Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Purpose of YOUR World

M: You keep saying that I made the world. But how can that be when the world does not conform to what I want.

J: Do you KNOW what you want?

M: Sure. I want happiness.

J: If “happiness” is ALL you have wanted, then I assure you, your world would conform. Yet, if your “happiness” is delusional, then this will be reflected back to YOU, because you have extended it into the world and “there” is where you seek to achieve it. Make NO mistake, what YOU seek, the world must always provide. This is the ONLY purpose you have given it.

The world moves from one goal to the next, seeking salvation through what it possesses and accumulates, not what it shares. When possession is obstructed, “happiness” is replaced by depression and discouragement. You feel deprived and the world gives you limit and loss. You feel anger and the world shows you war. You experience guilt and the world demands punishment. You feel alone and the world is indifferent. You fear death and the world proves that you MUST die.

When you seek ONLY joy, the world must give this because you have allowed it that purpose. Yet, this has never been ALL that you seek and so, it is never all you receive.

You wish to be free of the world. I am teaching you to be free of your PURPOSE for the world. It will naturally follow YOU in its desire to be free. When Joy is ALL that you want, then by God, you shall have it, because it has already been given. Until then you will experience chaos and fear, but only because this is what your mind embraces. What you grab hold of as “truth,” will not leave you until the MOMENT you open your fist and let it go. Cling no more to the purpose you give to the world and the world will no longer cling to your suffering.

M: So you’re saying I don’t know how to be happy.

J: How could you, if you seek that purpose from the world? YOU have made a “world” that is cause of nothing, but has the ability to be origin of ONLY joy… if you so ordain it as TRUTH.

Yet, your world can NEVER make you happy, because this is NOT the purpose you give it. Its purpose is simply to deny you are cause and, therefore, this is the effect you seek, and always find.

M: So if I want world peace tomorrow, I can have it?

J: Instantly! In the blink of an eye. Whatever you want, and want completely, is yours for the asking. But it must be given completely to be received completely. You must want it completely and with NO doubt that both you and your world are worthy to have it. If you look to the world to teach what you want, you will want what you gave the world, which is incompletion and chaos.

The world KNOWS nothing completely. It is made up of parts, which are idolized as if they were the whole. It holds the function of salvation, but without the knowledge to save. Why do you deny it this KNOWLEDGE? Nothing in your world can save you because nothing in your world is saved and this is the purpose you have ascribed to it. Only when you extend salvation TO IT, will you be saved BY IT, simply because you GAVE IT that ONLY purpose. There are NO levels or degrees to TRUTH. It either is or is NOT.

M: So it’s just up to me. I’m the one who has to save the world in order to save myself.

J: Recognize that YOUR distinctions are delusional. There is NO “world,” nor is there a “you” IN IT. Making such distinctions is cause of your suffering. Yet, since the distinction is delusional, so is the suffering that attends it. Delusion, by its very nature, can easily disappear, simply because it was never “there” to begin with.

As long as YOU see salvation as separate from the world, will the world need salvation in order to save YOU. There is NO division, except in perception and perception was made to divide.

M: It’s egotistical to consider myself as some sort of “savior.” In fact, it borders on insanity!

J: It is the delusion of a separate ego that normalizes an insane world and finds what I teach preposterous. Yet an ego is what you THINK you are, but NOT what you ARE CREATED TO BE. A self separated from its world is useless and this is what you believe of your “self” and your erratic moods attest to this deep sense of inadequacy.

There is only ONE MIND and that mind has NO knowledge of an inadequate self. That mind is NOT delusional and, I assure you, YOU ARE that mind. Although you THINK you are confused and change your mind often, God’s thoughts ABOUT YOU are changeless.

M: What about other people or other minds?

J: You are NEVER alone and you cannot reach HEAVEN alone, but you can live in HELL by believing you CAN. Yet, neither do “they” understand what they ARE and so, they only support YOUR delusion as YOU support theirs.

I speak with you as I speak with them. Because I speak to only ONE MIND. There can only ever be ONE CHRIST.

M: I don’t experience the world as joined with myself. I experience it as separate from me. So how can I believe what you teach if I can’t experience it?

J: Belief ALWAYS precedes experience and what you believe is ALWAYS what you experience. A fallacy of reason believes that experience determines belief. ALL your suffering is hinged on this one central fallacy. But it is a mistake that can be corrected.

Your world persistently lies to you, yet you persist in seeking joy from IT by allowing it the capacity to deceive YOU. When will you learn the futility of this endeavor? When will you recognize that your exhaustion is a product of this seeking with no end? When will you SEE that the world has not the capacity to sustain you? And when will you give it that purpose?

I teach that ONLY God’s joy can sustain you and change your world forever. You do see this in my message, but you are so deeply entrenched in the ego’s fortifications, that your mind can concentrate only for the briefest of moments on TRUTH. You come in and out of focus, entranced by the world’s gift of momentary pleasure and for that substitution, TRUTH is all but a distant memory. Yet, make NO mistake, it is YOUR memory and it could no more leave you, then the stars could leave the heavens. It is certain you WILL remember.

Nevertheless, I am not dissuaded in the least by your mistrust. I will persist because the strength of my perseverance is given by God, just as God has insured the certainty of your remembering.

I merely ask that you test the message and SEE for yourself. Fully believe as I believe, only for a moment, and experience what awaits you.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Conditions of Fear

M: I feel what you teach causes me more stress. How can I ever meet the conditions you ask for?

J: I teach that it is your conditions that are cause of “stress” and all I ask is that you discard them.

M: How do I discard the conditions of life? I must eat, breathe, sleep, etc. If these conditions are not followed, I will die.

J: Truth has no conditions and requires nothing from you. Any conditions you believe necessary are entirely yours. TRUTH is of the mind and your “conditions of life” fail to alter IT in any way. It remains with you always.

