Sunday, October 14, 2007

Zen Tricks

M: You say that what I believe I am, is not what I am. So what am I?

J: You are love, but that is inconceivable to you. You are God and that too, is inconceivable to you. It may help to examine what you are not, which when embraced in its totality may result in an experience of the inconceivable.

M: Ok. You have already told me that I am not a mind or a body. But that is also inconceivable to me. Therefore, if that is the starting point, and it is inconceivable, then I cannot start to understand.

J: Your logic is faulty in that it fails to take into account that you do understand. However, unconscious to what you are, you require learning of it.

Learning requires a teacher and that is the role you have assigned me.

I cannot be responsible for your failure to learn in the time you demand. I can only continue in my role as teacher until learning is attained.

The time you take is yours, although the curriculum taught has only one learning objective.

M: So now you’re refusing to take responsibility for my learning by placing the failure to understand squarely on my shoulders.

J: Who else other than you is responsible for you.

This is particularly relevant when you understand that you are everything and nothing is NOT you.

However, in a world you believe as external to mind, there is much to blame and it is quite easy to avoid responsibility. You are adept at such avoidance.

My teaching that you are not a body-mind is conceivable to you, but only as One Mind. Separate mind is a delusion of One Mind.

Essentially, you are God deluded in the belief that you are not.

One Mind is conceivable and you should seek to identify what you are not in order to know what you are. In that way you will inevitably strip away every concept conceivable to your mind.

M: How could God have delusions? I thought you said that God is not mind as mind is limited. So how could God be deluded if delusion requires a mind to be deluded in the first place?

J: Mind is the result of delusion, as the delusion is separation and minds are separate. Therefore, if the separation is a delusion then it cannot be “real,” in your conceptual sense, which is clearly indicative of the fact that it never happened.

Recall, that God is timeless. Mind can only be mind in time, as mind invented “time.” Outside of time, you are timeless. As you can see, your delusions have not detracted from you in any way. You are still and forever, what you have always been.

You are still God, seeking God.

To answer your question, God is not deluded, but “you” are simply because as mind, you are not God.

M: This is often infuriating to me and I feel we go in circles.

J: Who is “infuriated”?

M: I am. And I see where you're going with that question. I do not “know” who or what I am and you are trying to snap me out of my mind by asking questions that are inconceivable to my thinking. That's an old Zen trick.

J: Why would you conceive of needing “tricks” to attain understanding of what you are?

M: Your saying that Zen is my conception? I created Zen?

J: As I have informed previously, you should reserve the concept of creation for later as you do not have the capacity to create since that is reserved for God.

However, you must wonder why you conceived “Zen” as a practice of removing you from your concept of your “self.” There are many religions which advocate detachment from "self."

You have conceived a multitude of “paths” or ways to realizing truth. Notice how you have refused to adhere to any specific doctrine by always identifying flaws in the thinking each path demands.

You have always “sensed” that thinking will eventually fail you as it always has and always will.

This makes perfect sense in the understanding that thought is an inefficient method of existing.

I am the last thought you will ever need and I will be the last thought held by your mind before thought is no longer necessary.

This is your decree and you will follow your laws until your laws are no longer needed.

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