Wednesday, June 3, 2009

God Did NOT Cause Your World

M: Will all this learning result in some sort of “awakened” state of mind, similar to the reports of the “ancient masters”?

J: Your world is hypnotically captivated by the past and this fuels your compulsion to repeat the same lonely journey. A journey based on “reports” from the past can only take you backward to a past destination. From that destination, you will only arrive at this question and, once again, you will seek an answer from a past in which you are taught to repeat the journey once again. You travel in circles, crossing the same ancient burial grounds you crossed before, only to continually look back for the same answer from the past.

What is “known” cannot free you, for it is the past that keeps you in chains. Your salvation is unknown to the past and is only available when every vestige of past learning is gone.

M: Okay fine, but shouldn’t there be some changed state of mind to measure progress. You say I’m progressing, but all I can do is take your word for it. I have had no experience indicative of change.

J: Actually, you have progressed farther than you know. Yet, if there has been no “experience indicative of change” then clearly you have set the terms for knowing. Progress is assured, in fact, it is certain, but not on your terms. Until you are ready to accept God’s terms, you will continue to be disappointed with your own.

My role is not to teach God’s terms, as they require no learning, only to teach that yours will not save you.

M: It just seems there is entirely too much placed on my shoulders. I don’t have the power to realize these things you expect. I’m just an normal person with a normal life. I have no ability to change my world.

J: There is nothing "normal" about your world and, at times, you understand this with crystal clarity. You cannot realize any latent “ability” until you realize the world IS yours and YOU are your world.

To realize that the world is YOURS requires that you no longer fear parts of it. I expect that you will abolish all fear because I know it is certain and that is why I expect it will be done. I have NO doubt of your abilities because we are the same.

M: I have no control over the world.

J: Nor should you have reason for control “over the world.” Simply recognize you are cause and nothing more is needed. Change is in the cause and not the effects.

Yet, to recognize this requires you first understand that God would have no cause to create a world for which you would need to seek control, simply to alleviate the suffering caused from lack of control. However, in believing that God did NOT cause YOU, you will continue to seize control from a world that you believe did cause you. The world is not your maker. You made the world and you are cause for everything you experience.

God is only cause for YOU and not what you made in denial of this cause.

M: But if I made it, why is it I don’t know I’m the maker?

J: Because you are so deeply invested in “you,” which is also of your making. Imagine for a moment that you are cause of your world. What would this say about “you”? What would this say about your weakness, inadequacy and insignificance, for these are inherent to the “self” you have made?

The moment you realize what God knows, and would have you remember, is the very moment that that the “self” must cease to exist as YOU know it. The moment it becomes aware of its strength, it could not continue to exist and would immediately expire of the weight of its own weakness. Be prepared for this, for it is coming once again.

This is why you feel you must deny you are cause of your world, simply because you fear your strength which is caused by God. Your strength is simply beyond the ego's conception and therefore, the ego would not have you even presume such impudence.

But I would have you learn only the truth, as I am not influenced by an ego’s need for ignorance. You made the ego, yet what you have made has fooled you into believing that it made you. If you continue to rely on what you made to make you “happy,” it will ultimately deceive you into joining it's death.

I ask instead, that you join me in life.

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