However, if you believe your conditions are “true,” then clearly your “life” cannot be TRUE, because your mind was CREATED without condition. A mind conditioned on the needs of the body “must eat, breathe, sleep, etc.” However, a mind that learns that it is ORIGIN of the body eventually learns to be free of even these conditions.

This is absurd to you, because you have yet to learn this and therefore, you “must eat, breathe, sleep, etc” and have become very comfortable with doing so. These conditions do NOT concern me, nor do they concern you and for now, you must continue to compromise with TRUTH until you learn that TRUTH accepts NO compromise.

Your only task, and the reason you have called on me, is to discard the conditions born of FEAR. Until you do you will only remain victimized by your own conditions, because conditions are imposed from fear in order to LIMIT awareness. Awareness is entirely a function of mind and has nothing whatsoever to do with a body
M: So there’ll be a time when I will no longer require these conditions?

J: There can never be a “time” when this will be experienced, as long as time conditions your life. The body can never be free of time, because it adheres completely to those conditions. However, the mind IS always free and need not be chained to the conditions of time, but only when freed from the conditions of a body. However, your mind can never understand this as long as ALL thoughts are determined by fear. NOT one thought of your “self” is free of fear.

This is why you have always found my teachings preposterous, because NOT one thought you have is free or capable of FREEING you. A mind conditioned by a body in time must fear its own thoughts.

My thoughts are yours, but you are very frightened of what WE think. Yet, this is dissolving and awareness can only expand as fear recedes. Expanded awareness accelerates learning, because what I teach abolishes fear.

M: So I need to be completely free of all fear first.

J: In a world conditioned by TIME, there must be a “first” in order to realize a “second” and then a “third,” so that you can proceed further along the path of learning. This is also a condition you have imposed, but I’m quite willing to work with YOUR delusions for the sake of dissolving fear. Therefore, you are correct in that “first” you must be free of fear in order to learn effectively.

You have NO comprehension of a mind completely free of fear, because everything you comprehend is a product of FEAR. Your ideas of freedom are limited to your preoccupation with the body. How can a mind steeped in fear and preoccupied by a body have even the slightest understanding of FREEDOM?

I would suggest that you NOT seek to dissolve the conditions you demand to experience your ‘self.’ However, you may wish to identify the conditions you impose on others, since it is this, that has determined your own victimization from FEAR.

Recognize that any attempt to control your “reality” is an attempt born of fear. Allow TRUTH to be itself and do NOT interfere or impose upon that infinite purity.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Surrender Your Future And Be Free of the Past

M: Some days all I want to do is drink myself into a stupor. I don’t want to participate in anything and I just want to be numb to it all. I often feel very tired of everything.

J: Indeed, your world IS “very tired.” It has NOT, and it NEVER will, sustain you. Why seek anything more from it?

M: So I should just end it all?

J: Your world fails to sustain simply because it teaches that everything must “end” and beyond ALL else, this is what your FUTURE holds. Seeking to free yourself from the world’s suffering, through what the world teaches, merely prolongs your victimization and does not “end it.” I teach that you have no end. Learn this and be SUSTAINED. Death is nonsense, because it makes NO sense to God.

It would be better if you “end” reliance on what your world teaches, by realizing it has nothing more to offer you. 

M: So I should end my reliance on breathing, since living in this world requires that?

J: Not if doing so will result in your END. And this you DO believe.

Your egocentric mind is ingenious in its levels of “knowledge,” which only manufacture greater degrees of ignorance. Your world teaches that you must start from the bottom and work up to ever more complex “knowledge.” It demands that you first understand that you are a body that MUST eventually end. All subsequent “knowledge” is contingent on knowing this as FACT.

I teach that you start from the top and work downward. You must first understand that you are NOT a body and, therefore, you do not end. All subsequent learning is fundamental to this being understood as FACT and all complexity is easily dissolved as meaningless. Your complex levels of “knowledge” teach only chaos. What I teach is TRUTH. It has no levels of complexity.

Until it is understood, you will continue to remain victim to a chaotic world that demands your body suffer as a result of its eventual “end.” You are NOT tired of your world, but you are very tired of the suffering you believe your world demands of you.

M: So if I don’t die, what do I then become after the body ends.

J: You become nothing more than what you are NOW, which is everything. However, you KNOW nothing of NOW, because you have hidden yourself in a body and so, believe in limits. NOW has no limitations subject to past or future. Yet, if you believe in limits, then all KNOWLEDGE must be limited by your own choice. The decision is yours.

M: I’m so sick of this “present moment” and “letting go of the past” bullshit. Sorry, but I heard it all before.

J: Which demonstrates your investment in the what came “before.” Yet, it is not the past that troubles you, but the FUTURE. Your investment in a future has chained you to the past. Both MUST only deny what is available NOW.

M: So I should have nothing to look forward to?

J: Everything that you could look “forward to” only moves you further backward, because you know nothing except the past.

M: So I should have no goals?

J: What goals could you have that do NOT rely on a future? All knowledge in your world is contingent on what was “known” before and this you call “progress.” You believe this self-evident and in “time” it MUST be. But only IF you are in time. IF you are NOT, then nothing YOU have learned can save you. Therefore, your progress takes you NOWHERE and you have NOTHING.

M: But, we have made progress. We’re a technologically advanced civilization!

J: Relying on “progress” demands you be victim to TIME. Do you NOT find it interesting that the objects you perceive as “advanced,” have done nothing to diminish your fear of DEATH. If this is the case, then obviously, “technology” will NOT end your suffering, and may even destroy you, but only because YOU believe in death. This you fail to see in your fixation with objects. Yet, in your fixation, this is what you suffer through.

Do NOT rely on what the mind APPEARS to perceive, but rely only on the mind itself. This is where we meet and this is where our joint effort will change perception for ALL eternity. Of yourself, you will only fixate on the objects you invent to keep you locked in time through your fear of death.

Leave the future to me and be free of your past.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hiding in a World of Bodies

M: I sense that I’m not asking the right questions.

