Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Your Facts are Fiction

M: I’m beginning to see little point to this and wonder if I should discontinue, since it’s all a bit too complicated for me. How can I learn what I can’t understand?

J: If you have turned away from understanding, it is because you demand understanding be on your terms. What I teach invalidates your terms completely and asks that you learn the same. I am not asking that you give up the world.
I only ask that you give up YOUR world, for it no longer serves you and you have long since given up serving IT. There is a better "world" for you to SEE if you believe it can be seen... as I see it.
M: What do you mean my world? Is my world different from the world others experience? We all experience primarily the same world.

J: If you mean that you “primarily” experience the setting and rising of the sun, then yes, you share agreement on that as fact. But you do not share YOUR experiences, only facts.
Bodies share only “approximations” of Truth, which cannot be Truth because Truth is never approximate, but total and complete. This is the loneliness you experience and, until experience can be shared, loneliness is a "fact."
The experience of loneliness cannot be shared, because it demands separation and YOU have determined that a fact of living.

M: I think I share a great deal with the people I love.

J: You share "facts" that only serve to veil the Truth. Yes, you could share a “great deal” if only you could love without "facts." But in your world “love” is also a fact and, because of that must always be fictional. Your facts are fiction because nothing your world “agrees” to believe as "truth," has ever been True, because Truth requires NO agreement to be True.

In fact, you agree on very little and rely on the past to determine what beliefs are "true." I say to you now, if every mind could agree on just one “fact” completely free of the past, that fact would instantly be Truth. Yet, if every mind could agree completely, facts would disappear forever and Truth is ALL you would experience. Agree on this "fact" alone, for it alone can save you.
You may share “a great deal” with those you have chosen to “love,” but conditional "love" cannot be shared and love that is NOT shared by all is NOT Love. Therefore, you share nothing with no one and “thinking” it is so may make it "real" in your world but there is much you have made "real" that is NOT TRUE and never will be. However, it does make it another “fact” and in your world, love conditioned on suffering is a fact.
M: So sharing my experience will save others?

J: Are they not a part of your experience? I continually ask that you exclude nothing.

M: I can’t share anything with people I don’t know.

J: What would that “knowing” entail? Their names and addresses? Bodily appearances? The job they hold or the car they drive? Would you require they have the same values and worship the same God? Seeing differences denies sharing and so, you must see differently in order TO share.

Are you certain that you even “know” those you have chosen to “love”? Strangers do not love and if in every moment you do not love what you SEE, then you have made it stranger to you. Love is Truth and there could never be a moment Truth is not True. However, you can believe otherwise, but this does not in anyway remove Truth, it simply permits you to believe YOU are removed.

Yet, this simply cannot be.

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