Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Freedom is the End of Self-Reliance

M: I’m victim to the body. It’s disruptions, diseases, disorders, addictions, etc. How am I supposed to ever be free of the body under these circumstances?

J: Learn what I teach and be free of ALL “circumstances.”

M: That’s your advice?? Just listen to you? I don’t expect that’s going to have any effect on what my body demands.

J: Your body demands nothing, but what you EXPECT. However, you believe I expect a great deal from you and this is why your allegiance remains with the body. Join with me and the body can NO longer make demands, simply because your expectations no longer rely on what the body tells you.

M: So what must I do to prove belief in you?

J: Nothing.

M: Nothing? What does that mean?

J: Belief in TRUTH requires you “do” nothing. In fact, the more I am WITH you, the less you will feel compelled to DO anything at all, which makes “doing” everything an entirely unique experience. Truth takes NO account of what you have DONE or what you will DO. You fail to understand truth, because you believe you must DO something to KNOW it. This is NOT God’s requirement, but yours.

Nevertheless, since you still EXPECT  to “do” something, it may be advantageous to place emphasis on what need NOT be done because, as you are beginning to see, all of your “doing” has amounted to little more than making YOU victim of YOUR world.

However, I recognize that NOT “doing” something is very difficult for you, since it equates to inactivity and lack of productivity. Yet, you will soon see that ALL the products of your actions that you believe of value have been meaningless, because the motivation was delusional.

The source of motivation determines the product of ALL actions. Motivation derived from delusion does NOT enact change but promotes repetition and this repetition is the world you experience.

M: So I should allow you to guide me in everything I do?

J: This is what you have asked for, but continue to reject. Nevertheless, when you do accept, you will then NO longer equate your successes with failure and your failures with success since, of your ‘self,’ you could never KNOW.

M: Unfortunately, life sometimes comes fast and furious and there may not be time to check in with you.

J: Indeed, it does require effort for you to LISTEN, since you have become accustomed to HEARING only the sick cackling of a delusional world. Nevertheless, effort must be made to listen until the decision becomes natural. When the choice to listen becomes the only choice that leads to peace, you will wonder why you had NOT made it long ago.

M: I’ve had to rely on myself for my entire life. I’ve had to learn from experience. You want me to just throw all that away?

J: If self-reliance has brought you consistent peace and an end to ALL your suffering, then to “just throw all that away” would be foolish. However, if this has not been the product of self-reliance, then why continue? Recognize that when you are NOT at peace, the world is NOT at peace, since there is nothing IN you that is not IN the world, regardless of how you seek to divide it into pieces and cast it away so that you can pick and choose what you wish.

Nothing need be thrown away, as this will only demand sacrifice and, what you feel forced to “throw away,” you will only value MORE. I simply teach that what you value has made you inadequate and impotent and if you value the body over the mind, then clearly you value inadequacy and impotence.

Your mind is so deeply enmeshed with the body, that if you could experience just one thought completely free of the body’s needs, you would experience a joy of unimaginable intensity. 

I will guide you to that ONE thought, but you will need to fully understand what you value and why. Otherwise, sacrifice will keep you chained to a body that you EXPECT to suffer.


  1. This is the best conversation I've ever ease dropped on.

    Thank you!

  2. Thanks Annie,

    Feel free to eavesdrop anytime!