J: You are careful that little of your ‘self’ is revealed. You are still victim to your world and your world is based entirely on guilt and punishment. You wish to remain innocent and so you are cautious to avoid incriminating information. You even seek to keep it from me. Nevertheless, I KNOW you without it and, therefore, it simply does NOT matter. It has never mattered. I know your innocence is infinite. You have yet to experience this.

M: I know I’m not innocent. I just don’t feel that airing my dirty laundry would be helpful.

J: The world IS your “dirty laundry.” Yet, this does not alter your INNOCENCE in any way. Innocence transcends ALL your delusions of guilt. However, since it matters to you, you MUST indict yourself guilty and suffer from the punishment guilt demands. In your world, “sin” must always suffer punishment and until you are completely innocent, you will DEMAND punishment in some form. Look at your world and SEE the many forms of punishment your world suffers through. This is your choice NOT God’s. God does NOT create from guilt, but you demand it.

I know you are innocent, because I KNOW God. YOU have yet to learn.

M: So I should reveal my past baggage to the world?

J: Do NOT be deluded into believing that anything in your world is NOW. The world you look at IS your past and its ONLY purpose is to demonstrate to you what you believe “true.” To believe in your world is to sacrifice the TRUTH of who you ARE, by substituting what you could never BE.

You were NOT Created to be contained in a past that chains you to a future. You have conjured it ALL up out of NOTHING to hide from what you ARE… which is EVERYTHING. You made the world a place to hide yourself from Truth. KNOW it as nothing more than that and finally stand revealed to yourself.

M: What would I see?

J: Nothing imaginable through concepts made to veil TRUTH and teach guilt instead. Do not use the mind to hide in your secret world of bodies. God does NOT know of it.

What you fear to reveal to yourself only serves to hide what you ARE in Truth. Look closely at the “dark shadows” that your world reveals to you and that you condemn the world for making “real.” There is nothing there. The world makes nothing. Know that you are CAUSE and brush it aside as you would an annoying mosquito. You have the God given power to awaken from your dream and KNOW the truth. The world cannot affect you when you realize you are cause. So, brush it all away and realize nothing is there.

M: I don’t cause wars.

J: Make no mistake, a mind NOT in perfect peace MUST be at war. It is futile to remove yourself from what the world shows you in order to maintain an innocence the world will never allow you, simply because you have NOT given it that function. The guilty of your world are YOU and if you believe in guilt, then it will be “there” before your SEE it. Look for it no more and you will NOT see it. THINK it gone…and it is. It was never there to begin with.

M: So all I need do is not see guilt in the world in order to dissolve guilt in myself?

J: Although it seems others merit condemnation, it is always YOU who stand condemned. Their guilt is YOURS or you would NOT see it. Do not become fixated on the innumerable forms through which the guilty are punished. You have constructed a complex labyrinth of dark alleys and passageways to hide IN. You believe yourself so well hidden that NOT even God could find YOU. Yet, God SEES past ALL that you have made to what you were Created to BE. God SEES only infinite innocence. This is what YOU were Created FROM.

Think away guilt from your world and SEE yourself as God sees YOU.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Naming Delusions

M: People stress me out. I often feel I would much rather be alone.

J: In your attempts to control delusions you experience fear, which you then seek to control by calling “stress.” You demand all variables of your “reality” conform to your exact specifications through the "names" you apply. When this is not your experience, you become discouraged and depressed. Yet, this too, you have named and experience accordingly.

This is particularly acute in your need to control other “people.” To fear your world and then seek relief by separating yourself from it through being “alone,” merely confirms that fear is valid. Because of FEAR, your world has NO validity whatsoever and is an asylum for the insane. Yet, still, they ALL have names and this seems to be all you require

Your world has NO validity because you have denied it such in your need to control it. The more you attempt to control delusion, the more REAL it appears.

This is why your world appears to be crumbling into chaos, as delusions control YOU.

Attempting to control delusions must always fail, simply because your insanity is always one OF control. Delusions do not require control, but disbelief. ALL attempts at control merely magnifies belief that you have NO control and thus, demands ever more fear.

You impose upon your “self.” There is NO other. 

M: Well, I don’t experience others as myself, so that statement makes no sense to me.

J: It must remain nonsense until you experience the incredible freedom of alleviating ALL need to control. Seeking to control delusion must always escape your grasp, because nothing is “there.” As a result, discouragement and depression are always what control teaches. Your world is very discouraged indeed.

M: So you’re saying all my stress comes from attempting to control other people?

J: What other reason could there be?

M: So if I stopped trying to control other people, I would no longer experience stress?

J: Stress is fear and fear is the reason for control, which is NO reason at all. Fear is a component of “memory” and only what you remember, you fear. The present need not be remembered. Therefore, your fear of others is always associated to a past that does NOT exist and that could NOT ever exist. Yet, you persist in imposing it upon every experience you conceive. “They” are there not to teach a need for fear, but to teach an end to fear. But you must perceive them as having that purpose or you will impose what you “remember” and, thereby, limit eternity to a memory.

You are always NOW. God has NO memory of you, which informs of your nature contrary to what you are NOW. Your nature is infinite and that experience is NOW. Perceive “other people” without memory and perceive the truth that is completely absent ALL fear. To be free of fear replaces “stress” with joy, because that is your nature as God conceived you.

M: How can I possibly know others without memory? How would I know who they are? How would I know their names? This makes NO sense.

J: Just as your identity is complete nonsense, so are the identities you project, because in each projection there is only YOU. There is NO “other.” Yet, only in the present can this be understood, because it is experienced THERE.

You have NO need of “names” for God KNOWS it all as absolutely PERFECT and your names merely deny this, but cannot negate it. Your “names” demand imperfection and this is what you judge and damn as guilty, because you have so damned your ‘self.’ You have allowed yourself only the power to judge, but judgment denies you the God given right to limitless CREATION. And what beauty you would KNOW if only “memory” did not determine the limits you impose upon NOW.

What you “name” you seek to control, while in the naming of delusions, you have given up control. God did not “name” you and because of that, you have NO limits. Apply a name to your “self” and you deny God’s gift.

