Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Second Voice You Hear

M: Is my consciousness the only consciousness? Aren’t there other minds?

J: As long as you identify exclusively with your mind, then clearly there is only your mind. However, when you relieve yourself of the NEED to think alone, then there are many minds joined as ONE.

You do believe there are other minds. Yet, you only experience your 'self.' Therefore, you are invested in the “existence” of other "bodies." They talk and act like you and so, you have little doubt that they think as you do. Nevertheless, the idea of knowing what they “think” is very frightening to you, only because to know what “they” think, would mean that they would know YOU. You are very afraid of being alone, but you are more afraid of being known.

M: So if these many minds are joined as one, how will the “one” continue to be many?

J: The answer cannot be understood by an ego that knows itself as one and apart from many. Nevertheless, there is no difference except in your mind. Your mind determines all differences and then seeks them out as if it were not the cause.

M: Why would I want to be joined as one with other minds? In other words, what’s in it for me?

J: Everything you want. Except that what you want, you will want for everyone. Currently, you have made this idea a platitude. However, the actual experience is more wondrous than any experience you have yet to encounter.

M: But I thought you said there are no “others”?

J: In joining as One, this will be readily apparent. This is not to say that you could not differentiate, just that there would simply be no reason to. At present, your whole existence is predicated on differences and you feel you have no choice and MUST seek out differences.

However, until such "time," you will continue to experience “distance” between your thoughts, which will make it seem as though there are “others” for which judgements MUST be made. I merely teach you how to lessen the distance and when you are ready, you will easily do so.

M: But, how can I learn to join with all minds as one, if my ego can't hear the answer?

J: Do not listen from an ego.

M: But ‘I’ don’t exist without an ego, so there is no way ‘I’ can ever understand the answer as a separate mind. You are teaching an ego!

J: You were NOT Created with a mind divided, but indivisible. Therefore, no such division can possibly be real. Imaginary functions are only real for you, but they have no basis in God and, make no mistake, YOU are based in God. You can suffer through all your imaginings for as long as you choose. However, why would you? Eventually, the Truth will dawn upon the mind WILLING to listen, instead of an ego that was not made to hear.

You believe in a “before” and an “after” and you have allowed the ego to speak “before” me and therefore, you invest in the past. Now you are willing to allow me to speak “after,” but as of yet, this has not lessened your original investment. The purpose of time is to alter this arrangement so that you will hear me, “before” the ego. As your investment increasingly turns to me, the ego’s voice will gradually diminish until the past no longer speaks to you at all.

Hearing only me will prepare you for the Voice that speaks for timelessness and that Voice WE will speak together as ONE.

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