self” and this is the fear you look for and find, in “others.” Look for me instead!

M: Why would I fear myself?

J: Clearly, your moods and actions are NOT indicative of love. Therefore, logic dictates that fear is the only other alternative. Yet, you have invented a catalog of emotions and feelings to measure your proximity to “happiness.” I merely ask that you use them to measure your distance from fear. There is NO “happiness” in hell, but you can know the perfect peace that erases all signs of hell from your mind.

You have spent your life desperately seeking “happiness,” yet, never looking back to see what it is that causes such desperation. I ask that you now look back at what you seek to replace so that you can see that nothing is there. Nothing was ever there. Know this and be “happy” because your search is over, no replacement is necessary.

M: Unfortunately, in this world, other things are needed besides love. Love doesn’t put food on the table.

J: To the contrary, fear “in this world” has resulted in the starvation of millions. Therefore, love does have the power to “put food on the table.”

I attempted to demonstrate this and the experiment was successful. Now it must be replicated, because it will not be accepted as genuine until you do it yourself.

M: I thought you said that I can never know God’s love, only my concepts of love which are not God’s love.

J: As I have stated, the Truth is NOT unknown to you, merely resisted. God’s Love must be known, for why would you so strenuously resist that which you have no knowledge of. I do NOT teach God’s Love, only the futility of resistance. Your concepts of love are NOT God’s Love, but they do serve as resistance. Resistance is only applicable to the notion that God made a “world” where love is entirely absent. This is because a “love” based on conditions cannot be present, simply because IT IS NOT LOVE. Resistance to this alone will help you know the Truth.

M: But I don’t feel that I resist anything.

J: This is because for you, resistance is experienced as “life,” causing you to normalize that which is complete insanity. The ego easily accommodates to resisting what is experienced in every moment and Truth is IN every moment. How could it be absent and be Truth?

Therefore, if every moment finds you prepared to experience what you have determined is “true,” then it gives you what you expect to have, simply because you demand nothing more of it. Demand the Truth!

Constant resistance creates a numbing sense of apathy because your mind is anesthetized by the ego’s fear for anything other than what it predicts and prepares to experience. Out of this fear, your ego gives you only what is expected and this is the “world” you SEE, for you SEE no farther. Look beyond what you SEE!

Nevertheless, this is also the “world” you seek to escape because your resistance has made it “hell’ and hell is nothing more than resisting Heaven. You do not like what you SEE, but only because SEEING relies on the body’s “eyes” and Truth does NOT.

Every path out of what you SEE, provided by the "world," is easily adopted by the ego as its own, giving you the inevitable sense that there can be NO escape. Understand that every plan devised by the ego to escape the ego can never succeed. I offer a plan that does NOT rely on an ego, nor a "world," but does rely on your accepting, rather than resisting.

M: This all seems pretty hopeless.

J: To an ego, it must seem that way. But you are NOT an ego and your mind is free. Therefore, feel free to let the ego speak, but listen only to me. I will show you that escape is unnecessary. There is a better “world” and you could have it this very moment, if you would only allow me to show it to you. Otherwise, your “eyes” will never see it because you do NOT expect that it CAN be seen. Therefore, you must SEE it through my eyes.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Don't Be Fooled By Imitations

M: I ask for this peace that you continue to claim is mine for the asking. Why don’t I experience it?

J: If you ask, then it cannot be withheld from you. But only if it is truly what you WILL to have. You want much, but in all your requests you have yet to ask for peace. This is because you have no idea what you ask FOR, because the asking is based on past experience.

The world is of your making and you have set the limits of experience. Pray NOT for what you know, because you know NOTHING.

Look very closely at what you ask. Ask for love, and the love YOU believe real is the love you will expect to experience and what you expect is always received. However, you are slowly learning that what you expect has never been what you want, only what you wanted. Why pray for it then?

Prayer is of the WILL, which your ego could never understand because, although it struggles to compel your thinking, it has NO control over your WILL. This is what is meant by “seek the kingdom within.

When thought and WILL are combined, mountains will be indeed be moved!

Prayer is not of words or concepts or even thought, but of the WILL alone and nothing else. You have yet to ask for what you really want because you cannot ever know what it is you want, when you do not know what it is YOU ARE. Will for peace and it is yours because, very simply, it is what you ARE.

M: I think I have asked for peace.

J: You may “think” you ask for peace, but thinking is a tool easily engaged by an ego for purposes it believes will reinforce itself. Reinforcing what does NOT exist must be cause for conflict.

