Sunday, January 18, 2009

Overcoming the World

M: What about 'evolution'? Where does that enter into your theory?

J: A mind that defines itself through an “outside” world must employ all means available to insure bodily adaptation to external conditions and limitations. The mind may envision adaptive measures for the body, but this only attests to the mind’s failure to “evolve” itself.

Your thinking is no different then what was thought before and this is why history compulsively repeats itself. This will continue until you choose a different way of seeing the world. Of yourself, you cannot make such a choice, since you feel bound to your beliefs. Yet, through correct guidance, the right choice is available.

If you continue to see as you do, do you really believe the world will change? As long as “eyes” see the world as IT IS, do you really believe you will act upon it any differently? As long as strength is determined by what you DO, do you really think you can DO anything more than what has been previously attempted to save the world? As long as you exist IN a “body,” do you really think you are free? These are the compromises you feel forced to make, but which are completely unnecessary.

“What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun” is certainly true on face value. However, in the understanding that everything is a product of mind, this puts a new twist on an old parable. If there can never be change under the sun, you may wish to go beyond it.

M: I’m not sure I understand what that means?

J: Mind is not an effect of the world, but is cause. Nevertheless, you live as though victim to the world because you have determined that the world MADE YOU. Therefore, it is easy to understand how you would idolize “natural” processes as creating the world. This significant misinterpretation needs to be corrected; otherwise, you will continue to believe that you are victim to a “world” outside your mind.

Evolution fits well with your need to survive in the hope that you may live to SEE a better “world.” But, if with each new day, suffering is comparable to the day before, why would you wish to SEE it at all? Again, this contradiction you will easily correct by SEEING differently.

Every theory you hold regarding a “world” outside your mind must in some way incorporate belief in death and thus, survival. But if the world is a product of mind, your belief in death and the need to survive, must be reinterpreted because it, too, is a misattribution. This is the true meaning of “overcoming the world."

M: What do you mean history repeats itself?

J: Look closely at the “history” of your world and you will see the compulsive repetition of fear manifest through different bodies, but all conforming to the same delusion. Although the names have changed, the goals remain the same and are merely repeated by a long procession of changing forms. They have different faces, yet, they come in and out of your world repetitively, almost as if the same being.

They are always the same, because they are YOU.

Although the world may appear to be evolving, fear remains the same. A chameleon that easily blends with its environment is still always a chameleon. As long as you remain IN a “world,” your fear will give you little choice but to do as the world commands. Therefore, a better choice is to go within and command the world from that vantage point. This will result in the complete abolishment of fear on every level so that you can learn that the power to command is yours and always has been.

M: So you’re saying I can change the sun?

J: I could not “say” that to someone who believes in death, since their fear makes them too weak and feeble to even briefly comprehend such power. However, to someone who cannot die, there are NO limitations and that includes the limits of your belief in the "universe." Limitation is a product of death and does not exist in eternity, which is where YOU ARE and have always been.

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