Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Delusion of Wasted Time

M: There are so many things that must get done that I don’t want to do. How do I deal with that?

J: There is nothing you NEED do.

M: Maybe that’s true in your world, but here there’s alot I have to do and I have no choice in some things.

J: My world is your “world,” only you “choose” otherwise. Yet, it is certain a better choice will be made and when you do, you will immediately note an absence of conflict in ALL that you DO.

Yet, functions must compete for significance in your “world.” This leads to a sense of exhaustion from the constant stress of judging differences in order to know what should and should not be DONE. Absolute peace involves none of this.

You have no idea what should or should not be done and therefore everything you do is equally important in being of no importance whatsoever. If all is delusional, how can some parts be more important than other parts? Until you surrender your competing functions, you will fail to learn Truth

M: So loving others is less important than paying bills?

J: In your world, this must be true, since “love” is a word you made up in order to give greater importance to what you “do.” God’s Love, which none of your concepts could symbolize, requires no action and nothing need be done. From NOTHING you were Created. You could also create, but you have no idea what love is and so, your “love” demands the body conform to specific actions and behaviors. Therefore, in your world “paying bills” is just as important as “loving” others.

This makes both equally meaningless.

However, you deny this and so, sometimes “love” is important, while other times “money” demands your attention. This arrangement, and many others like it, are obviously absurd, but you find comfort in denying it as source of ALL your suffering.

M: I just feel like I’m wasting time. So many useless tasks and projects that I’ve no interest in doing. But you’re saying it doesn’t matter what I do?

J: A world invented from delusion can be nothing more than delusional, although your egocentric mind compromises with delusions to make them meaningful. Give up your fixation on time and consider the infinite, because that is what YOU are.

You may define the insane as delusional, but they pay you no mind in their fixation on the “meaningful.” This is exactly how you have always ignored me, except when I fit your delusions. Surrender your fixations and allow learning to occur and, make no mistake, every moment you suffer is a moment you are fixated on making your delusions “meaningful.” What I teach is freedom from delusion so that you can know God’s meaning and be free of the "hell" you make REAL

M: So what I do is not a waste of time?

J: You believe “time waits for no man” yet time is an experience you invented and therefore, it will wait for YOU. Although you pride yourself on your clocks and calendars, time has no extrinsic value and is an experience within YOU. Quite simply, when you are no longer deluded about who and what you are, time will no longer be of value. To believe that time can be wasted is to become fixated on a delusion you invented that has nothing to do with God’s Creation simply because God did not create time….you did. Your fixation on “time” merely delays the inevitable.

Yet, rest assured, God will wait for you, BECAUSE time does NOT exist.