Because of this, your thoughts are very conflicted and this is your experience. Your ego does not believe perfect peace is attainable and this is why conflict must fill that void. But your WILL is not conflicted, when YOU KNOW IT. This is the true meaning of the term “willpower,” which your ego has distorted for its own purposes.

Are there times you have felt no peace? Then there are times you have prayed the world snatch it away, only to substitute the fear of “hell.” Hell takes many shapes and sizes at varying degrees but, make no mistake, perfect peace is ONE. It is completely unified and more powerful than anything in your world because it does NOT rely on your world to exist.

You are very preoccupied with the “metaphysics” of what I teach and you seek to corroborate my message with what the world has taught. There are only the barest of imitations available, but imitations cannot sustain and are easily manipulated. Nothing in your world could ever imitate the peace of your WILL, because the world was created to oppose your WILL and serves no other purpose.

Look at the world and merely ask yourself, "is this what I WILL the world to be?" Of course NOT!

WILL for the genuine and it will be yours. ASK for imitation and you will be left to doubt your own mind in denying that you are more than what you THINK you are.

M: You’re asking me to have faith in what I know nothing about, as that which would save me.

J: The knowledge YOU have determined as salvation is learned in “time” and time demands your death because you have given it no other purpose. However, you have convinced yourself that specific objectives will lead to “happiness,” but even this will not stop death and you do believe that in "time" you must die. Ask and you will receive, simply because you give to yourself.

These objectives cannot be met, because “happiness” has no meaning in hell. However, the joy of Heaven is NOT beyond what your mind can currently consider. The problem is that what YOU consider as eventually eliminating hell, is only a lesson learned in hell. The classroom remains the same and the lessons exhaustively repeated until you accept a new teacher.

M: But if I give myself hell, who gives me heaven? Where does God come into this scheme?

J: You have determined the conditions of hell and you live by those limitations. Heaven is predetermined and has no conditions since it does not rely on your “thinking,” although your mind WILL soon acknowledge participation and that is certain in time.

You determine conditions, God has none. You determine limitations, God has none. What God Creates is unconditional and can have no limitations.

God Created YOU.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Second Voice You Hear

M: Is my consciousness the only consciousness? Aren’t there other minds?

J: As long as you identify exclusively with your mind, then clearly there is only your mind. However, when you relieve yourself of the NEED to think alone, then there are many minds joined as ONE.

You do believe there are other minds. Yet, you only experience your 'self.' Therefore, you are invested in the “existence” of other "bodies." They talk and act like you and so, you have little doubt that they think as you do. Nevertheless, the idea of knowing what they “think” is very frightening to you, only because to know what “they” think, would mean that they would know YOU. You are very afraid of being alone, but you are more afraid of being known.

M: So if these many minds are joined as one, how will the “one” continue to be many?

J: The answer cannot be understood by an ego that knows itself as one and apart from many. Nevertheless, there is no difference except in your mind. Your mind determines all differences and then seeks them out as if it were not the cause.

M: Why would I want to be joined as one with other minds? In other words, what’s in it for me?

J: Everything you want. Except that what you want, you will want for everyone. Currently, you have made this idea a platitude. However, the actual experience is more wondrous than any experience you have yet to encounter.

M: But I thought you said there are no “others”?

J: In joining as One, this will be readily apparent. This is not to say that you could not differentiate, just that there would simply be no reason to. At present, your whole existence is predicated on differences and you feel you have no choice and MUST seek out differences.

However, until such "time," you will continue to experience “distance” between your thoughts, which will make it seem as though there are “others” for which judgements MUST be made. I merely teach you how to lessen the distance and when you are ready, you will easily do so.

M: But, how can I learn to join with all minds as one, if my ego can't hear the answer?

J: Do not listen from an ego.

M: But ‘I’ don’t exist without an ego, so there is no way ‘I’ can ever understand the answer as a separate mind. You are teaching an ego!

J: You were NOT Created with a mind divided, but indivisible. Therefore, no such division can possibly be real. Imaginary functions are only real for you, but they have no basis in God and, make no mistake, YOU are based in God. You can suffer through all your imaginings for as long as you choose. However, why would you? Eventually, the Truth will dawn upon the mind WILLING to listen, instead of an ego that was not made to hear.

You believe in a “before” and an “after” and you have allowed the ego to speak “before” me and therefore, you invest in the past. Now you are willing to allow me to speak “after,” but as of yet, this has not lessened your original investment. The purpose of time is to alter this arrangement so that you will hear me, “before” the ego. As your investment increasingly turns to me, the ego’s voice will gradually diminish until the past no longer speaks to you at all.

