Thursday, August 26, 2010

Naming Delusions

M: People stress me out. I often feel I would much rather be alone.

J: In your attempts to control delusions you experience fear, which you then seek to control by calling “stress.” You demand all variables of your “reality” conform to your exact specifications through the "names" you apply. When this is not your experience, you become discouraged and depressed. Yet, this too, you have named and experience accordingly.

This is particularly acute in your need to control other “people.” To fear your world and then seek relief by separating yourself from it through being “alone,” merely confirms that fear is valid. Because of FEAR, your world has NO validity whatsoever and is an asylum for the insane. Yet, still, they ALL have names and this seems to be all you require

Your world has NO validity because you have denied it such in your need to control it. The more you attempt to control delusion, the more REAL it appears.

This is why your world appears to be crumbling into chaos, as delusions control YOU.

Attempting to control delusions must always fail, simply because your insanity is always one OF control. Delusions do not require control, but disbelief. ALL attempts at control merely magnifies belief that you have NO control and thus, demands ever more fear.

You impose upon your “self.” There is NO other. 

M: Well, I don’t experience others as myself, so that statement makes no sense to me.

J: It must remain nonsense until you experience the incredible freedom of alleviating ALL need to control. Seeking to control delusion must always escape your grasp, because nothing is “there.” As a result, discouragement and depression are always what control teaches. Your world is very discouraged indeed.

M: So you’re saying all my stress comes from attempting to control other people?

J: What other reason could there be?

M: So if I stopped trying to control other people, I would no longer experience stress?

J: Stress is fear and fear is the reason for control, which is NO reason at all. Fear is a component of “memory” and only what you remember, you fear. The present need not be remembered. Therefore, your fear of others is always associated to a past that does NOT exist and that could NOT ever exist. Yet, you persist in imposing it upon every experience you conceive. “They” are there not to teach a need for fear, but to teach an end to fear. But you must perceive them as having that purpose or you will impose what you “remember” and, thereby, limit eternity to a memory.

You are always NOW. God has NO memory of you, which informs of your nature contrary to what you are NOW. Your nature is infinite and that experience is NOW. Perceive “other people” without memory and perceive the truth that is completely absent ALL fear. To be free of fear replaces “stress” with joy, because that is your nature as God conceived you.

M: How can I possibly know others without memory? How would I know who they are? How would I know their names? This makes NO sense.

J: Just as your identity is complete nonsense, so are the identities you project, because in each projection there is only YOU. There is NO “other.” Yet, only in the present can this be understood, because it is experienced THERE.

You have NO need of “names” for God KNOWS it all as absolutely PERFECT and your names merely deny this, but cannot negate it. Your “names” demand imperfection and this is what you judge and damn as guilty, because you have so damned your ‘self.’ You have allowed yourself only the power to judge, but judgment denies you the God given right to limitless CREATION. And what beauty you would KNOW if only “memory” did not determine the limits you impose upon NOW.

What you “name” you seek to control, while in the naming of delusions, you have given up control. God did not “name” you and because of that, you have NO limits. Apply a name to your “self” and you deny God’s gift.

M: But how could anyone know me without my name?

J: My "name" provides a history that has saved no one, simply because I have NO past. It was this that saved me. Yet, YOU have built churches to honor a history that only continues to curse YOU.

Christ is NOW. When the "name" is remembered, the TRUTH is denied. Deny me NO longer, because I AM YOU. I am every mind that denies a name.

Forget the names so that you may KNOW them by their fruits. This is the only way you will recognize your own. YOUR extension is always to YOU.

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