Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Don't Be Fooled By Imitations

M: I ask for this peace that you continue to claim is mine for the asking. Why don’t I experience it?

J: If you ask, then it cannot be withheld from you. But only if it is truly what you WILL to have. You want much, but in all your requests you have yet to ask for peace. This is because you have no idea what you ask FOR, because the asking is based on past experience.

The world is of your making and you have set the limits of experience. Pray NOT for what you know, because you know NOTHING.

Look very closely at what you ask. Ask for love, and the love YOU believe real is the love you will expect to experience and what you expect is always received. However, you are slowly learning that what you expect has never been what you want, only what you wanted. Why pray for it then?

Prayer is of the WILL, which your ego could never understand because, although it struggles to compel your thinking, it has NO control over your WILL. This is what is meant by “seek the kingdom within.

When thought and WILL are combined, mountains will be indeed be moved!

Prayer is not of words or concepts or even thought, but of the WILL alone and nothing else. You have yet to ask for what you really want because you cannot ever know what it is you want, when you do not know what it is YOU ARE. Will for peace and it is yours because, very simply, it is what you ARE.

M: I think I have asked for peace.

J: You may “think” you ask for peace, but thinking is a tool easily engaged by an ego for purposes it believes will reinforce itself. Reinforcing what does NOT exist must be cause for conflict.

Because of this, your thoughts are very conflicted and this is your experience. Your ego does not believe perfect peace is attainable and this is why conflict must fill that void. But your WILL is not conflicted, when YOU KNOW IT. This is the true meaning of the term “willpower,” which your ego has distorted for its own purposes.

Are there times you have felt no peace? Then there are times you have prayed the world snatch it away, only to substitute the fear of “hell.” Hell takes many shapes and sizes at varying degrees but, make no mistake, perfect peace is ONE. It is completely unified and more powerful than anything in your world because it does NOT rely on your world to exist.

You are very preoccupied with the “metaphysics” of what I teach and you seek to corroborate my message with what the world has taught. There are only the barest of imitations available, but imitations cannot sustain and are easily manipulated. Nothing in your world could ever imitate the peace of your WILL, because the world was created to oppose your WILL and serves no other purpose.

Look at the world and merely ask yourself, "is this what I WILL the world to be?" Of course NOT!

WILL for the genuine and it will be yours. ASK for imitation and you will be left to doubt your own mind in denying that you are more than what you THINK you are.

M: You’re asking me to have faith in what I know nothing about, as that which would save me.

J: The knowledge YOU have determined as salvation is learned in “time” and time demands your death because you have given it no other purpose. However, you have convinced yourself that specific objectives will lead to “happiness,” but even this will not stop death and you do believe that in "time" you must die. Ask and you will receive, simply because you give to yourself.

These objectives cannot be met, because “happiness” has no meaning in hell. However, the joy of Heaven is NOT beyond what your mind can currently consider. The problem is that what YOU consider as eventually eliminating hell, is only a lesson learned in hell. The classroom remains the same and the lessons exhaustively repeated until you accept a new teacher.

M: But if I give myself hell, who gives me heaven? Where does God come into this scheme?

J: You have determined the conditions of hell and you live by those limitations. Heaven is predetermined and has no conditions since it does not rely on your “thinking,” although your mind WILL soon acknowledge participation and that is certain in time.

You determine conditions, God has none. You determine limitations, God has none. What God Creates is unconditional and can have no limitations.

God Created YOU.

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