Hearing only me will prepare you for the Voice that speaks for timelessness and that Voice WE will speak together as ONE.

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Last Mediator

M: How can I possibly consider the body insignificant?

J: By trusting in the mind to cure your ills, since the mind created them. Yet, only because it was deluded into thinking it was a body.

M: That’s a little too far advanced for me. I can’t cure a headache by wishing it away. I need to take aspirin.

J: The world is your placebo and it gives you nothing but what YOU ask of it. There is no need to mediate between sickness and health. True Healing is simply the end of all mediation.

Only a thought separates you from fully embracing your world. Yet, this thought is so infinitesimally small and weak; it could be easily erased by the slightest touch of a feather. Yet, you have made it the basis of your entire existence.

I am the last mediator you will ever call for.

M: I don’t see how it could be any different.

J: You SEE what you choose to see and unless you choose to SEE differently, you will SEE the same. In denying choice, mediation became necessary and Truth must come from something other than your mind.

M: What is this “choice” you keep talking about? I’d love to “see” the world differently, but that’s not going to change what it is.

J: It is a command choice and correctly determines cause from effect. You are cause of the body, but live as though an effect. You are equally cause of the world and all you need do is rejoice in that Truth and it will be YOURS immediately, no longer can it be otherwise. Be joyful in this one idea alone and this alone will overcome all limitations of a body. As long as you define your ‘self’ as commanded by a ‘world’ you will suffer through those commands simply because the world commands that YOU suffer. You do NOT WILL to suffer, but against your WILL, you ASK the world press upon you.

M: But I don’t “ask” for suffering. I often don’t have a choice. I have a body and the body experiences pain and discomfort. Often there is nothing that can be done about that except to endure it.

J: To suffer is to fear an outcome and there is but one outcome the body fears above all others. Make no mistake; all suffering is fear of death. For if you could NOT die, what use for suffering. I teach that you cannot die and all your “endurance” has been wasted.

M: But the body will eventually die.

J: Yet, that is NOT what troubles you. What causes you to endure incredible suffering is that YOU will die. This is because YOU equate your "self" solely with a “body.” You have determined that if the body dies, then YOU must perish with it.

M: But, I also understand that I am a mind, as well.

J: A mind controlled by the body’s senses, is a mere junior partner in the business of “existence.” The body informs you when to suffer and how intensely that suffering will be endured. This deluded partnership need be dissolved.

M: But I can’t simply pretend that the body doesn’t exist. How would I interact with others and the world?

J: I have not asked that the body disappear from sight, as you are not yet ready for Truth to be recalled in this manner. There is no reason the body should not serve a purpose, only a purpose different from the one you have determined. Determine NO purpose by your ‘self’ and allow me to mediate between your mind and the commands of the body. In this way you can correctly discriminate between what the body tells you and what Truth declares.

M: What other purpose could the body serve?

J: To teach you that you are mind and not body. Fear is of the mind, but only in relation to the body. The fearless have dissolved this deluded association and in that, their power is known, only not to a body.

Rarely do you trouble yourself with the actions of the mind, since the mind cannot act. You have little concern with the mind’s relation to the world, but always the body. The actions of the body have oppressed your mind, but only because you deny the mind’s power. Where the mind is the body must follow, but you choose that the body lead.

Do not think the world is immune to what you think, because what you think makes the world. Allow me to mediate between your deluded communication so that you can finally realize that nothing is communicated at all. Let me show you that you are FREE and mediation is no longer necessary.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The World is NOT Your Source

M: I feel as though I have not made any progress at all. I still find myself falling into these episodes of discouragement, not to mention anger, anxiety, periods of depression, etc.

J: If you have expectations regarding “progress,” you will be discouraged as you always have when YOU define your purpose. You continue to demand that you know what you need. Therefore, you will continue to be discouraged. Let go of what you know!

I know what you need and it has already been given, merely awaiting your acceptance.

M: So what are the expectations? There must be some reason for this. Aren’t you teaching me how to return to God?

J: It is not my purpose to teach a "return to God” as that is beyond the scope of my function and beyond what you CAN learn. My ONLY purpose is to teach you to be completely without fear. I have no other function, nor do YOU. But from that absence will come a joy impervious to the world's curriculum of death.

You are progressing in that expectation, although you refuse to see it. However, you seem to feel that “indifference” is a state of mind without fear, when it is only another form of fear. Indifference is your attempt to minimize fear by denying it exists, which only makes it harder to recognize that YOU make it real. You cannot make a world from fear and then run from what you demand be "true." But, you can see it differently and thus, change it.

