Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Release What You No Longer Want

M: You say I need to give up to you that which I don’t want. There are a lot of things that I don’t want. I don’t want to be poor, I don’t want to be sick and I don’t want to die, just to name a few.

J: Then why have you not given them to me? Why do you still retain what you do not want?

M: But I don’t really know exactly what it is that I’m giving you.

J: This is because you fear sacrifice and are, therefore, very careful about what you might lose. I teach that there is nothing you CAN lose. Release what you do not want and experience gain beyond all imagining.

M: But I don’t know how to “release” it. How do I give you my not wanting to be sick or poor?

J: Trust in what I teach and give up what you have learned, because what you have learned is solely based in fear. You have learned to be poor and sick, because this is not natural to Creation, but is completely natural to fear.
Death is in the world you imagine, yet, it has no basis in truth and truth is beyond your choices, since you did not Create it, but are free to experience it at will.

M: So I just trust in you and all my fears simply disappear? If I just give you the things I do not want, then I’ll be free of them? In other words, I will not be poor, I will never get sick and I will never die?

J: Trust in me with no reservations and completely without doubt and nothing you do not want can remain. Yet, make even one tiny compromise with Truth and you will keep what you have always kept and have what you have always had.

If you do not release what you do not want, you will continue to believe the world gives it to you and you will hate the world for what you receive. Your hatred only serves to deny that you give it to yourself and hate your 'self' for what you give.

M: I give myself poverty, sickness and death?

J: Confusion creates chaos. That which does not know itself must be confused and will inevitably experience chaos. The ego makes compromises with truth in order to protect what it believes and it believes in chaos. If chaos does not exist then neither can the ego.

M: I thought it was other people who were supposed to save me.

J: Salvation is complete, although you have yet to see it and until you do, you will not believe.

See salvation in them and YOU are saved. Continue to see poverty, sickness and death and you will believe it is real, and this will make it “real” for all minds.

M: What am I supposed to see?

J: Christ Vision is incomprehensible to a mind that relies exclusively on “sight.” You need simply give me what you do not want and you will see everything as it was Created, rather than how you imagined it.

M: What if I want certain things that are not good for me?

J: Why would you want what would harm you?

M: I want more money. I don’t see how that would harm me?

J: I ask only for what you do not want, but only when you are ready to release it to me. What you now experience is what you give yourself. If you experience a loss, or lack, of “money,” and this is what you do not want, then release it to me in the recognition that you no longer have need of it.

You will know you have released it when it no longer disturbs your peace. You have very little understanding of what you want, because you have no understanding of who you are. But you do understand what you do not want because you believe you suffer from it. Give me all that you suffer from and suffer no more.

In releasing to me what you do not want, you will understand who you are. When you understand who you are, you will realize that there is nothing that you want, because there is nothing that you need. When you understand that there is nothing that you need, there will be nothing more to learn because you have learned that you are complete.

M: Why don’t I just give you my whole experience of suffering?

J: In that release, you would realize you are complete. But, the ego that you rely on is not interested in your completion or wholeness, because it “sees” only parts. Therefore, give to me only the parts you do not want. Your ego will only allow gradual learning, but each “time” learning progresses, time is shortened until eventually you will no longer have need of time.

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