Monday, January 18, 2010

Choosing Not To Choose

M: You keep saying I have no idea what love is. So when are you going to teach me what love is?

J: Love is not an “idea” and when you are prepared to learn beyond “ideas,” love will be known.

M: I’m prepared now!

J: You also have no idea of “now,” because “now” is also not an idea. However, LOVE is only available NOW and both are ONE experience, separate from anything you could conceivably consider, since all you consider are “ideas.”

M: So it’s my fault you can’t teach me.

J: NOW does not see “fault,” nor does LOVE project or accept blame. However, if you do, then you have no awareness of NOW and, therefore, LOVE must be absent. Love is always NOW, because it is NOT conditioned on "ideas" from the past.

M: I think I love my family very much, regardless of what you teach.

J: In your world, love involves a process of “thinking” and the “decision” to love is either made, or not made, and behavior adjusts accordingly. In fact, a decision once made is easily revoked and never do you consider this absurd; never do you ask, “how can this be love.” It is not… nor can it ever involve any decision you could make.

M: So I should not choose to love?

J: Choice is a condition of your making and God knows nothing of choice. YOU were NOT created to “choose,” because choice is unnatural to Creation. How could that Created with no need to choose… make “right” or “wrong” choices?

You cannot choose to love and if you do, it is relative to the belief in an ego that chooses past on what is learned in the past. There is nothing to choose. However, as long as you live by “choices,” you can choose to cease making choices that obstruct love. In fact, this is all you can do and making such choices is the reason you have called on me.

M: What choices obstruct from love?

J: Choices based on the past can only obstruct love, because love is not conditioned on time. Love conditioned on the past is NOT love and this is why your right choices are often “wrong,” while wrong choices can eventually become “right.” Of yourself, you have no means of knowing, since everything you “know” is from the past and not one “idea” do you have that is wholly free of the past.

M: So the only way I can love is to be in the “now.”

J: An “I” cannot love, simply because an “I” is derived exclusively from the past and love is not a condition of time. If an “I” finds itself NOW, it could NOT be an “I,” but something completely incomprehensible to an “I”… and entirely incomprehensible to “you” at this “time.”

M: So any attempt by me to love another is destined to fail, so why even bother? What’s the point of even learning, since it’s “I” you teach.

J: I do not “teach” love to you. However, I do teach what obstructs love and “you” can learn that if you so choose.

M: So maybe I should stop trying to love others and become a hermit, at least until I learn everything that obstructs love.

J: Such an “idea” would undoubtedly obstruct love and currently emphasizes your complete lack of understanding.

A mind obsessed with the past cannot avoid choosing to “attack” and a mind that considers attack will see it everywhere and live in defense of what IT makes “real.” A mind in preparation for attack is entirely unprepared to realize love…NOW.

This is why you cannot love, but because your thinking conforms to the past, you can “think” you do and because of this, love often takes the form of attack.

You may choose to “become a hermit” and seek to attack the world by hiding from it, but you are the cause and, therefore, effects never leave you.

Although you “think” you can hide from its power to attack you, the world has NO powers that you have not chosen to give it. 

It is time you choose NOT to choose.

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