Substituting one form of fear for another merely delays progress. There have been moments, not yet recognizable to your confused mind, when you have been without fear. But as quickly as these moments engage your mind, just as quickly they recede into the background and there they wait for the correct interpretation. Can you recall these moments?

M: I’m not sure I even understand what you mean by “fear.” I have felt numerous emotional states lately, but none of which I would call fear.

J: You are not without fear in this very moment, although your powers of normalization helps you to deny your experience through "degrees."

M: What? I’m sitting here talking to you waiting for someone to arrive.

J: In that brief time, you have conceptualized any number of ideas, one after another, with regard to expectations and desires. Many thoughts you pay little heed to, however, you do experience the emotional states that are a product of your thinking. This is because most of the concepts and ideas you have entertained keep you in conflict and a conflicted mind is indicative of fear. Make no mistake, your feelings of discouragement are based in fear and your emotions serve only to measure the levels and degrees that seems to make your fear "normal."

You believe the outside world opposes you, simply by being "outside" your mind. You believe that by being BORN in it, it must have made YOU. Therefore, you must conform your thinking to a world separate from you and this causes immense strain, which can only lead to persistent discouragement. Why would you oppose that which you made REAL?

The world is against your WILL. You do not WILL to have experiences that deny the Truth. Essentially you oppose yourself, yet you see an "outside" and thus feel you must fight against your WILL in order to conform to what the world demands of you. In this way, you deny your WILL to be free of ALL limitations. You determine that the world’s teaching is more important than your WILL and thus you make yourself victim to a world outside your mind. You are not a product of the world’s teaching, but of God’s Will, which is your own. This is the true meaning of “willpower” since it is through the omnipotent WILL of Creation that YOU have been made possible.

The world holds no control on your Will to BE and only your misinterpreting the world as your source, keeps you in bondage to it.

M: Basically, you’re asking me to be egoless?

J: You have no ego, but you do have much fear. Ego is a construct of fear and that was its beginning. Fear is the father of humanity and only by abolishing fear, will the mind no longer be bound to inhumanity. This is because the one automatically asserts the other. To be human is very limited indeed.

Do not seek to hate or punish your ego as it thrives on the fear of a conflicted mind. Do not humble yourself to its demands since it can demand nothing of you that you do not ask it to provide. I ask that you hold fear in your hand and like the seeds of a dandelion merely blow it away, so that you may once again hold perfect peace.

Know as fact, that every concept in your mind was made from fear and if you allow concepts to control you then you have invited fear and not God.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Exchange Your Predictions For Mine

M: You state that I should not attempt to predict my actions and prepare for what I predict. So I shouldn’t prepare for anything?

J: Once a prediction is made, preparation limits what can be known, because the prediction is relied on exclusively as “truth.” You have allowed religion to predict your death as factual and thus, since you accept this as “truth,” IT IS SO. Such is the immense power of your mind and make no mistake you DO tap this power, yet, simply to magnify delusion.

In predicting “death” as fact, you only prepare yourself for fiction, which merely delays Truth. It is through this fictional content that you conduct your life in preparation for this strange idea that eternity includes within it your “mortality.”

In the mistaken belief that you move forward in “time” you merely move backward from Truth.

M: Well, I had to prepare to come to work today.

J: You have normalized fear of what you “know” and since this is NOT knowledge, your ego is very capable of adequately preparing for what cannot save you. In fact, it has NO other purpose.

It is what you do NOT know that you fear the most and this compels your most insane predictions. This insanity is evident in all your thoughts and behaviors. Nevertheless, you pride yourself on advancing forward, when in fact you simply remain in the past.

You feel that by predicting the future you can effectively prepare an escape from fear. Yet, in your predicting future escape, you only build on the fears of the past. In this way, there is no future, but only present fear demanding a way out.

Seek not to escape your mind through your predictions. Prepare for nothing and allow everything be revealed. Revelation asks nothing from you, but your complete vulnerability in the knowledge that you have NOTHING to fear.

Your experiences are as limited as your predictions prepare you for, because the ego only predicts from what IT knows. However, since it knows nothing of any value, the limits have been set to what CAN be experienced. This is why your experiences have become so utterly predictable and your suffering virtually repetitive.

Even love must be defined by your predictions because you fear this more than death. Fear always demands an escape. Therefore, in your attempts predict love, you merely seek to escape the fear of love and nothing more.

M: I don’t believe that I fear love

J: The mind completely free of fear has no NEED to prepare. In preparing for love, you immediately set about defining it and it is this prediction you are prepared to experience. Therefore, nothing more is available. This limits what is infinite by design, thereby making it a product of the ego, which was designed by YOU. There are no such limits to Creation and it cannot be prepared for.