M: But how could anyone know me without my name?

J: My "name" provides a history that has saved no one, simply because I have NO past. It was this that saved me. Yet, YOU have built churches to honor a history that only continues to curse YOU.

Christ is NOW. When the "name" is remembered, the TRUTH is denied. Deny me NO longer, because I AM YOU. I am every mind that denies a name.

Forget the names so that you may KNOW them by their fruits. This is the only way you will recognize your own. YOUR extension is always to YOU.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Freedom is the End of Self-Reliance

M: I’m victim to the body. It’s disruptions, diseases, disorders, addictions, etc. How am I supposed to ever be free of the body under these circumstances?

J: Learn what I teach and be free of ALL “circumstances.”

M: That’s your advice?? Just listen to you? I don’t expect that’s going to have any effect on what my body demands.

J: Your body demands nothing, but what you EXPECT. However, you believe I expect a great deal from you and this is why your allegiance remains with the body. Join with me and the body can NO longer make demands, simply because your expectations no longer rely on what the body tells you.

M: So what must I do to prove belief in you?

J: Nothing.

M: Nothing? What does that mean?

J: Belief in TRUTH requires you “do” nothing. In fact, the more I am WITH you, the less you will feel compelled to DO anything at all, which makes “doing” everything an entirely unique experience. Truth takes NO account of what you have DONE or what you will DO. You fail to understand truth, because you believe you must DO something to KNOW it. This is NOT God’s requirement, but yours.

Nevertheless, since you still EXPECT  to “do” something, it may be advantageous to place emphasis on what need NOT be done because, as you are beginning to see, all of your “doing” has amounted to little more than making YOU victim of YOUR world.

However, I recognize that NOT “doing” something is very difficult for you, since it equates to inactivity and lack of productivity. Yet, you will soon see that ALL the products of your actions that you believe of value have been meaningless, because the motivation was delusional.

The source of motivation determines the product of ALL actions. Motivation derived from delusion does NOT enact change but promotes repetition and this repetition is the world you experience.

M: So I should allow you to guide me in everything I do?

J: This is what you have asked for, but continue to reject. Nevertheless, when you do accept, you will then NO longer equate your successes with failure and your failures with success since, of your ‘self,’ you could never KNOW.

M: Unfortunately, life sometimes comes fast and furious and there may not be time to check in with you.

J: Indeed, it does require effort for you to LISTEN, since you have become accustomed to HEARING only the sick cackling of a delusional world. Nevertheless, effort must be made to listen until the decision becomes natural. When the choice to listen becomes the only choice that leads to peace, you will wonder why you had NOT made it long ago.

M: I’ve had to rely on myself for my entire life. I’ve had to learn from experience. You want me to just throw all that away?

J: If self-reliance has brought you consistent peace and an end to ALL your suffering, then to “just throw all that away” would be foolish. However, if this has not been the product of self-reliance, then why continue? Recognize that when you are NOT at peace, the world is NOT at peace, since there is nothing IN you that is not IN the world, regardless of how you seek to divide it into pieces and cast it away so that you can pick and choose what you wish.

Nothing need be thrown away, as this will only demand sacrifice and, what you feel forced to “throw away,” you will only value MORE. I simply teach that what you value has made you inadequate and impotent and if you value the body over the mind, then clearly you value inadequacy and impotence.

Your mind is so deeply enmeshed with the body, that if you could experience just one thought completely free of the body’s needs, you would experience a joy of unimaginable intensity. 

I will guide you to that ONE thought, but you will need to fully understand what you value and why. Otherwise, sacrifice will keep you chained to a body that you EXPECT to suffer.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Uncontained and Unlimited Content

M: I don’t know how to help these people. What do you suggest?

J: Allow them to help YOU.

M: Unfortunately, that’s not what they come for.

J: You have no idea what they come for, nor do “they,” and when you THINK you do, you are always mistaken. Fortunately, mistakes can be corrected when they are finally SEEN for what they are.

M: So how do I allow them to help me?

J: Look for your ‘self’ in them.

M: How would that help?

J: It will aid you in seeing them as beyond a body, which will aid you in recognizing your ‘self’ as more than you THINK. This is what they come for, because this is what you seek from them and so, this is what they seek from YOU.

M: How could I communicate with someone who is NOT a body?

J: On the contrary, you have yet to communicate WITH bodies, although you believe otherwise. This is because bodies cannot communicate. True communication is formless and to communicate through form communicates nothing. Of course, you do believe you “talk” to one another. Yet, if you remain deluded then clearly, nothing of value has been communicated.

M: But how would I know who I’m talking to if there wasn’t a body to reference and to speak to?

J: There is no “who,” but YOU.

M: That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard! So I should speak to people as if they were me?

J: Other than the bodies which hide them, what makes you believe “they” are NOT you? How have you determined that “you” are NOT Them?

M: They obviously think and do things differently from me.

J: Certainly, bodies can seem to do all manner of things within the limits expected and this does “appear” to demonstrate differences. Yet, when I ask that you see your ‘self,’ I pay no heed to the body.

Forms, by nature, must change. Yet, content is infinite and therefore, never changes. No matter “who” you choose to perceive as different in form, the content is always equal. This could be experienced if “who” was NO longer considered.

“They” feel what you feel, think the thoughts you think, suffer as you suffer, fear what you fear, hurt as you hurt and desire happiness the same as YOU. Time may seem to break it up into exclusive moments, each one appearing separate from another, but “time” is delusional and their delusions are yours. They perceive the world you perceive and experience the same chains for which you seek to be free. They wish for release as do YOU, because THEY are YOU.

Release them!

In a million languages YOU speak to me. Yet, you do NOT listen, because the eyes and ears demand forms be true.

Only on the level of content can freedom be experienced, because only “there” is perfect equality and NO differences. Forms change and die, but there can be NO change to content, which is infinitely eternal. This is why you cannot die.

