Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Controlling Consciousness

M: I feel controlled by the world, but you seem to say that I have control. How do I control the world?

J: By seeing no need for control.

M: But if I see no need for control, doesn’t that continue to make me victim to the world’s control?

J: Your experience of a world is indivisible from that ‘world.’ Yet, you insist it is external to you and beyond only the most rudimentary control. There is no division between an “inner” and “outer” world, yet you have made them into two distinct experiences. If you divide experience into exclusive parts, those parts must conflict with and exclude one another, because you experience them as opposite and thus, opposing. Conflict assumes a need to control parts and denies the experience is whole.

You will always feel controlled by that which is apart from you and so you feel compelled to impose control upon the parts, as opposed to the whole experience itself. This is why you will always feel controlled and alienated from your world.

What is whole requires no control, because it is unified as ONE. Seeing no need for control reunites you with your whole experience by returning it to its source. That which realizes itself as source, cannot be controlled by that which has no need to be controlled, because the parts no longer conflict.

M: So how do I make my experience of the world whole, in the recognition that I am the source of all my experiences?

J: Refuse to control it, in the recognition that there is no need for control.

M: Are you saying that I should not move out of the way if a bus is about to hit me?

J: Your goal of death has determined the many ways for which to experience death. If that was not your goal, you would not experience it and, make no mistake; your goals have determined your experiences long before the experience. Therefore, as long as death is your goal, your experiences will conform. See yourself as the source of this goal and redefine it.

M: That makes no sense. Death is not my goal. I don’t want to die!

J: You proclaim this with confidence. However, it is true that, of all your goals and grand plans, death is the only one you can be certain of, while all other goals are subordinate. Discard that one goal and all experiences must change accordingly, including “a bus is about to hit me.”

M: So my goal of death creates an experience of dying?

J: Creation is Truth. You fear Creation and so, you “create” nothing. As a result, although you do make your delusions “real,” you cannot make them true. “Real” is a concept you devised to evade Truth through delusional goals that are meaningless.

The goal of death makes dying “real.” Yet, since it is delusional, it cannot be True. Your goal of death makes delusional experiences “real” for you. Fortunately, if what you make “real” is not True, then obviously you have nothing to fear.

M: So how do I “create”?

J: Stop making delusions "real."

M: So how do I know what is real or not real?

J: Information provided by the body is always delusional, simply because the body is not True. However, we cannot deny that it is “real,” as that would be disingenuous, but only because you have made it “real.” What you make is finite and conforms to your goal of death, while Creation is infinite and conforms to God’s goal of eternity.What I teach is true, but you do NOT experience it as "real" and, therefore, truth is unknown to you.

M: You say that I have a goal of death. But I do not consciously choose to die.

J: The principle of death is very simple and is defined by loss. Need emerges from loss, because if nothing could be lost, nothing would be needed, because you would have everything. You believe death as the loss of everything, even though I teach there is nothing you are without. Therefore, the most important principle of life is that you live and not die and this, alone, is why death rules your life. Adhere no longer to the goal of death and learn to live.

Everything within consciousness is chosen, including the surrender of choice. You were not created to be victim to consciousness, because you ARE consciousness. Victimization is your choice.

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  1. After reading this i am felling much more aware of the engery i give off to situations that are not "real" and created by the belief of its reality to the world in which i create! #LOVE