Nothing the ego makes is without fear, because the ego was made from fear. Therefore, the purpose of your life is predicting ways to escape your fear of love. If there were no fear, there would be no need for preparation and love would be what it has always been before your fear defined it to be no more.

Love does not come from need and this is a limit YOU have set.

Therefore, love by its very nature MUST be fearful to exist in your mind, giving you the need to escape it. The world is your means of escape and it has no other purpose. You find many different forms of love in your world, all based solely on your predictions.

M: How do I “prepare” for my fear of love?

J: Your fear of love requires just as much preparation as death and religion evolved solely from this NEED to prepare you for both love and death. Both are deeply feared and your predictions are nothing more than seeking to escape fear.

Nevertheless, since you have also made fear, your predictions are not based on Truth and have never helped you.

Religion teaches that love certainly does exist, yet, not for those who “sin.” This is because “the wages of sin is death.” Religion attempts to prepare you for God’s love by predicting that you could never love another as God loves you. Therefore, from this delusion it makes sense that only God’s love is REAL, but NOT REAL for you. Your reward is death and you have made that very REAL.

M: So how do I overcome all this?

J: Fear is a product of your mind, as am I. Therefore, you have but to make the one choice to end all preparation by allowing my predictions to direct all further choices. Only if you allow me to predict for you, will everything be revealed. My predictions require no preparation because there is nothing to escape, so absolutely True are my predictions. All you need do is be quiet and listen, since nothing more has ever been required of YOU.

Thus, the only question is, when will you exchange your predictions for mine?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Overcoming the World

M: What about 'evolution'? Where does that enter into your theory?

J: A mind that defines itself through an “outside” world must employ all means available to insure bodily adaptation to external conditions and limitations. The mind may envision adaptive measures for the body, but this only attests to the mind’s failure to “evolve” itself.

Your thinking is no different then what was thought before and this is why history compulsively repeats itself. This will continue until you choose a different way of seeing the world. Of yourself, you cannot make such a choice, since you feel bound to your beliefs. Yet, through correct guidance, the right choice is available.

If you continue to see as you do, do you really believe the world will change? As long as “eyes” see the world as IT IS, do you really believe you will act upon it any differently? As long as strength is determined by what you DO, do you really think you can DO anything more than what has been previously attempted to save the world? As long as you exist IN a “body,” do you really think you are free? These are the compromises you feel forced to make, but which are completely unnecessary.

“What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun” is certainly true on face value. However, in the understanding that everything is a product of mind, this puts a new twist on an old parable. If there can never be change under the sun, you may wish to go beyond it.

M: I’m not sure I understand what that means?

J: Mind is not an effect of the world, but is cause. Nevertheless, you live as though victim to the world because you have determined that the world MADE YOU. Therefore, it is easy to understand how you would idolize “natural” processes as creating the world. This significant misinterpretation needs to be corrected; otherwise, you will continue to believe that you are victim to a “world” outside your mind.

Evolution fits well with your need to survive in the hope that you may live to SEE a better “world.” But, if with each new day, suffering is comparable to the day before, why would you wish to SEE it at all? Again, this contradiction you will easily correct by SEEING differently.

Every theory you hold regarding a “world” outside your mind must in some way incorporate belief in death and thus, survival. But if the world is a product of mind, your belief in death and the need to survive, must be reinterpreted because it, too, is a misattribution. This is the true meaning of “overcoming the world."

M: What do you mean history repeats itself?

J: Look closely at the “history” of your world and you will see the compulsive repetition of fear manifest through different bodies, but all conforming to the same delusion. Although the names have changed, the goals remain the same and are merely repeated by a long procession of changing forms. They have different faces, yet, they come in and out of your world repetitively, almost as if the same being.

They are always the same, because they are YOU.

Although the world may appear to be evolving, fear remains the same. A chameleon that easily blends with its environment is still always a chameleon. As long as you remain IN a “world,” your fear will give you little choice but to do as the world commands. Therefore, a better choice is to go within and command the world from that vantage point. This will result in the complete abolishment of fear on every level so that you can learn that the power to command is yours and always has been.

M: So you’re saying I can change the sun?

J: I could not “say” that to someone who believes in death, since their fear makes them too weak and feeble to even briefly comprehend such power. However, to someone who cannot die, there are NO limitations and that includes the limits of your belief in the "universe." Limitation is a product of death and does not exist in eternity, which is where YOU ARE and have always been.