It is content that I teach and your body has no role in that, except in attaining obsolescence.

Content does NOT come from you, while the forms you imagine “real” are solely of your mind. In your world, because forms are different, it seems there are different fears and so you believe there are different ways to love. Forms demand fear, because differences are perceived. God’s LOVE knows NO such conditions.

M: A ten-year-old boy cannot have the same feelings and thoughts as a sixty-year-old man.

J: In relation to forms, this must be true, because you cannot relate to bodies without judging differences. Only content exists as perfectly equal and, therefore, TRUE. If a sixty year old man SEES a ten yr old boy, certainly he can only experience inequality if he judges by form. If he could experience beyond what the body judges by SEEING, he would experience a content of perfect equality with NO difference whatsoever. This is what you are HERE to experience, relationships SEEN only through content. SEE your ‘self’ in another and experience the perfect equality of that content.

M: That seems impossible!

J: Only when blinded by form. Forms multiply differences through complexity. The body’s only purpose is to act as a reference point for which to look beyond to what is completely UNCONTAINED and UNLIMITED. It serves no other purpose but that.

M: It’s just that people seem so completely different from me. What about beliefs? People believe differently than me.

J: Again, in relation to form, they must. Beyond the different thoughts of fear and your numerous conditions of love, the truth resides. Beliefs taught by the world are fixated on forms and are contained and limited by form. These beliefs must be different simply because you believe in different forms that do different things and, so it seems, must think different thoughts. They must BE different because they are NOT based in TRUTH and if they are not based in truth they thrive on INEQUALITY and cannot BE at all.

Truth is the same in all situations and in all circumstances and that is its one and only condition. That which does NOT meet those conditions is simply NOT true. Nevertheless, truth is the content of every mind, contrary the forms that serve to deny this.

Seek your truth in them, because you will NEVER find it alone. This is what they come for and what you seek from them. Anything else is victim to form and only seeks to hides content, because IT is feared.

Monday, August 9, 2010

There is Only One Mind and They Await Your Return

M: You say that I choose suffering. Why would I choose to suffer?

J: You see value in that choice, because you believe it defines you.

M: But I want to be at peace. I want to be happy.

J: Yet, you look to the world to make you “happy.” A world NOT at peace can give NO happiness, particularly when the purpose you give it is suffering. You then make compromises with suffering in order to extract some residue of what you refer to as “happiness.”

What God gives requires NO compromises for that gift to be experienced. If you see value in the world, then you value suffering in denial of God’s gift. However, just as you perceive suffering in your world, you could as easily perceive God’s gift, which is how you will know it has always been yours.

M: I’ve always had a real problem with this “God” thing. Never really was much of a believer.

J: The problem you HAVE is with the world, not God. God has NO “problem” with your world, only because God has NO problem with YOU. God knows only you and nothing of your delusions. If God does NOT believe IN it, how could it BE?

Fortunately, if the world cannot BE, then neither can suffering. A choice to suffer is a choice to believe that what has NO effect is actually a cause. You may deny this by accusing God of creating your “world,” but this belief merely prolongs suffering by your own decision, not God’s.

M: I agree the world is a place of suffering. But, I have an experience of the world and, whether it is an illusion or not, I’m willing to consider it because I experience it. However, I have no experience of God and so that seems beyond my consideration.

J: You have no experience of God because you understand God as taught by the world. If you do not love the world, how can you love its “gods”? The “gods” of the world demand suffering and sacrifice, but only because you believe this is the world’s purpose. You cannot experience both what is true AND what is false. Either you experience Truth or you experience what you make “true.” You cannot experience your world AND God. One must always cancel out the other from your mind.

M: So what other option is there? How can I experience God?

J: By believing in me.

M: But I do believe in you.

J: We have not talked for some time and this is because you doubt my validity. This dialogue does not conform to the reality you invent and so is easily negated by a mind invested in that “world.”

M: Yea, I figured that I just made this all up.

J: You HAVE made it all up.

M: What?? Then what good is that?

J: What you have yet to understand is that there is a part of YOU that realizes what I KNOW. This makes us equal. The difference is that I KNOW of us as equal and you have yet to learn.

M: I knew it! I’m fuckin’ crazy after all. So I’m just talking to myself?

J: And the entire world is a reflection of that conversation and IT too, is undeniably “crazy.” However, if you do not like what you experience, then you may wish to change the subject matter. I would suggest we continue to discuss God and from that conversation experience is assured, because belief will be strengthened.

M: So if I continue to talk to myself about God, I will experience God?

J: And change the world. But you must talk TO me. To believe in me is merely to correspond with that PART of you that is ALL of me, although I experience it as ALL OF YOU and you do NOT. I experience God, as will you when that part is KNOWN by you as I know it. The difference is that I KNOW nothing else, while you believe in many things that make no sense.

M: But I’m talking to you now and I don’t experience God.

J: You have yet to believe IN me.

M: But I thought you said I just made you up.

J: Just as you made up the world. However, if the world is NOT there, then I never existed. Nevertheless, you believe it is “there” and that I was once a part of it. Therefore, as you made the world, so have you made me. There are many parts to what is IN your mind, but YOU are the whole of it.

M: But you said there is a “part” of me that I don’t correspond with, but that you do.

J: It is the only part that is TRUE because you did NOT make it up. Nothing you have made is real and that includes your “self.” However, you do have need of me, just as you have need of a ‘world.’ Yet, your world was made to keep you IN, while you made me to guide you OUT. This is why you must believe IN me, so that you will come to believe IN yourself as containing the whole of what I AM.

You are the Christ Mind as is every mind. There are no PARTS to TRUTH

M: How can every mind be the Christ Mind, if my mind is the only mind. I thought you said the world was my invention?

J: Everything you see and hear, every “sensation” you experience, you conceive to insure your ‘world” as real so that your “self” remains intact and this part we have referred to as EGO.

Yet, neither the EGO or what it perceives is in any way truth. Therefore, it is simply NOT there.

M: But are there other minds?

