Tuesday, March 31, 2009

YOUR World is Meaningless

M: How can I function in the world that, as you say, I will come to believe is meaningless?

J: I do not teach that “the world” is meaningless. I teach that YOUR world is meaningless and YOU have made it so. However, you can change what you made simply because you are its maker. However, this entails that you believe you are maker and not God. God does not create the meaningless, because God created you. Look deeply upon what you SEE and know that the meaningless is your decision.

M: So now I’m the creator of the universe!

J: You make meaning and the only meaning that the universe holds for you is that you were born IN IT and must die IN IT. However, your "behaviors" demonstrate how you desperately seek to make this insanity meaningful.

Nevertheless, as its maker, you have a great deal of latitude in reestablishing what your “universe” can mean for you. But first, you must understand your role as maker. Until then, you will only fail to grasp the significance of what you have made and that your “universe” can mean much more.

M: So what about other people, what role do they have in making all this?

J: They have no role in your experience, but what you allow.

M: So you’re saying that I “made” other people?

J: You demand the world expose its “truth” to you, but you refuse to see the parts that do not conform to your specifications and thus, you will always miss the whole. Truth is of ONE fabric that you have torn into threads in the ego's demand for meaning in the meaningless.

However, the ego is resistant to the logic of Truth because it is hypnotized by the logic of your “world.” Nevertheless, in answer to your question, you did NOT make “other people” but this is only because there is no “you.”

Yet, you do experience “other people” in direct correlation with an experience of “you.” As I teach there is no division between you and your “world” and this is precisely why there can be no “you.” By the logic of your world, this makes absolutely no sense, but by God’s logic it is Absolute Truth.

M: If there is no me, then who are you teaching?

J: I teach you.

M: But I thought you said there is no me!?

J: I teach the ONE who believes it is a separate “self,’ experiencing “other people” in a “world” of great suffering and I teach that this NEED NOT BE. Thus, you are the ONE that I teach.

M: When you say “ONE,” do you mean everybody?

J: These “words” are for you, yet, the Truth cannot be claimed by an “individual.” Notice your reference to “everybody.” You will no doubt consider yourself separate and apart from your world as long as this differentiation continues. You will need to see differently and this means beyond your belief in what the body’s “eyes” give meaning to. It is not “there.”

M: When I look at someone, the first thing I see is a body. If I could not see bodies, how could I know that I’m interacting with someone? I can’t just pretend that minds have no bodies.

J: I ask that you see beyond physical sight not that you deny what you “see.” It is the body that you give meaning to and this has always obstructed SEEING Truth. You gave the body meaning and without the meaning you demand, you would SEE nothing.

I do not ask that you “pretend” the body does not exist, I only ask that you change its meaning. When it means less, “interacting with someone” will mean more than you can currently comprehend as an ego totally reliant on the faculties of bodily sensation

Truth has no form, but is infinitely full of content. An ego reliant on bodily sight sees only forms and so, content is limited and life is experienced as barren. Minds have no bodies, although they think they do and thus, could just as easily think differently. In your need to analyze form, you miss the content. The content is YOU and in your ever changing world, that is a constant.

M: So how do I see beyond what my eyes show me? How do I, as you say, “see through your eyes”?

J: You SEE only what you expect to see based on ancient meaning applied before seeing. This is why you SEE bodies and NOT souls.

I give meaning to what eyes cannot SEE and therefore, your infinite soul is ALL I SEE. Love cannot be extended to what eyes SEE, because sight conditions what can be seen and this is why bodies obstruct Truth. I SEE no conditions and therefore, I SEE it perfectly as it was meant to be SEEN.

You are weary of what you see. Therefore, when you SEE anything, think with me and I will not fail to correct your “sight.” This is not difficult for the faithful, because “blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.”

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