Saturday, August 29, 2009

God's Creation Does Not "Exist"

M: Did Jesus Christ exist?

J: You believe that “existence” is an extension in "time" that appears to take up "space." I teach that if time and space are inventions of your mind, nothing "exists" but what you require be "real." Make no mistake; you are the inventor that denies his own inventions.

You have determined the criteria for "existence" and you believe that what does NOT meet your criteria cannot "exist" and, therefore, what does NOT exist cannot be known. This is why you believe God eludes you, while all the time standing right before your eyes. Your criteria blinds you, yet you refuse to surrender what you make "true.

Jesus Christ” is an invention you required and what you require will always meet your criteria for “existence," otherwise, you would NOT "perceive" it. Nevertheless, the criteria for perception is yours and NOT Gods. Truth has NO criteria.

M: But God gave Jesus Christ the task of spreading God’s message?

J: God does not assign "tasks," as if the performance of actions will lead to your salvation. Nevertheless, there is only one message, which is that you are free of all limits except what you impose upon your ‘self." I teach that you need do nothing at all, because anything you could do will only impose upon Truth. God does not impose upon Creation, because God is Creation, as is everything Created. There is NO division.

God would NOT choose “individuals” to teach what is known, since Truth is NOT available to parts of the whole, but only the whole. However, you choose parts of the whole and, thus, they always “exist” based on your criteria. You require learning through forms and, thus, forms "appear" as needed, but only because you think you need them. I teach that you need nothing.

M: So you’re saying Jesus Christ never existed? He was never crucified and did not resurrect from the dead?

J: I teach that “you” do not exist. Yet, you continue to crucify your "self," because you believe what “exists” must die. But, how can this be, if “you” do not exist?

“Existence” is a limit you idolize, simply because you have no faith in Creation. Existence must always conflict with its opposite, non-existence, and this is the tension that keeps you rigidly fixated on your “self” for fear it will one day cease to exist. Creation has NO opposite, thus, nothing conflicts and there is no tension. Existence requires birth and what is born must die. Creation is everlasting and does not conform to your time and space coordinates, because there is neither beginning nor end.

M: So I should no longer think of myself as “existing”?

J: “You” have no choice, as you now know your “self.” Fortunately, Creation is not a choice and, when it is known, “you” will cease to "exist" as you now know your "self" and lack of choice will be a joy unimaginable to “you” now.

God does not create identities in order to distinguish between parts of the whole, because to distinguish between parts is cause for fear and fear only causes conflict and conflict is what “you” experience through "existence." You are much more than this, only you cannot cease thinking that you are less and so, your thoughts limit you. Therefore, I ask that you think with me.

M: You say that “God would not choose individuals to teach what is known to all.” Well then, where does that leave you, since it appears you are teaching me.

J: And I say to you now, what has been said before: not one mind will be free until all are free as One Mind.

How separate minds choose to learn is inconsequential to the fact that it will be learned and that is certain, because Creation is certain, as are you. Nothing “exists” outside Creation and if you wish to deny this then you choose nothing instead. You are becoming very weary of that choice and so is the 'world.'

My teaching you, is your choice and this is because, contrary to your belief in your inadequacy and littleness, you will always teach yourself. Otherwise, how else would you learn?

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