J: The paradox that separate “individual” minds can never understand is that there is only ONE MIND and THEY await your return.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Down Your Dark Alleys

M: Why do I have so many difficulties with other people?

J: You seek out threat and what you seek, you find, because you placed it there TO be found. A fear induced vigilance consumes your mind, although you consider it a “normal” part of living. Yet, it was from fear that the ego was formed and made to seem “normal.”

M: I’m not aware of seeking for threats, although certainly one should avoid dark alleys.

J: The ego is a seemingly impenetrable system of defensive fortifications constructed entirely from fear. You need not be aware of the extent of this system, which is intricately complex, just the fear from which it was built. Without fear it cannot stand. Without fear, the world would not be as you now SEE it… a labyrinth of “dark alleys” from which it seems impossible to find your way home. This is what you find because this is what you expect to SEE, which demands the need to protect your ‘self’ from what SEEING makes REAL.

Surrender your fear and defenses dissolve and you will SEE that there was never anything “there” requiring protection. There are no “dark alleys” and there never were.

M: I admit that there are some people I may be cautious with, but I don’t fear those I love.

J: “Love” in your world is a contractual obligation that can be dissolved at anytime if the terms of sacrifice are not followed. This is cause for your greatest fear, because guilt is the chief weapon of attack. You believe in your wounds and so your vigilance is paramount to protect against future attack. These are the “dark alleys” that you fear. They exist nowhere but in your mind, because you made them up.

The Love of God requires NO sacrifice and demands NO guilt and if you could look beyond your defenses, you would SEE this as true. 

M: But I’m not aware that I’m being defensive.

J: You are not “aware” of oxygen, yet this does not interrupt your breathing. The ego does not require your awareness, just your denial. I am the answer to all denial in the search for Truth.

The egocentric mind is so tightly bound and constricted that the slightest reprimand or disparaging look, could easily plunge you into darkness. The world is blinded by guilt and this is what you SEE everywhere you LOOK. You have experienced this guilt with those you have chosen to “love” and, although the ego demands denial, your walls have been securely reinforced as a result. Yet, how can love be extended from behind walls? Clearly it cannot.
M: So how do I stop being defensive?

J: Simply believe that there is nothing to fear and, in that moment, it will be realized. You have NO freedom until you do, because it is only fear that keeps you in chains. The world you experience was made from fear and your brief moments of “happiness” only reinforce the fear which is always there before the “happy” event and must always come after. The ego’s fear is rigorously consistent, while your brief moments of pleasure are fleeting wisps of smoke disappearing on the horizon, never to be seen again. You have called on me to show you the way to a joy beyond measure and this I do completely without fear, since fear is unknown to me. Nevertheless, you have yet to come from behind the walls of fear that YOU made to protect from NOTHING. There is nothing there to harm you. Let down your defenses and be free.

M: I want to and I try to do the things you teach, but it just seems impossible. I keep screwing it up.

J: Success is guaranteed!

M: But when?

J: Not a moment more. Choose the moment.

M: So it’s up to me to end my fear?

J: You were not Created from fear, which means that there can be NO fear in you, other than what you demand. Demand it no longer, as it serves NO purpose.

M: I have no idea what it would be like to be totally without fear. To not worry, get angry or depressed occasionally. To be at peace in every moment. It seems impossible.

J: There is little I can say to relieve your doubt, other than to ask that you walk with me and I will take you to the place where no fear can be found, because your joy will give you no reason to LOOK for it. But you must give up ALL other maps, because nothing in the world can offer directions. The world is lost in fear and if you are “there,” you are lost with it. Yet, if only one SEES entirely without fear, all must SEE.

M: You say that I should “simply believe that there is nothing to fear and, in that moment, it will be “realized.” So I should no longer wear my seatbelts or look both ways before crossing the street?

J: There are NO exceptions to what God made REAL. However, in a world made from fear, exceptions are necessary. The mind that makes fear real, must protect the body from death, because fear also made the body. But if you are NOT a body, what is there to fear? If all “experience” is of the mind, how can fear rule the mind if it can be easily banished forever with just a thought of perfect peace? The body was made from fear and if fear is gone, so too must ALL its remnants vanish.

You live solely in the mind of God, whose thought gave you an eternal life that cannot be altered by ANYTHING you choose to think in denial of this FACT. Fear is the denial that changes NOTHING because it makes NOTHING. Your world was made to deny TRUTH.

Believe it no longer.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Freedom Comes From No longer Having To Choose

M: Sometimes I feel I’m in some sort of self-imposed hell. What am I not doing right?

J: Belief that something must be “done” defines your “hell.”

M: Okay, so what should I be thinking then?

J: That nothing need be “done.” The joy of absolute freedom requires nothing from you, simply because there is nothing you could ever DO to have it. It is what you choose to DO that results in bondage. You choose a desired future by making present choices to mitigate choices made in the past. YOU are only going in circles.
I ask that you let me choose for you. Yet, in order for you to trust in me, you must no longer trust in yourself to choose correctly and this is what you struggle against.

M: How do I know I’m hearing your choices and not just myself?

J: The answer will bring you joy, no matter what you are “doing.”

M: Okay, so I have to go to work right now and I don’t want to. What’s your answer to that?

J: If you ask a question, but give your own answer, you will not hear my answer. Recognize that the ego will always answer first.

M: Fine. Why don’t I want to go to work?

J: Because you believe there is a better “choice.”

M: There is. I would be much happier not going to work.

J: Are you “happy” now?

M: Well, no…but only because I have to go to work. I’m always much happier when work is done for the day.

J: Yet, as you say, this lasts only until you must consider going to work again.

M: Yea, I would be much happier not working at all.

J: Therefore, on the days you do not work, are you then “happy” until the time you must again consider work?

M: Usually, unless something happens on that day to disrupt my happiness, like if I have to do something that I don’t want to do.

