Thursday, March 25, 2010

Nothing is Uncertain…

M: I can’t seem to stay focused on all this. It’s too hard.

J: Yet, you keep coming back. It is very hard for you to trust in me, because you fail to trust in yourself and this creates a great deal of tension between us.

Either you will follow my recommendations or you will follow your own. You must choose one or the other and eventually, you will choose Truth and when you do, tension will naturally dissolve. This choice is certain and that's why it has been made.

M: Sorry, too many other things to take care of in my life.

J: Because you resist truth, there will always be “too many other things to take care of.”

M: So I should no longer do the things that are important?

J: Truth cares little for what you “do,’ but is always IN everything you do and when you are certain of this, what you do will always be True for YOU as well.

M: Uh…I’ve got a family, work, kids to take care of.

J: Why seek to make Truth absent to specific circumstances? What you suffer from is a need to differentiate between levels of importance.

Truth has no levels and NO differences, because it includes NO opposing contrasts. There is Truth in everything you do, if only you will allow me to show you. Otherwise, of yourself, you will only continue to seek out differences and miss the certainty of Truth.

M: What is this “truth” you keep talking about and why do I resist?

J: All experiences are True. Yet, because you require Truth be only what you determine, you resist by judging Truth absent in some circumstances. Truth does not conform to your expectations and therefore, is never absent.

M: What? I thought it was all illusion.

J: Every experience is True. However, your question demonstrates that you have determined otherwise and will subsequently continue to differentiate between true and false experiences.

M: But why can’t I understand that now? Why is it so difficult to understand?

J: Truth is easy to understand and does not require learning. However, although your lack of understanding does NOT changes Truth, YOU require it be learned and so, YOU have yet to understand it and this is why "all is illusion."

M: But why do I suffer from failure to understand?

J: Truth is certain. If it were not, it could not be true. Certainty places all the ego’s plans in jeopardy, because if ALL is certain then what you do makes NO difference TO that certainty. This causes fear for an ego requiring the world remain uncertain, because its experience of itself is manufactured entirely from uncertainty. An ego convinced of certainty could NOT exist. Your world is a product of uncertainty, but because truth is certain, an uncertain world could NOT exist.

Make no mistake, everything you DO is as certain as what is NOT done. Every action, every thought, every feeling, every mood that seems to spontaneously lift you or press down upon you, is as certain as this discussion we have now.
M: But I have no certainty. I could be killed in a car accident on my way home from work today. I can’t predict the future and that’s the only way I could be certain of anything.

J: An uncertain world can be seen through Truth, which would naturally dissolve all uncertainty and doubt. Actually, YOU CAN predict the future and YOU HAVE. Yet, you have predicted it to be uncertain and so IT IS.

God does not create uncertainty, but you believe you can and so YOU DO. Obviously, however, what you create is NOT True and what is NOT True could never have been Created. 

You could experience yourself “killed in a car accident.” But this could never be True, although you could believe it is, simply because you believe in the products of uncertainty.

M: Wait a minute, first you say all my experiences are true and then you say that my experiences from uncertainty are not true. Which is it?

J: You have NO experiences from uncertainty, although you believe you do. However, such belief does not make it True. You believe you can create from uncertainty, but this is impossible, since uncertainty does NOT exist. Every experience you have is True, yet, only BECAUSE uncertainty does NOT exist.

Behind all your uncertainty and doubt is the certainty of God inherent to your Being and fortunately, nothing is free of that and, therefore, everything is free. Engage your world from certainty and naturally reformulate your perception completely free of all fear. 

M: So how do I use this in my life?

J: It is your uncertainty that demands you control the conditions of uncertainty. Engage your world from certainty and be free of the need to control the very conditions you impose. Everything is certain and you need control nothing.

You believe “free-will” allows you more control and more choices. This misinterpretation of free-will has led to centuries of suffering. Only when control is no longer needed is your WILL free. Yet, as long as you feel you must control the conditions that arise from uncertainty and doubt, you will believe your are victim to the world. This is simply not TRUE and I recommend you conduct your life as if it were false.

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