Friday, February 13, 2009

The Last Mediator

M: How can I possibly consider the body insignificant?

J: By trusting in the mind to cure your ills, since the mind created them. Yet, only because it was deluded into thinking it was a body.

M: That’s a little too far advanced for me. I can’t cure a headache by wishing it away. I need to take aspirin.

J: The world is your placebo and it gives you nothing but what YOU ask of it. There is no need to mediate between sickness and health. True Healing is simply the end of all mediation.

Only a thought separates you from fully embracing your world. Yet, this thought is so infinitesimally small and weak; it could be easily erased by the slightest touch of a feather. Yet, you have made it the basis of your entire existence.

I am the last mediator you will ever call for.

M: I don’t see how it could be any different.

J: You SEE what you choose to see and unless you choose to SEE differently, you will SEE the same. In denying choice, mediation became necessary and Truth must come from something other than your mind.

M: What is this “choice” you keep talking about? I’d love to “see” the world differently, but that’s not going to change what it is.

J: It is a command choice and correctly determines cause from effect. You are cause of the body, but live as though an effect. You are equally cause of the world and all you need do is rejoice in that Truth and it will be YOURS immediately, no longer can it be otherwise. Be joyful in this one idea alone and this alone will overcome all limitations of a body. As long as you define your ‘self’ as commanded by a ‘world’ you will suffer through those commands simply because the world commands that YOU suffer. You do NOT WILL to suffer, but against your WILL, you ASK the world press upon you.

M: But I don’t “ask” for suffering. I often don’t have a choice. I have a body and the body experiences pain and discomfort. Often there is nothing that can be done about that except to endure it.

J: To suffer is to fear an outcome and there is but one outcome the body fears above all others. Make no mistake; all suffering is fear of death. For if you could NOT die, what use for suffering. I teach that you cannot die and all your “endurance” has been wasted.

M: But the body will eventually die.

J: Yet, that is NOT what troubles you. What causes you to endure incredible suffering is that YOU will die. This is because YOU equate your "self" solely with a “body.” You have determined that if the body dies, then YOU must perish with it.

M: But, I also understand that I am a mind, as well.

J: A mind controlled by the body’s senses, is a mere junior partner in the business of “existence.” The body informs you when to suffer and how intensely that suffering will be endured. This deluded partnership need be dissolved.

M: But I can’t simply pretend that the body doesn’t exist. How would I interact with others and the world?

J: I have not asked that the body disappear from sight, as you are not yet ready for Truth to be recalled in this manner. There is no reason the body should not serve a purpose, only a purpose different from the one you have determined. Determine NO purpose by your ‘self’ and allow me to mediate between your mind and the commands of the body. In this way you can correctly discriminate between what the body tells you and what Truth declares.

M: What other purpose could the body serve?

J: To teach you that you are mind and not body. Fear is of the mind, but only in relation to the body. The fearless have dissolved this deluded association and in that, their power is known, only not to a body.

Rarely do you trouble yourself with the actions of the mind, since the mind cannot act. You have little concern with the mind’s relation to the world, but always the body. The actions of the body have oppressed your mind, but only because you deny the mind’s power. Where the mind is the body must follow, but you choose that the body lead.

Do not think the world is immune to what you think, because what you think makes the world. Allow me to mediate between your deluded communication so that you can finally realize that nothing is communicated at all. Let me show you that you are FREE and mediation is no longer necessary.

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