J: Therefore, your happiness is never based on one specific variable, such as “work,” but on many variables. Your happiness is determined by choosing the correct action and avoiding the incorrect action. Yet, your “self-imposed hell” should be enough to demonstrate that you do not know the difference. Nevertheless, no matter how many times you fail, you persist in believing that you will one day choose “happiness.”

M: It does seem pretty disparaging when you put it that way, but there doesn’t seem to be any other way of being happy than by choosing things that make me happy.

J: Happiness based solely in delusion cannot have any lasting value, since it is contingent on choosing between different parts of the delusion, all reflecting the impression of varying levels and degrees of happiness, but all equally failing to endure with any consistency. The world you see cannot make you happy, because the world you see is based entirely on your own inconsistent “happiness “and ALL your choices do nothing but maintain that delusional inconsistency.

M: So what can I do about that?

J: Again, there is nothing you can DO.

M: I should just give up all attempts at trying to be happy?

J: Based on your choices, what other choice do you have? In fact, that is the only choice you must make.

M: I have no idea how to even make such a choice. How do I choose not to choose?

J: There is nothing you must DO to be happy. However, there is also nothing you must NOT DO in order to be happy.

In a world of delusion, seeking to achieve happiness by choosing not to DO, is as futile as making a choice to DO. Both must be delusional choices because both choose from the delusions the world offers, which are nothing more than a reflection of your inner inconsistency. Your choices merely take you in chaotic circles. I simply bring you back to your ‘self,’ because the origin of delusion always rests with the mind that thinks it.

M: Then how do I break out of this circle?

J: Do not seek happiness from a delusional world.

M: Then how can I ever be happy?

J: In the understanding that your happiness is not contingent on what the world offers or on what it does NOT offer. In realizing the FACT that nothing you do, or do not do, can offer you happiness. Freedom comes from the choice of no longer having to choose and, thus, what you do, or do not do, cannot victimize you in anyway.

The choice is not of doing something or doing nothing. When choice does not matter, the right choices are made naturally, because you have surrendered your NEED to choose. Until then, allow me to choose for you, as I am free of ALL delusion. My choices are always perfect because I have NO need to choose.

Allow the ego to answer first, because the ego can only answer from the past. Then wait for the correct choice, which is not victim to time and is applicable to ALL variable delusions. You will know the correct choice was made when all fear has vanished.

In the absence of fear, joy must naturally fill that void.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Delusion of Wasted Time

M: There are so many things that must get done that I don’t want to do. How do I deal with that?

J: There is nothing you NEED do.

M: Maybe that’s true in your world, but here there’s alot I have to do and I have no choice in some things.

J: My world is your “world,” only you “choose” otherwise. Yet, it is certain a better choice will be made and when you do, you will immediately note an absence of conflict in ALL that you DO.

Yet, functions must compete for significance in your “world.” This leads to a sense of exhaustion from the constant stress of judging differences in order to know what should and should not be DONE. Absolute peace involves none of this.

You have no idea what should or should not be done and therefore everything you do is equally important in being of no importance whatsoever. If all is delusional, how can some parts be more important than other parts? Until you surrender your competing functions, you will fail to learn Truth

M: So loving others is less important than paying bills?

J: In your world, this must be true, since “love” is a word you made up in order to give greater importance to what you “do.” God’s Love, which none of your concepts could symbolize, requires no action and nothing need be done. From NOTHING you were Created. You could also create, but you have no idea what love is and so, your “love” demands the body conform to specific actions and behaviors. Therefore, in your world “paying bills” is just as important as “loving” others.

This makes both equally meaningless.

However, you deny this and so, sometimes “love” is important, while other times “money” demands your attention. This arrangement, and many others like it, are obviously absurd, but you find comfort in denying it as source of ALL your suffering.

M: I just feel like I’m wasting time. So many useless tasks and projects that I’ve no interest in doing. But you’re saying it doesn’t matter what I do?

J: A world invented from delusion can be nothing more than delusional, although your egocentric mind compromises with delusions to make them meaningful. Give up your fixation on time and consider the infinite, because that is what YOU are.

You may define the insane as delusional, but they pay you no mind in their fixation on the “meaningful.” This is exactly how you have always ignored me, except when I fit your delusions. Surrender your fixations and allow learning to occur and, make no mistake, every moment you suffer is a moment you are fixated on making your delusions “meaningful.” What I teach is freedom from delusion so that you can know God’s meaning and be free of the "hell" you make REAL

M: So what I do is not a waste of time?

J: You believe “time waits for no man” yet time is an experience you invented and therefore, it will wait for YOU. Although you pride yourself on your clocks and calendars, time has no extrinsic value and is an experience within YOU. Quite simply, when you are no longer deluded about who and what you are, time will no longer be of value. To believe that time can be wasted is to become fixated on a delusion you invented that has nothing to do with God’s Creation simply because God did not create time….you did. Your fixation on “time” merely delays the inevitable.

Yet, rest assured, God will wait for you, BECAUSE time does NOT exist.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Nothing is Uncertain…

M: I can’t seem to stay focused on all this. It’s too hard.

J: Yet, you keep coming back. It is very hard for you to trust in me, because you fail to trust in yourself and this creates a great deal of tension between us.

Either you will follow my recommendations or you will follow your own. You must choose one or the other and eventually, you will choose Truth and when you do, tension will naturally dissolve. This choice is certain and that's why it has been made.

M: Sorry, too many other things to take care of in my life.

J: Because you resist truth, there will always be “too many other things to take care of.”

M: So I should no longer do the things that are important?

J: Truth cares little for what you “do,’ but is always IN everything you do and when you are certain of this, what you do will always be True for YOU as well.

M: Uh…I’ve got a family, work, kids to take care of.

J: Why seek to make Truth absent to specific circumstances? What you suffer from is a need to differentiate between levels of importance.

Truth has no levels and NO differences, because it includes NO opposing contrasts. There is Truth in everything you do, if only you will allow me to show you. Otherwise, of yourself, you will only continue to seek out differences and miss the certainty of Truth.

M: What is this “truth” you keep talking about and why do I resist?

