Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Resisting What is Known

M: All this stuff seems to cause me more suffering than peace. It just seems too difficult to understand.

J: You do not suffer from lack of understanding, but from resisting what you know to be True. Recall that the lessons I teach are from your mind and everything I provide is known to you and must have always been known for you to learn of it in this way. It is your desire to be taught what you know, simply because you resist knowing. “Learning” is a form of resistance and when resistance is alleviated, ALL is immediately available.

What we now engage in is quite revolutionary, if you would only believe it True. Until then you will simply resist.

M: Why would I resist what is true?

J: Because you fear the realization that everything you base your life on is patently false, for if what I teach is True, such a conclusion cannot be avoided. Nevertheless, what you have based your life on is nothing more than resisting what you know to be True.

M: So I live my life simply to resist Truth?

J: Believing that Truth is absent is absurd. Yet you live each and every day as if this were an absolute fact. Therefore, suffering is simply a state of resisting what you know to be True. This is obviously insane, but not to the ego. To the ego it is “life”!

Your very Being is contingent on Truth, yet the ego is contingent on resistance and neither can share with each other.

M: This means that to live the Truth, I cannot rely on the ego.

J: The ego cannot know Truth, but it can act against what it senses may completely overpower it, if it does not remain vigilant in resisting. Therefore, the less your ego is relied on, the less resistance is experienced and resistance is always experienced by varying degrees of suffering. Not to resist is a blissful experience because it proclaims the certainty of KNOWLEDGE. To “know” is a wonderful thing when what you know is True. To suffer is merely to believe the false is True and this is what your “world” teaches.

M: I guess in a lot of ways I fear other people, because this seems to be what I resist.

J: This is because the Truth is “there” and you will ONLY find yourself through it. But ONLY as you LOOK for me. This makes little sense to you now, but in time, understanding will grow. You fear only your “self” and this is the fear you look for and find, in “others.” Look for me instead!

M: Why would I fear myself?

J: Clearly, your moods and actions are NOT indicative of love. Therefore, logic dictates that fear is the only other alternative. Yet, you have invented a catalog of emotions and feelings to measure your proximity to “happiness.” I merely ask that you use them to measure your distance from fear. There is NO “happiness” in hell, but you can know the perfect peace that erases all signs of hell from your mind.

You have spent your life desperately seeking “happiness,” yet, never looking back to see what it is that causes such desperation. I ask that you now look back at what you seek to replace so that you can see that nothing is there. Nothing was ever there. Know this and be “happy” because your search is over, no replacement is necessary.

M: Unfortunately, in this world, other things are needed besides love. Love doesn’t put food on the table.

J: To the contrary, fear “in this world” has resulted in the starvation of millions. Therefore, love does have the power to “put food on the table.”

I attempted to demonstrate this and the experiment was successful. Now it must be replicated, because it will not be accepted as genuine until you do it yourself.

M: I thought you said that I can never know God’s love, only my concepts of love which are not God’s love.

J: As I have stated, the Truth is NOT unknown to you, merely resisted. God’s Love must be known, for why would you so strenuously resist that which you have no knowledge of. I do NOT teach God’s Love, only the futility of resistance. Your concepts of love are NOT God’s Love, but they do serve as resistance. Resistance is only applicable to the notion that God made a “world” where love is entirely absent. This is because a “love” based on conditions cannot be present, simply because IT IS NOT LOVE. Resistance to this alone will help you know the Truth.

M: But I don’t feel that I resist anything.

J: This is because for you, resistance is experienced as “life,” causing you to normalize that which is complete insanity. The ego easily accommodates to resisting what is experienced in every moment and Truth is IN every moment. How could it be absent and be Truth?

Therefore, if every moment finds you prepared to experience what you have determined is “true,” then it gives you what you expect to have, simply because you demand nothing more of it. Demand the Truth!

Constant resistance creates a numbing sense of apathy because your mind is anesthetized by the ego’s fear for anything other than what it predicts and prepares to experience. Out of this fear, your ego gives you only what is expected and this is the “world” you SEE, for you SEE no farther. Look beyond what you SEE!

Nevertheless, this is also the “world” you seek to escape because your resistance has made it “hell’ and hell is nothing more than resisting Heaven. You do not like what you SEE, but only because SEEING relies on the body’s “eyes” and Truth does NOT.

Every path out of what you SEE, provided by the "world," is easily adopted by the ego as its own, giving you the inevitable sense that there can be NO escape. Understand that every plan devised by the ego to escape the ego can never succeed. I offer a plan that does NOT rely on an ego, nor a "world," but does rely on your accepting, rather than resisting.

M: This all seems pretty hopeless.

J: To an ego, it must seem that way. But you are NOT an ego and your mind is free. Therefore, feel free to let the ego speak, but listen only to me. I will show you that escape is unnecessary. There is a better “world” and you could have it this very moment, if you would only allow me to show it to you. Otherwise, your “eyes” will never see it because you do NOT expect that it CAN be seen. Therefore, you must SEE it through my eyes.

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