Thursday, February 12, 2009

The World is NOT Your Source

M: I feel as though I have not made any progress at all. I still find myself falling into these episodes of discouragement, not to mention anger, anxiety, periods of depression, etc.

J: If you have expectations regarding “progress,” you will be discouraged as you always have when YOU define your purpose. You continue to demand that you know what you need. Therefore, you will continue to be discouraged. Let go of what you know!

I know what you need and it has already been given, merely awaiting your acceptance.

M: So what are the expectations? There must be some reason for this. Aren’t you teaching me how to return to God?

J: It is not my purpose to teach a "return to God” as that is beyond the scope of my function and beyond what you CAN learn. My ONLY purpose is to teach you to be completely without fear. I have no other function, nor do YOU. But from that absence will come a joy impervious to the world's curriculum of death.

You are progressing in that expectation, although you refuse to see it. However, you seem to feel that “indifference” is a state of mind without fear, when it is only another form of fear. Indifference is your attempt to minimize fear by denying it exists, which only makes it harder to recognize that YOU make it real. You cannot make a world from fear and then run from what you demand be "true." But, you can see it differently and thus, change it.

Substituting one form of fear for another merely delays progress. There have been moments, not yet recognizable to your confused mind, when you have been without fear. But as quickly as these moments engage your mind, just as quickly they recede into the background and there they wait for the correct interpretation. Can you recall these moments?

M: I’m not sure I even understand what you mean by “fear.” I have felt numerous emotional states lately, but none of which I would call fear.

J: You are not without fear in this very moment, although your powers of normalization helps you to deny your experience through "degrees."

M: What? I’m sitting here talking to you waiting for someone to arrive.

J: In that brief time, you have conceptualized any number of ideas, one after another, with regard to expectations and desires. Many thoughts you pay little heed to, however, you do experience the emotional states that are a product of your thinking. This is because most of the concepts and ideas you have entertained keep you in conflict and a conflicted mind is indicative of fear. Make no mistake, your feelings of discouragement are based in fear and your emotions serve only to measure the levels and degrees that seems to make your fear "normal."

You believe the outside world opposes you, simply by being "outside" your mind. You believe that by being BORN in it, it must have made YOU. Therefore, you must conform your thinking to a world separate from you and this causes immense strain, which can only lead to persistent discouragement. Why would you oppose that which you made REAL?

The world is against your WILL. You do not WILL to have experiences that deny the Truth. Essentially you oppose yourself, yet you see an "outside" and thus feel you must fight against your WILL in order to conform to what the world demands of you. In this way, you deny your WILL to be free of ALL limitations. You determine that the world’s teaching is more important than your WILL and thus you make yourself victim to a world outside your mind. You are not a product of the world’s teaching, but of God’s Will, which is your own. This is the true meaning of “willpower” since it is through the omnipotent WILL of Creation that YOU have been made possible.

The world holds no control on your Will to BE and only your misinterpreting the world as your source, keeps you in bondage to it.

M: Basically, you’re asking me to be egoless?

J: You have no ego, but you do have much fear. Ego is a construct of fear and that was its beginning. Fear is the father of humanity and only by abolishing fear, will the mind no longer be bound to inhumanity. This is because the one automatically asserts the other. To be human is very limited indeed.

Do not seek to hate or punish your ego as it thrives on the fear of a conflicted mind. Do not humble yourself to its demands since it can demand nothing of you that you do not ask it to provide. I ask that you hold fear in your hand and like the seeds of a dandelion merely blow it away, so that you may once again hold perfect peace.

Know as fact, that every concept in your mind was made from fear and if you allow concepts to control you then you have invited fear and not God.

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