J: All experiences are True. Yet, because you require Truth be only what you determine, you resist by judging Truth absent in some circumstances. Truth does not conform to your expectations and therefore, is never absent.

M: What? I thought it was all illusion.

J: Every experience is True. However, your question demonstrates that you have determined otherwise and will subsequently continue to differentiate between true and false experiences.

M: But why can’t I understand that now? Why is it so difficult to understand?

J: Truth is easy to understand and does not require learning. However, although your lack of understanding does NOT changes Truth, YOU require it be learned and so, YOU have yet to understand it and this is why "all is illusion."

M: But why do I suffer from failure to understand?

J: Truth is certain. If it were not, it could not be true. Certainty places all the ego’s plans in jeopardy, because if ALL is certain then what you do makes NO difference TO that certainty. This causes fear for an ego requiring the world remain uncertain, because its experience of itself is manufactured entirely from uncertainty. An ego convinced of certainty could NOT exist. Your world is a product of uncertainty, but because truth is certain, an uncertain world could NOT exist.

Make no mistake, everything you DO is as certain as what is NOT done. Every action, every thought, every feeling, every mood that seems to spontaneously lift you or press down upon you, is as certain as this discussion we have now.
M: But I have no certainty. I could be killed in a car accident on my way home from work today. I can’t predict the future and that’s the only way I could be certain of anything.

J: An uncertain world can be seen through Truth, which would naturally dissolve all uncertainty and doubt. Actually, YOU CAN predict the future and YOU HAVE. Yet, you have predicted it to be uncertain and so IT IS.

God does not create uncertainty, but you believe you can and so YOU DO. Obviously, however, what you create is NOT True and what is NOT True could never have been Created. 

You could experience yourself “killed in a car accident.” But this could never be True, although you could believe it is, simply because you believe in the products of uncertainty.

M: Wait a minute, first you say all my experiences are true and then you say that my experiences from uncertainty are not true. Which is it?

J: You have NO experiences from uncertainty, although you believe you do. However, such belief does not make it True. You believe you can create from uncertainty, but this is impossible, since uncertainty does NOT exist. Every experience you have is True, yet, only BECAUSE uncertainty does NOT exist.

Behind all your uncertainty and doubt is the certainty of God inherent to your Being and fortunately, nothing is free of that and, therefore, everything is free. Engage your world from certainty and naturally reformulate your perception completely free of all fear. 

M: So how do I use this in my life?

J: It is your uncertainty that demands you control the conditions of uncertainty. Engage your world from certainty and be free of the need to control the very conditions you impose. Everything is certain and you need control nothing.

You believe “free-will” allows you more control and more choices. This misinterpretation of free-will has led to centuries of suffering. Only when control is no longer needed is your WILL free. Yet, as long as you feel you must control the conditions that arise from uncertainty and doubt, you will believe your are victim to the world. This is simply not TRUE and I recommend you conduct your life as if it were false.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Choosing Not To Choose

M: You keep saying I have no idea what love is. So when are you going to teach me what love is?

J: Love is not an “idea” and when you are prepared to learn beyond “ideas,” love will be known.

M: I’m prepared now!

J: You also have no idea of “now,” because “now” is also not an idea. However, LOVE is only available NOW and both are ONE experience, separate from anything you could conceivably consider, since all you consider are “ideas.”

M: So it’s my fault you can’t teach me.

J: NOW does not see “fault,” nor does LOVE project or accept blame. However, if you do, then you have no awareness of NOW and, therefore, LOVE must be absent. Love is always NOW, because it is NOT conditioned on "ideas" from the past.

M: I think I love my family very much, regardless of what you teach.

J: In your world, love involves a process of “thinking” and the “decision” to love is either made, or not made, and behavior adjusts accordingly. In fact, a decision once made is easily revoked and never do you consider this absurd; never do you ask, “how can this be love.” It is not… nor can it ever involve any decision you could make.

M: So I should not choose to love?

J: Choice is a condition of your making and God knows nothing of choice. YOU were NOT created to “choose,” because choice is unnatural to Creation. How could that Created with no need to choose… make “right” or “wrong” choices?

You cannot choose to love and if you do, it is relative to the belief in an ego that chooses past on what is learned in the past. There is nothing to choose. However, as long as you live by “choices,” you can choose to cease making choices that obstruct love. In fact, this is all you can do and making such choices is the reason you have called on me.

M: What choices obstruct from love?

J: Choices based on the past can only obstruct love, because love is not conditioned on time. Love conditioned on the past is NOT love and this is why your right choices are often “wrong,” while wrong choices can eventually become “right.” Of yourself, you have no means of knowing, since everything you “know” is from the past and not one “idea” do you have that is wholly free of the past.

M: So the only way I can love is to be in the “now.”

J: An “I” cannot love, simply because an “I” is derived exclusively from the past and love is not a condition of time. If an “I” finds itself NOW, it could NOT be an “I,” but something completely incomprehensible to an “I”… and entirely incomprehensible to “you” at this “time.”

M: So any attempt by me to love another is destined to fail, so why even bother? What’s the point of even learning, since it’s “I” you teach.

J: I do not “teach” love to you. However, I do teach what obstructs love and “you” can learn that if you so choose.

M: So maybe I should stop trying to love others and become a hermit, at least until I learn everything that obstructs love.

J: Such an “idea” would undoubtedly obstruct love and currently emphasizes your complete lack of understanding.

A mind obsessed with the past cannot avoid choosing to “attack” and a mind that considers attack will see it everywhere and live in defense of what IT makes “real.” A mind in preparation for attack is entirely unprepared to realize love…NOW.

This is why you cannot love, but because your thinking conforms to the past, you can “think” you do and because of this, love often takes the form of attack.

You may choose to “become a hermit” and seek to attack the world by hiding from it, but you are the cause and, therefore, effects never leave you.

Although you “think” you can hide from its power to attack you, the world has NO powers that you have not chosen to give it. 

It is time you choose NOT to choose.