Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Present

M: You keep using the concept of the “present” as something I should seek to be in. This is one of the many platitudes repeated in spiritual circles. How can I be in the present?

J: You are always “present,” yet believe you are "past." Nothing has happened, nothing will occur, and your fantasies to the contrary do not change this fact. Yet as long as you expect change there is much occurring and happening around you that seems beyond your ability to control. Your Being does not change. However, in your seeking to become, change is perceived as happening.

M: Why would I create a reality beyond my control?

J: You do not “create” as long as you believe you are NOT an extension of your Source. Extension IS Creation. You have the capacity to extend, but only in realizing that capacity. You believe you do NOT know this and therefore you do not experience your capacity. Until such time, you will misinterpret your function and this misinterpretation is what you SEE everywhere you look.

If God believed in littleness and weakness, you would not BE. The fact that you believe in littleness and weakness means you do not believe in God nor yourself, even though it is clearly a fact. Therefore the powers vested in you OF God are not available to that which chooses not to be aware OF those powers. How could it be otherwise?

In your ignorance of God and your Being, you do not Create, for how could you? However, what you do is “conceive." To conceive is to simply to think and, thus what you think is merely what the mind presents to you based on your belief as to what MUST be presented.

What you believe is what you will demand be true and you do most certainly believe that an external "world" is true. In your mind this is beyond question, yet in my mind it is beyond belief.

There is no mystery to this equation and even your sciences are teaching you this, although they fear the obvious conclusion. In fact, they will never teach you Truth only because you have set the limits to what can be learned and if you had not set such limits you would know . When you know, teaching is no longer necessary.

You have done this quite simply because you fear "revelation." However, you do allow for "glimpses" of the Truth periodically. Yet, in no way is Truth "revealed" since periodic learning addresses only parts. Nevertheless, this recognition of the parts only adds to your fear and keeps you distant from learning of the whole. All religion and spiritual practices allow for these partial glimpses, but never is the whole known, yet It is the whole that you seek.

Fear is your only limitation to knowing the whole and the only aspect of you that keeps you distant from this Truth. Nevertheless, you continue to deny this fact and demand that there must be some profound secret in the knowing of Creation and the joining with Heaven. You demand unrelenting sacrifice and suffering in order to reveal this “secret.” There is NO secret to God and ALL your sacrifice and suffering has been wasted.

When I learned how easy and effortless was the “knowing” of Creation, I was both overjoyed and appalled that such exquisite knowledge was always with me and that I had taken so long to see it. You too will be overjoyed and appalled, but take heart that your being appalled will last but the wisp of an instant, as your joy will lift you above the limitations you had “thought” were real.

Until then, your reality will continue as it must and, as long as you believe it must, you will SEE it no other way.

M: This is certainly not the gospel as taught by religions.

J: Be careful in your judgments of ignorance since ignorance is of you and born in you. Remember that those who live by belief will be loathe to surrender belief and will die for it, simply because they believe in death. This is the only belief that needs be re-evaluated. This is the power inherent in belief. You may rail at the ignorance of religion, as did I. Yet keep in mind that the idols of religion are no different then the idols worshiped outside of your concepts of God.

Both worship nothing and will take you nowhere and, if you fail to know your best interests, "nowhere" will continue to interest you.

All belief systems idolize and revere some part of a “reality” and justify the preservation of that partial system through the worship of the part. You may worship concepts of money or concepts of God, but in the end they must be seen as concepts not even mimicking even the tiniest aspects of the truth that you fail to see when you see ONLY parts.

You do have truth in your world since your Being is cause of God and, on some level, the effect must always touch whatever you see, only because YOU see it. Yet, this touching is mostly imperceptible since you rely on the body's sight which is greatly invested in death. Death is the ultimate distraction and as long as “self” is defined by body, death must be reflected in your perceptions, keeping you victim to what the body informs your mind must SEE.

In the present , death is SEEN as a misinterpretation of your function resulting in the replacement of sight with vision . Vision leaves out nothing and informs the mind of what sight will never SEE. Present vision will relieve you of the sight of past suffering and is the Truth you seek. I will teach you vision since as long as sight continues, you will continue to learn what you have always taught yourself and suffer from that learning.

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